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  1. The_Big_Red_1

    CV's suck so bad now

    tell that to WG i have absolutely NO IDEA what their vision for the game is. unlike the tarkov people. maybe WG should look to them for inspiration.
  2. The_Big_Red_1

    CV's suck so bad now

    whenever you play carriers everybody hates you =( take me for example i do my damnedest as a carrier skipper to make sure the my team does well but they still hate me for it (either my teammates are not communicating properly or not issuing me commands/orders of where to attack/scout/harass) at least the Russian studio that made escape to tarkov take their community feedback more seriously...
  3. The_Big_Red_1

    0.8.6 Balance changes

    seriously AA needs to be nerfed not buffed. i lose planes faster than i lose my lunch. either that or carriers planes need to be able to drop ALL their ordnance (not that "multiple attack" [edited] mechanic we have now) since they are all gonna die anyways
  4. why do we have separate servers instead of one really BIG one? that way everyone is treated "equally" in terms of tiers and ships (it is a real pain [edited] to start all over again for each respective server!)
  5. The_Big_Red_1

    CV summit 2010 posted by Flamu

    i know right? which they are not doing. tell me does CDPR plays its own games to test i wonder?
  6. The_Big_Red_1

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    still would be interesting to see nonetheless. CDPR has a good rep after all! so it never hurts to take notes from their playbook to serve your needs as a company right WG?
  7. The_Big_Red_1

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    why do i get the feeling that WG is gonna fuk up subs like they did with carriers. they keep this up i may even consider leaving WoWs for good. for now i am "taking a break" from it to see if conditions improve but what i have seen so far is NOT convincing. tread VERY carefully WG my confidence in you is diminishing slowly every day. i DO NOT want to take my investments elsewhere considering i spent a fair amount of time and money into this game. I STRONGLY SUGGEST you (the WG dev team) book a flight to Warsaw, Poland and take notes from the masters of gamer pro-consumer and game business ethics CDPR (Translation: Russia is not FAR from Poland so stop making excuses and get off your lazy a$$es to be proactive) sure CDPR does RPG games only but it is not WHAT THEY DO it is HOW THEY DO it to make their games awesome (eg. no DRM, free DLC, superior quality DLC, more bang for your buck for everything you buy from them) translate how CDPR does things and emulate/copy into a MP online live service setting how hard could that be?
  8. The_Big_Red_1

    CV summit 2010 posted by Flamu

    WG is relying too heavily on charts and spreadsheets alone. that is only part of the equation to the problem. they need to do more.
  9. The_Big_Red_1

    AA since 8.5

    that and since AA will mostly likely be opasfuk by the time we get to where 8.7 is. it is better off all the aircraft expend ALL the ordnance they are carrying instead of multiple attacks mechanic we have right now.
  10. The_Big_Red_1

    How bad is it?

    i was looking at loco_max's record not yours fyi. yours is mostly similar to that of loco's: a cruiser skipper and no carriers well none in NA to speak of anyways. you should try out carriers in NA server to see for yourself nonetheless. i tried the other ship classes did not like them or just did not fit with my play style.
  11. The_Big_Red_1

    How bad is it?

    according to your records you have never used a carrier even once. You are just mainly a cruiser commander. 83.72% Cruisers 15.64% Battleships 0.64% Destroyers why don't you take carriers for a spin a couple times before you assume on something you never even tried yet. As for me i tried: 1.65% Battleships: too slow far my taste. 38.35% Cruiser: played them for a bit realized too late they were not for me 4.03% Destroyers: dabbled a little in that did not like it 55.97% Carriers: i felt at home.
  12. The_Big_Red_1

    How bad is it?

    so T8 AA and above is still strong as fuk? really? i think planes in that tier and higher need to have their standard armor and health buffed up higher to survive.
  13. The_Big_Red_1

    Naval Legends: U.S.S. Cod – Trailer

    i say let 'em put subs in the game! if it all goes bad it will end up like the disaster that is called Warplanes and WG knows clearly well what happened to that! they will have no one to blame but themselves because they did that to themselves just like Epic's dumb plan to go Exclusives and EA's petty excuse to call lootboxes as "surprise mechanics". if it all goes well which the odds of that happening are VERY slim to nil that's great. A wise man once said, "Never interrupt an enemy when they are making a mistake"....
  14. The_Big_Red_1

    How bad is it?

    damit. sigh all good things must come end right? i had a good run with this game. it kills me that WG has become a victims of its own success. they really should have paid more attention with what was happening around them...
  15. The_Big_Red_1

    How bad is it?

    i am intrigued to know what is the state of game balance regarding carriers so far since i "stepped away" from WoWs to take a "break" from it. is it bad, worse or just plain awful? from what i gathered AA is still a complete broken mess that needs looking at still and long list of other problems longer than my arm. should i keep my distance from it still or call it quits? personally i like playing ships more than i do tanks and not to mention the fact that invested a lot of time and effort into this game. 2019 seems to be a sour year for video games thus far. I keep saying this time and time again that WG (among others) should REALLY start TAKING NOTES FROM CDPR's playbook. when i say that i mean the entire WG dev team in Minsk should book a flight to Warsaw as well as time for development quality and business ethics inquiries/observations from how CDPR does it. WG has the money to afford the tickets and they have nothing to lose. so they should do it especially since CDPR's super smash big hit game CP2077 will hit stores ten months from now...