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  1. I got my current highest base exp game in my pensa a loooong time ago. It can be surprisingly good if the enemy just ignores you for whatever reason haha.
  2. British BBs bad for the game.

    People still sit at max range and snipe in the german bb's and i've seen some even do it with HE lately. The ones where brawling is their "thing". It doesn't matter what WG does with the british BB's people are still going to sit 20km back and throw HE.
  3. It HAS GOT to be KARMA~!

    Grats! Imo she plays kind of like a RN cruiser.. but with IFHE. Still haven't gotten a ship out of the SC myself yet. Here's to hoping I'll get something soon!
  4. Arizona or Alabama?

    I've had the Arizona for a while and just bought the Alabama last night. Personally I enjoy the Alabama more. Guns are great, AA is great, maneuverability is great, and I think she does fine even when uptiered. Alabama bow in can only be overmatched by a Yamato whereas the Arizona can be overmatched by half the t6's and every t7+ bb. Also for pure credits/exp going higher tier gets you more.
  5. 300k Damage Solo Warrior

    The only Solo Warrior I ever managed was Afk'ing the first 5 mins of a match in my Warspite then sailing across the Fault Line map and ninja capping the enemy base for the win when they had over half their team left alive including a cv! Lol #totallydeserved
  6. An idea I had was to make it so firing from smoke still gave a detection penalty but changed the time the penalty lasted for. Currently it's 15 seconds so keep battleships at 15 give cruisers in smoke a 10 second penalty and maybe give dd's no penalty or something like that. obviously just random numbers though
  7. http://imgur.com/
  8. i think i really suck

    I just had a quick peek at your stats and I think you're just playing far too aggressively and dying early in the match. Especially with DD's the longer you can live the more valuable you become however you can't just be sitting behind the team the whole time either. You seem to play a lot of IJN dd's and they are probably the line that takes the most patients IMO. The longer you live the more torpedoes you can vomit out, the more area you can deny the enemy from, the more potential damage you can do ect. Many times you can have a game where your score will suck but you still played an important roll in the win. Just by being alive and in an area can sometimes influence what the other team chooses to do. Like khaenn35 said I think your best bet would be to find another player to div with and kinda learn from them while you play. Having them explain what they're doing and why they're doing it would probably be extremely helpful. While I'm not a very good teacher I could play a few with you sometime if you want.
  9. "Experts"

    Was playing my Fletcher the other day in a div with a Missouri. Can't remember the name of the map but I pulled up to some islands right before a cap and stopped so I could wait for the missouri to catch up and leave him in smoke when suddenly I hear the torpedo warnings going off from behind me and then I'm dead. A Donskoi had come up behind me and torped me then said that there's no point in me playing if I'm just going to sit there and be useless. I looked him up and he was another one of those big mouthed 44% players who have no idea what they're talking about but think they're amazing. Thankfully the team still managed to win the match but people like that make me so mad.
  10. To be fair WG did say a LOOOONG time ago that they were not going to give any other ship then Yamato 18 inch guns.
  11. You don't have to actually click on them at all. Once you earn the medal in game they're already there for you to use even if you don't touch the reward box.
  12. AP shells don't start fires. 2% more on nothing is still nothing.
  13. But the 1956 french t10 is totally fine. Also I think you made a typo with the belfast. No way it's 1959.
  14. I find more often then not.. it's the average or below average players who start talking crapthe most and refuse to listen to anyone else in the match. Like the other day I was playing in my hood and spawned on the far side of our group.. started heading toward the side I was on when the cv spotted nearly the whole enemy team going toward where I was going and so I turned around and started heading back toward my teams bigger group. But the 3 bismarcks that were behind me yolo'd alone into that huge group of enemy ships and died. So naturally it's my fault they died because I didn't go with them and I was a coward and all that crap. They never stopped spewing garbage for the rest of the map.. When I looked them up (after winning the game for them because I was alive and reset our cap..) One was blocked, one was a 47%er and the other (who the loudest in chat) was at 40.5%!! Basically what I'm saying is don't just assume the loud mouthed idiots in chat are the good players. They're probably not.
  15. I figure they'll put out another boat eventually for free exp so I'm just going to sit on mine. I don't mind the stock grinds to much on anything that isn't a cv. That and the 100% camo's make the stock grinds pretty quick.