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  1. The_Big_Red_1


    i also forgot to mention the nukes didn't force japan to surrender. Stalin did.
  2. The_Big_Red_1

    WWIII questions

    very strange and confusing since if said hypothetical WWIII broke out (NATO vs Russian and China) the US is considered an enemy opponent to Russia and China. well i guess it isn't like WWII where international businesses just cease to function or stuff stops coming in or out when the war broke out right?
  3. The_Big_Red_1

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    that and i hope they are not giving any more "special treatment" towards the surface drivers. i absolutely detest the fact that they get all the "attention" instead of us carrier skippers.
  4. The_Big_Red_1

    WWIII questions

    that includes mobile games too like tencent?
  5. The_Big_Red_1

    WWIII questions

    sure but what happens to our accounts if war broke out? will they just be "deleted" the moment that "happens" or will we get a message from the state department?
  6. The_Big_Red_1

    WWIII questions

    one thing that makes me wonder what would happen if a global conflict erupting all of a sudden between NATO vs Russia and China (minus nukes because of MAD). what would happen to the businesses/companies such as WG since they have "operations/customers" in places like North America (who will soon be considered "enemies"). how would that all pan out? makes me curious about that sort of thing
  7. The_Big_Red_1

    Midway torpedo damage buff

    this is why sometimes i think WG should revert back to RTS with unlimited planes from rework but the damage values for planes (bombs and torpedoes) in betweeen RTS and rework. rework damage values seem pitiful and RTS is just awesomely OP.
  8. The_Big_Red_1

    Enterprise Dive Bombing Damage

    still makes me wonder if WG is giving "special treatment" to the "casual dumb" surface ship players or not. mind boggling nonetheless
  9. The_Big_Red_1

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    jesus Toptier was right on the money of WG nerfing AP bomb damage for carriers. what was the logic behind that?
  10. The_Big_Red_1

    CV's suck so bad now

    if i were WG i bring back RTS carriers with the "unlimited" planes feature from Rework because let's face it unlimited planes was the ONLY good thing that came out of rework the rest was mostly garbage. having unlimited planes in RTS will give new players trying out carriers some "elbow room" to try out different strats.
  11. The_Big_Red_1

    PT 0.9.6, balance changes

    well all i can say is they better get good at dodging bombs and torpedoes just i am trying to get good at hitting them.
  12. The_Big_Red_1

    PT 0.9.6, balance changes

    times like this i kinda wish they brought RTS carriers back with the benefit of "unlimited" planes from Rework's mechanic (so new players won't be punished so hard).
  13. The_Big_Red_1

    Enterprise Dive Bombing Damage

    this is why some days i frustratingly think that WG is giving "casually dumb" surface players "special treatment" but who knows for sure what's going on in the back of their heads...
  14. bringing back the RTS version combined with the benefit from Rework's "unlimited" planes would be imho ideal because in you can do SO MUCH more with an RTS carrier than you ever could with a Rework carrier.