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  1. deltatrooper653

    Can you repurchase sold Premium ships for credits?

    I wonder though, what bout premium ships sold as part of a doubloon refund? Will support refund those too?
  2. I highly recommend the Kaga and the Enterprise. Both of them seems to be hit with the nerfbat the least.
  3. deltatrooper653

    R.I.P. Saipan

    Same here. Sold my Saipan, cos it feels like an absolute chore with little payout trying to make her work. Hopefully i can purchase the GZ with the doubloons i got. What i like about the Enterprise AP bombers is that u are extremely dangerous against enemy cruisers with them, and its no slouch against BB's either.
  4. deltatrooper653

    R.I.P. Saipan

    I actually love the Enterprise's AP bombers. Imo, they are the only AP bombers actually worth using right now.
  5. deltatrooper653

    Cossack is weak? seems so

    Cossack does not seem worth it to me. Lo yang and kidd still remains the more competitive options.
  6. Only downside to OP refusing to play CV's is one less CV driver for me to club