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  1. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    A Historical Marathon With Gifts!

    No thanks. Wont be watching..
  2. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    End of Year Premium Discount?

    OK tks, I guess it depends on their success on hitting their p and L budget for the year.
  3. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    End of Year Premium Discount?

    I know about last year, but tks for reminding, I am looking to see any confirmation about this year... The answer will depend if I spend any money on WOWS in the near future.
  4. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    End of Year Premium Discount?

    Has anyone heard if there will be any end of year Premium discount this year?
  5. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Looking for maps

    Tks Ducky, That site is exactly what I need.
  6. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Looking for maps

    Hi Guys! Does anyone know how I can find copies of the WOWS Maps to create Map Tactics and Strategies. The site I used to use no longer is available. Even if its not a tool, just a map of the island layouts would work for me. Thanks
  7. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Maiden Voyage of Smaland!

    It is definitely not a capping ship, you have to play it like a light cruiser. With so much radar, no smoke and slow turning and speed you really have to finesse the play. It will play great on a winning team but louse if your expected to carry a game.
  8. What is worse also is fake afk players that will move their ship once and then go afk to avoid repeated afk penalties. Great is also players that at start of game put it on auto map and leave the game. Had a game where a player went on auto map at start and at the end of the game came back and seen he had hit me 12 times and then cursed me out for hitting him and his going pink. He said I should have known he played game on auto map.
  9. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Ok let’s see those mega crates results

    Ok, 20 megas and rec 5 ships, 4k doubloons and the usual camos flags Yudachi Musashi Terrible Yahagi Huange So reasonably happy with the haul.
  10. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    You have been disconnected from the server?

    yes same here, cant get in.
  11. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Is it a myth about weekend players?

    One other thing I do look at. When there are players in Clans, I know that some sort of Div play/training they had to have been given. Does that make them better, sometimes but at least they have some understanding of the concept of team strategy. So when I see stupid play or one sided play I do check the players to see how many were in clans. Its not a great difference it is there. Tuna
  12. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Is it a myth about weekend players?

    Just a random thought for random matches. If there was an additional 30 secs or so at the beginning of the match countdown to allow for a quick discussion about map strategy and who is going where it may give some info to the players w/o a clue and provide a little more interest in the match outcome. Tuna
  13. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Is it a myth about weekend players?

    I think it comes down to maturity. When there are younger players on and those that act immature the matches are more one sided and random strategy goes out the window. Either the greed to make kills over wins takes over and they will not listen to more rational views from members of their team. On weekends you do get younger and more immature members on. So my clan plays accordingly and tries to limit random poor play by Divisioning more to limit the potential of poor players and play.
  14. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Shimakaze — Japanese Tier X destroyer.

    Seems the majority of the Shima drivers think that the legendary is more of a penalty than a bonus. Maybe with all the changes since the legendaries were released it make sense to review their benefit vs their downside and adjust accordingly. Tuna
  15. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    I am sad

    I believe we all get sad and disgruntled when we lose, have problems with ships, don't like specific match types, but we get happy when we win, when we achieve something in the game and its just a good day. HOWEVER what makes the game experience good for many is the Clan and making friends in the social environment surrounding the game. If your clan mates do not provide enjoyment and friendship then just the game itself may not be enough for you. If that is the case your probably in the wrong clan or type of clan. Tuna