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  1. Hi Guys! Looking for no drama, very nice group of players, very well organized but not overly demanding, then check out the TSG4. Don't just take my word for it, come to our Discord and Web Site and for sure you will be interested.... Tuna
  2. Roma Needs Some Love

    Anyone know what the real use of the beer can Peroni on top of the mast was?
  3. Solid Capt looking for new home

    Thanks to all that took the time to reply. Have found a new clan and wish you all well this year. Tuna
  4. Clan member hid his stats

    Simple, clan members don't want to follow your rules. They don't want to be in your clan.
  5. Will the fix go back and review the matches we did to get the XP and reward us the XP for previous battles for Mission 5, If not then it makes no sense to do any of the missions if they all have to be done over. Tuna
  6. Solid Capt looking for new home

    To answer your question I'm running 19's on the Shok and the Big E and a 62% WR on the Big E and that's why it's my fav. class to play. Tuna
  7. Howdie, Looking for a clan. Older daily player in both daytime and evening hours in EST. 7.5k Battles and Tier 4-10 ships in all classes except dd's. CV, BB and CA in the order I like to play. Very competitive team player looking for Clan Battles and Supremacy play as well as social and div play. Can volunteer time to helping with clan activities if needed. Contact me here or in game anytime. Warships Today has my stats. Tuna
  8. Mane Batteries - Lion Review

    Just picked the Lion up and I thank you for the insights.
  9. Active guy looking for new Clan

    Thanks for the replies guys. Ill be starting my review of the clans this weekend now that I'm out of the Supremacy League matches etc. Tuna
  10. Howdie, Looking for a new clan. Older daily player in both daytime and evening hours in EST. 7k Battles and have Tier 4-10 ships in all classes except dd's. CV, BB and CA in the order I like to play. Looking for daily clan wars play and heavy social and div play. Can devote to helping with clan activities if needed. Running at 53% wr for the last year and 56% for the last four months. Tuna
  11. IF you look at the DD play in 4-8 min blowouts, It really is the DD play difference and even more so when you have 4-6 dd per side. So I agree that I also would like to see a 3 or 4 DD per side restriction. Also the higher you play in Tiers the problem gets worse not better. Tired of sitting with full health at the 8 min mark with 4-5 dead dd's and its already game over. I agree with CrzyHawk, too many DDs mean the game outcome will be heavily determined by DD player quality and it is very common to have lopsided result from DD fights within the first 3-5min of the game. Other ships can support DD fights but the result is still mostly determined by DD players' ability to survive. After that, the game just becomes snowball. It is very hard to turn around with multiple DDs smoke and torp in your face.
  12. Unique Commander Skills

    TYVM, Foolish me , thought it would in some sort of in-game info or wg list. Tks Tuna
  13. I have a few Unique Commanders but cannot find anywhere to see what their Unique Attributes may be. Does anyone know where I should look for it?
  14. The 3 Stage Earn Oil Mission mechanic seems to be a problem. Last night I was in Stage 3 having completed the first 2 stages. I started today with the Earn OIl Mission back to start of stage 1 and not earning any rewards after sinking ships, earning ribbons etc. If this is a bug I'll gladly send a ticket in but just checking here to see if its me or the game. Anyone else have this issue? OK Figured it out, The stage 1 and 2 didnt show up as being completed in the graphic but now the stage 3 is being completed. So minor problem now, no issue. Tks Tuna
  15. As usual, try to do a lot poorly instead of simple gifts for the Anniversary. No Flags for 6,500 matches and no tier x Super containers. Ill wait a while before throwing in support tickets. And guys take a screen print in the event they need proof later on. Tuna