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  2. Very annoyed that you can not get allowance tokens anymore. This whole.. "new token and make like its here for xy time' but turns out next patch you can not get anymore is [edited]. So close to a camo now, it will just site till the conversion, cant even go and buy a crate to finish what I was going for. IF YOU ARE GOING TO REMOVE ABILITY TO GET TOKEN BY XY DATE please state this CLEARLY... instead of leading us to beleave its going for several more patchs.
  3. So far I do like some of the changes from first test to third test. Sadly do to work/life was not able to jump into short test on the second one. So far: Attack Craft, please just call these Rocket Planes or something as the name is easily miss understood thinking in Attack craft apply to all attack craft not just "attack craft". This is one thing that is confusing just like how some stuff are called upgrades and other times they are called modules. AC indicator and view is much better compared to first test. Not having TB on the tier 4 ships, made great balancing idea, combined with smaller drops of the tier 6 plans for the TB. Bombers..... still hard to aim and understand indicator compared to other planes. Butter from first test but not quiet there. Indicator... is this limit of the planes attack run? or is this mixed on some ships? It is confusing regarding this and does mean there is a harder learning curve as it feels it is very different between all three types of planes. No control CV. Really? This is very very frustrating and could mean the difference of win/lose game. I could "recall th CV" to do movement increase/repair or i can continue with my attack plan and just say team is down a ship. NO one has to deal with this, they can all still increase/decrease speed/repair while firing their guns. I understand if your are going to take away the ability to turn and such (others would have to stop firing too). Also with this idea if you are taking away all control of the CV unless they are not playing the planes at time, why have the CVs detected so easily? On the other side of the coin. Having O as your key binding for DF changes is very.... odd and strange.
  4. I had thought about buying some to complete the collection (when i thought they might be at $3) , but at $5 a container it is not worth it at all. Sorry but no go on this kind of price increase for just flags with small chance to get other stuff. If $5 is the norm for containers now ill probably be slowly not buying as much and get to point ill just wait for a nice prem ship here and there to go on sale. I know last year I went nuts for xmas and Halloween but that was at the $3.00 price or bundle deals at $15.00. Though even that is slightly out of my budget I felt they were worth the value. Vary few of the containers that have come out from WG are worth the $5 price tag.
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