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  1. Destroyer733

    Arms Race = Best Mode Ever

    AFAIK, it's going to be permanent within randoms, this is basically testing the mode before it goes into rotations permanently.
  2. Destroyer733

    POLL: Dockyard Ships You Missed

    Odin, just because I love me some German Navy. Maybe I'll get lucky on a supercontainer someday (can dockyard ships drop?)
  3. Destroyer733

    Event Coming - Learn me Warhammer 40K

    If you're a fan of sci-fi novels at all, many of the fluff books they've put out are quite good either as primers for the world or just good reading, assuming you like reading about visceral combat (not the whole novel but there's a lot!) I never got into the tabletop but love the world/lore, starting with Dawn of War for PC. (Side note, having a Space Marine commander that has voice lines taken from that would be the best thing ever)
  4. XP total is 20000 for all the missions. 20,000 LUtS 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Jules Verne crossover event incoming? :D
  5. Destroyer733

    Santa Crates

    Not sure if anyone has noticed yet, but nearly every reference to these crates even being purchasable this year has been removed from all news posts. Not exactly the actions of a company that believes in the value of what they're selling.