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  1. Need a clan to help me learn.

    PM sent from other post :)
  2. Looking to join a casual clan

    PM Sent :)
  3. Looking for a clan

    If you are willing to us TS and want to be part of a community feel free to say hi at www.vx9.com We use Discord as offline communications. Otherwise best of luck on your search and may the wind be at your back :)
  4. Tator

    PM Sent :)
  5. I need to join a clan

    PM Sent :) Hello from =VX9= Community
  6. Want a clan thats more, thats a real community? Tired of the 'working clan', come join us and we can make you just not part of a clan but part of a community.
  7. Looking for clan

    PM Sent :)
  8. Looking for Clan Wars clan

    PM Sent :)
  9. Interested in a community? Come check us out, currently at 3 clans for World of Warships :)
  10. Looking for a clan

    PM Sent :)
  11. Looking for clan

    Good luck with your search. May your shells be true to your aim.