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  1. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    SPF - South Pacific Firestorm is recruiting

    Hi Captains, With Clan Battles over for another season, (except for that WOW Patch delay), it is a good time to think about where you play next. A place may be with SPF. The name is in honor of VJ Day. If you don't know what that is well then your probably not a good fit in a war game. We are a clan of like minded players that enjoy running battles for the fun of it. We are not Unicum but we do flirt in Hurricane league. We run 2 teams but need a few more to make sure we run the second every night. We have room for a few more players that actually want to play with other clan members on a regular basis. We all have real lives from age 18 to 70 and have a nice chat going on our discord but we do keep it mature, clean and respectful. Since we division with all and not have cliques we expect all members to have the same friendly attitude. We are training up new members now so we have room for a few with the following reqs. A desire to improve and have a 50% win rate with at least 500 battles. Play all matches on our Discord, use a microphone and speak some sort of English. We abhor stress. trolls, fits of rage and immature behavior. Rules? Just play regularly with the Clan. Sounds simple but you would be surprised that for so many it appears to be a challenge. Any questions, please ask us anytime anywhere. Tunamelt the Cyclops.
  2. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Hey Friends! Raging against the dying of the light!

    Hi Guys, Still floating shiny side up, My left eye is just about gone now and still sinking ships. Working on anything that can help the problem going to the remaining eye. Dropped out of cb's now for the most part. Still fighting the good fight and when the Cyclops sinks one of you 2 eyed players just say hi and dont rage, lol Tuna
  3. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Hey Friends! Raging against the dying of the light!

    Hi Guys, still on the attack here and sinking you fully sighted nooblets. The name of the eye disease I have contracted is called NA-Aion and affects about 1 per 100,000 people so since there is no money to be made off of patients of it, the amount of research in it nil to small. What I have learned is that the first 2-3 weeks after the initial attack is key to saving remianing sight in the affected eye. Goodie for me my MD and my Opthalmologist didn't know that and sent me home to go blind with no hope. I now belong to a small group of patients worldwide about 150 with the disease and I plan to start educating and informing the medical professions abt the disease and what to do when you see the disease in its early stages. Speed is of the essence in that once the cells in the nerve behind your eye die, they will never come back to life. Thanks to the players here for reading about it here and wasting their playing time.
  4. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Hey Friends! Raging against the dying of the light!

    Appreciate the feedback. Haven't been sitting around waiting for the lights to go out. Been tracking around the world to see what and who maybe working on this disease. In Germany they are to trying to use electricity to improve vision after the attack settles down after a yr. and I'm now tracking down a clinical trial of a drug from Quark Pharma and Cornell is one on the participants and lastly I have the name of a Dr that may have info about another. My bad eye is still going dark and a sad day will come to not be able to drive but at this rate of decline wont be long. Scary part of the day is the wakeup and see what vision is left. I have put myself under additional care of a Neurological Ophthalmic Specialist Doctor at one of the best Departments in the world. Had to fight to get in there last week and now under more care. Since there is no known prevention as well as cures I'm going through a whole regimen of testing and preparation against it going to my weaker eye. This a fast moving situation since the attack occurred starting 3 weeks ago. See you on the high seas.
  5. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Hey Friends! Raging against the dying of the light!

    FYI, The eye disease is called aion, been to the best specialists in NYC after my regular eye Dr said nothing can be done, go home come back in a month, cold creep he was. Your cells in your eye nerve die off due to inflammation of the nerve head behind the eye due to a lack of blood supply to the optic nerve. The result is that your optic nerve dies slowly as the cells die...There is no known prevention and there is no known cure. Sorry to bore you guys but answering the questions.
  6. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Hey Friends! Raging against the dying of the light!

    Hi guys! Just saying hi since every one that plays this game is my friend! Yeah yeah, even the salty immature ones. I recently changed my in game name by adding the Cyclops to it. Reason being is I have contracted an incurable eye disease. Every day I wake up there is a little bit less vision out of my left eye. Started at 20% loss and now about 80% and at some point it will be 100%. Doing my hardest to prevent it going into my weaker right eye. I play every day and I win more than I lose, but there may be times I lose my patience so when U see this guy just say hi, try to sink me and ignore my protests of dam noobs playing like dam noobs. Ill still play every day but maybe not as much as trying to get my fill of things outside the game while I can. There is no prevention and no cure and the odds of contracting what I have is about 10 cases for every million people. That's about the same of getting 5 nikolais in a row in 5 crates. Sorry If I take up your time reading this but just me raging a bit staring at my screen. Hope to see you all in the game and the day or weeks you don't see me anymore, its not because I wont play it's because I can't. Tuna
  7. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Good morning all my WOWS friends!

    Hi! Since you are all my friends that play WOWS and there are a lot of nice people in the game, I thought to just say hello and good morning to offset the buckets of Salt and unhappiness I see around the matches. Tuna the Cyclops
  8. Tryne

    Found u on the forum.  You fellahs have a web site with info about your clan? 


  9. Tuna?  You have no Tag?

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    2. Rhayzor


      What happened (If I can ask)?  You don't have to answer if you don't want to...

    3. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops


      Family time got tighter with taking care of my grandson and my wife not doing well and being no 2 in the clan took a toll. so taking a break from the addiction of the game.

    4. Rhayzor


      I understand - Well I hope things calm down for ya - Everyone needs a break sometimes

  10. Just say hi and Ill be glad to respond!:fish_aqua:

  11. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Clan Battles through the Holidays

    Kaiptan_Wuff. The season starts on NOVEMBER 28th not December 28th.
  12. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Clan Battles through the Holidays

    Just read the news about the next season Clan Battles. Right through the Holidays? Will keep clan attendance down. Once they blew the test for CB's I thought for sure they would start the season in Jan when all the younger guys back to school and everyone else home from the time off's and family issues. My teams will try to make a go of it but with the holidays will make for mixed up teams. I guess they felt with the recent bad vibes of CB's they would rush the season in. Also noted the new Tier X BB will be for a huge pile of steel. Just another ship only being able to be purchased by the Unicum guys that don't need it. OK news is news. Tuna
  13. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Mature player looking for an active clan

    Howdie Dollah, Sent you a private message. Tuna
  14. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    LFC very active clan

    Hi David, Here is some info but come on in and play a few Discord hours if you wish. Links are here below. Hey Captains, Join the Wolfpack and run with the Wolves! Run we do! TSG4 is a very active clan. We take the activity that WOWS offers such as Rank seasons. Clan Battles, Contests training and then we add our own TSG4 activity. Right now we are running a weekly Wolfpack event for all members for a massive low tier Drop Sync event every Tuesday. We run a Sink the Commander and XO in multi tiered Training room games every Friday. We run training nights with classes on Ship and play strategies. We run Citadel, Torpedo and Fire contests every Month for Doubloon rewards. We then add events within each of our Clan Tags for Operation Nights, Streaming nights and specific Ship nights. All we ask in return is to participate and add yourself to our group. We just approved 4 new members and have 15 more going through our Recruiting process. We take a great game and add more value to your playing time by joining our clan. Have questions? Come to our web site, our Discord or in game and happy to oblige. TSG4 -Tactical Strike Group 4 is an 18+ veteran founded military-style gaming organization that combines functions, organizational structures and practices from multiple military branches. The TSG4 community is defined as “military-style” because it is patterned after a military unit with awards & decorations, ranks and duty positions. We have a stable Chain of Command with a corps of leaders, officers, and NCOs at all levels. We pride ourselves on teamwork, community and communication. We espouse an ethos encompassing unity, respect, brotherhood, and family. We are a "Casually Competitive" organization and ALL are welcome... you are not required to have a military background to become a member of TSG4! However, if you would like to experience the tight camaraderie from military personnel in a military-style organization, then you will fit right in with us! You are going to spend hours in chat and game play so you want to join a healthy clan filled with active like minded players. You do not want salty, abusive and immature clan mates and you do not want to chase stats that mean little. Good stats should not be a goal but they should be a result. Our recruit process ensures a good fit for both yourself and the clan. We have a very active group of over 100 skilled dedicated players in 3 sub clans. We offer training classes, a training library and new recruit mentoring. We have in-clan competitions, contests and compete in all wows events. We have a 50+ channel discord, an active web site with a 30 page Monthly newsletter, player recognition and awards and a very stable and active leadership. Most importantly to TSG4 is our approach at being casual yet competitive and having a no drama, no salt, friendly environment where the only stat we care about is how much fun your having. Application to become a member: http://www.tsg4.org/recruitingprocess TSG4 - Tactical Strike Group 4 OpServ: http://www.tsg4.org/ Our Discord server address is: https://discord.gg/sTck9hr. Tactical Strike Group 4 "A Family of Friends: One Team, One Fight!"
  15. TUNAMELT_the_Cyclops

    Clan Battles?

    I agree with your view Karandar. I put a post regarding the fubar after WG started laying eggs on this whole episode. Had 3 teams ready to get the weekend cross server 5 done but could not get it done. So the only regions that were able to earn the rewards was any Region earlier then NA which was all. When the other region teams were playing our prime time my clans could care less where the other team came from as long as they got to play. If the performance issues for cross server continues I say just drop it and go with the NA server season like the last few. Tuna