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  1. kiwinugget

    Weekly Combat Missions: Golden Week

    @Hapa_Fodder I don't see any research discount at all. Why advertise it and not have it. I looked at a Wakatake to Isokaze which is 5,100xp according to wiki and thats exactly what it is in the tech tech in the game so no discount. Same with the modules. −50% to the cost of researchable Japanese and Pan-Asian Tier II–V ships −30% to the cost of researchable Japanese and Pan-Asian Tier VI–VII ships −15% to the cost of researchable Japanese and Pan-Asian Tier VIII–X ships
  2. kiwinugget

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Awesome posts, awesome flag (wish there was a Kiwi one ie lemon squeezer hat). Also took out the HMAS Perth for a game, been so long... ANAZC represent !! (7kills)
  3. kiwinugget

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    'Optional' WG will make the ships overpowered and not balanced so everyone will try spend REAL money to get it. I under wargaming is a business, I understand this money making scheme, we all know gaming companies have research and develop teams, analytics team and psych teams to evaluate how a player base can be targeted or demographic where the numbers are slipping can be brought back. If this is to bring more people back to lower tiers and not some money making scheme (that would never happen), bring it the marks of excellence, or campaigns or missions for players to earn perm camouflage for the ship, or let every ship not just T10 have a special module. There are other ways of doing this. I just don't believe the research bureau is doing this. I am in a clan where people have just come into ships (from tanks) and some have just got a T10 and are excited to play clan battles, took them about 3months to get a T10, what incentive is it for them to do this? I understand this is 'optional' but it is only for a practical type of gamer or demographic.
  4. kiwinugget

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    No way am I doing this, its taking 3 years of warships to finally get to Tier 10 for some people.... and 'unroll' on this is crap. First you stuff up the CVs make them too powerful, then you nerf them to no one plays them, then you do this and release partial ship lines and a 'chance to win' a french T9 destroyer. You are driving your dedicated player base away. Kids will go to the next best game, guys who like to settle in and play with mates and have fun stay with this type of game. The Division 1 tried this reroll crap and new levels and it ruined their playerbase. They learned from it. This is a hard no from me.