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  1. once again RV Petrel finds another ship! this time the USS wasp. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/r-v-petrel-finds-the-wreck-of-the-uss-wasp if they keep this up they should be able to find the IJN carriers that Robert Ballard couldn't find at Midway.
  2. The_Big_Red_1


    as long as they don't kill my planes as fast as they are now that's fine by me. with the way AA works right now i am only able to get 1-2 passes at most. even then planes returning to my carrier usually do not make it back...
  3. The_Big_Red_1


    AA nevertheless is a bit tad too strong at the moment and needs to be scale down but not to the point where it is weak(that would be unfair).
  4. The_Big_Red_1

    Wait till you see 8.2

    well they should have said at the time regarding subs is that we will "consider" or "we will think about" adding subs into the game or even better say if people want subs in the game we will add it but not right now because we are still learning the inner and outer workings of our brand new game engine. take CDPR for example in regards to CP2077 when one person asked if the game will have mod support CDPR replied with a "we will take it into consideration" response but right now our focus in getting the game to work.
  5. The_Big_Red_1

    Wait till you see 8.2

    and if i remember correctly they said they were NEVER going to add subs into the game because of "game engine limitations". life is full of ironies a wise man once said.
  6. The_Big_Red_1

    Wait till you see 8.2

    wow really? people get bored THAT QUICKLY? for me i happy with what i got at the moment and i am still tinkering on how to best use my carriers at the moment despite all the nerfbats it got. if you ask me if people get that bored so easily they should go back to COD or sports games...new stuff every time but really it's the same old thing. for WoWs it's new-stuff-regularly-but-they-don't-exactly-fine-tune-balance-with-a-comb-and-instead-do-overkill-hulk-smash-hammer.
  7. The_Big_Red_1

    Wait till you see 8.2

    the way i see it and hey don't take it personally but the i way i see it we have TOO much content (we DO NOT need any MORE new content at the moment we are fine for now) and not much in terms of game balance. if you ask me game balance should be considered done first BEFORE they throw in new stuff otherwise it's going to create a WHOLE mess of new "problems". problems that will be added into an already existing large pile of problems they've yet to fix...
  8. The_Big_Red_1

    Wait till you see 8.2

    all of dev teams should be concentrated on fixing carriers as a HIGH TOP priority since it is a BIG issue at the moment (British carriers are also going to be added into fray very soon) and to just add more game modes and change the UI in my learned opinion is a complete waste of time, effort and energy. All the other ship classes are mostly well balanced except for carriers. All of the effort should be concentrated on that (just like how CDPR does things) and fine tuning AA because it is a tad bit too strong at the moment.
  9. The_Big_Red_1

    Wait till you see 8.2

    a new ship line: ok but 4 different space modes is a big waste of time on their part. they should be focusing on fine tuning carriers instead.
  10. The_Big_Red_1

    Wait till you see 8.2

    all wg is doing for this patch is change the UI for carriers what a big disappoint i hope to expect...more
  11. The_Big_Red_1

    One Piece ships vs WW2 ships

    i wonder if the ships in one piece have magazines or citadels from a technical perspective. being that most if not all of the ships in one piece are made of wood instead of steel they need to have some place in the ship to store their cannonballs (aka. the ammunition) and like i said in the first post a bomb, torpedo or shell landing in that particular area will cause a massive explosion/fireball (similar to that of USS Lexington, Wasp and IJN Taiho) which will most likely kill/wound 50-80% of the crew.
  12. The_Big_Red_1


    i just perused through the patch notes if this is the best WG can do they will have to try a lot harder to impress me. where the buffs for USN? all i see is IJN and RN.
  13. The_Big_Red_1

    One Way to Describe Carrier Play Now - Awful

    i think we are better off with the rts version since dot numbers are very weaksauce.
  14. The_Big_Red_1

    8.1 went much smoother then 8.0

    lol they need to fine tune it with a comb not a sledgehammer lol what they did was just completely overkill -_-
  15. The_Big_Red_1

    8.1 went much smoother then 8.0

    so does the rockets and a bit of tone down on the AA.