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  1. As usual, try to do a lot poorly instead of simple gifts for the Anniversary. No Flags for 6,500 matches and no tier x Super containers. Ill wait a while before throwing in support tickets. And guys take a screen print in the event they need proof later on. Tuna
  2. Used the Utility today to enable the training room and it worked. TYVM
  3. Answer on my ticket is the same. Developers know about it and working on it. Seems to be a UI problem.
  4. The answer on my ticket is that the "Developers know about it and working on it" Problem with the ui. I'm a clan Commander too and no timetable given on a solution.
  5. No answers yet on my Support ticket about the clan issue. If I do get a positive answer Ill share.
  6. Started a ticket this morning on this issue. Been put through the hoops with the support guys. Ran 4 diagnostic tests, 3 integrity tests, new installs and the support guy still wants more proof before he tells the developers. Im tired.lol Also ran direct to the clan file and it still cant show the clan list.
  7. Howdie, YEs on the member chat but only when they have the game up. I want to message all 30 not just the ones on at the time. If you have ever been to the Jersey Meadow you would take gun and leave the cannoli. Tuna
  8. Im head of a clan and I want to send a message in the game to all clan members whether they are in the game at the time or not. Possible? Tuna
  9. Was just in a rank battle with multiple players in dd's from same clan. Obviously they are trying to game the outcome. Does WG care that some clans trying to gain an advantage? If so, let me know and Ill post cheats when I see em.
  10. mmmk, Game is already fixed. Clans are all going Water and telling others not to join Fire. Will be repeated every period. Soooo. Since the joining is not random game will be won by same team every time. As always short on thinking it through. Almost as bad as giving the dd's in Rank 4 and 5 a complete monopoly now that the only threat to them, cv's, were neutered and nerfed. GLHF Tuna
  11. Today, April 5th a patch was put in for some reason. Seems every time there is a patch I have to hunt the system to try and guess what is was/did or was supposed to do. Any Chance that when you put in a mini patch of any kind you at least put a single line somewhere telling us what was done and why. Thanks Tuna
  12. CV play is going from bad to unusable each passing day. With the non manual drop now in t 4-5, I was just in a cv battle where the entire enemy fleet just stayed in smoke almost the whole game and w/o Manual drop I couldn't use torps or bombs cause I cant drop in smoke. Either put t 4-5 back or remove the smoke hack or remove the t4-5 cv from the game and give us the credits back. Tuna
  13. The new mouse 2 button works fine but in tier 4-5 the DD's are having a field day. The dd's just chase cv's since the cv has almost zero chance of defending itself. With the speed of the dd and the slowness of the planes, torps and only auto drop you might as well not put dd's and cv's In the same match. Also the hit box on dive bombers seems 100% worse. Ships I used to hit now cant hit for nothing. If you wont give the tier 4-5 cv's a chance at least make auto drop a capt skill for them.... Tuna
  14. All of my usual clan playing friends received 1 or 2 supers during the first 2 weeks. After that, everyone I speak to has received zero super's. My best guess is that they reduced the win rate on the supers once they saw people earning rewards. I earn 2 or 3 containers daily since the start and the supers I did earn included, 20Millions credits, 5 million credits and a 250 flag container but nothing in the last 2-3 weeks so that is probably about 40-45 containers in a row without a super. As usual any edge the players get will usually be nerfed. Tuna
  15. I would like afk/Squatters be turned pink or some other color like Team killers. If they become pink 3 times I would ban them. Simple. Tired of being laughed at by squatters who actually chat in game and don't move their ship from start to finish. This way if its connection issues, u will turn back to normal same as TK. If it happens 3 x its not connection issues its You. Tuna