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  1. It mentions you get 10 points for completing a full daily chain. Does that mean you get no points unless you finish a chain, or the chain adds up to 10 points?
  2. Considering this warrants a devblog, and not a simple "rewards were incorrect on PTS", I have a sinking feeling this is going to be a marketing speak article where they try to say that less rewards are actually better for you, somehow.
  3. If the battlepass isn't called Leloo Dallas Battlepass at least once on stream, that's a wasted opportunity
  4. Destroyer733

    Summer Days in the Armory

    It would be nice if there was an actual chance to get more rewards via playing the game. The ruckus event last time had the same issue. Some marginally better changes here over that one (no giant random bundle string with random token values and random reward strings on top of that, can get all the tokens need in 3 large purchases instead of dozens and getting flagged for cc fraud). But still a blatant whale event without any real incentive to actually play the game and get rewarded for doing so. Really it boils down to, spend $750 and get 150,000 dubs, and here's a bunch of bonus stuff for doing that. @Ahskance, able to get that feedback up the chain? Marketing these sorts of events as bonus rewards for spending money to support the game is more palatable than making it sound like a genuine "play the game, get rewards" event when there's a very marginal component of that included. Dressing it up as an event just makes people more inclined to be critical of it and tear it to shreds.
  5. @Ahskance So does this mean TYL containers gotten from other means (missions, the clan division star rewards, etc) no longer have a chance to be a supercontainer like before? Or do they just also contribute to the filling of the bar? If no contribution and no random super chance, they're really just a terrible crate to be a reward going forward IMO.
  6. Destroyer733

    Bonus codes

    Wasn't the CIS only codes something that's always been there though? I don't think that's a "new" change as a consequence of the split.
  7. Destroyer733

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    I can confirm that you can actually roll a ship if you own them already, and get doubloons. I logged in and had a port slot, a 3 point captain, and 9k dubs added.
  8. Destroyer733

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    I'm guessing if we own all 3 ships, we just get one of the other rewards?
  9. Destroyer733

    PSA: Ruckus in the Depot

    Not really sure if graciously allowing players to spend over a thousand dollars to get enough tokens was quite the feedback people were giving on this event. Edit; also has wargaming considered someone wanting to get everything would need to potentially make like 56 individual transactions, which would likely flag the credit card of any player doing so for fraud?
  10. Destroyer733

    Incentivize Veteran Players to Play Mid & Low Tiers

    What if missions as they are now extended to lower tiers, but the contribution is lessened? IE you have a mission that needs 10k base XP. You hop into a T3 and get 800 base XP on a win. That translates to some fraction (lets say 1/2 for arguments sake) that gets applied to the mission. As there wouldn't really be a sensible way to fraction fire damage, achievements, and ribbons; this could only apply to XP missions. In that way regardless of what you're playing, you can be progressing in missions all the time, albeit at a lower rate than you would by playing T5+.
  11. Is there any reasoning why this event is such a departure from basically every event in the past? Honestly surprised, despite it being a massive whale event (equivalent of ~$300 to get all the tokens), I've yet to see an event where a player is unable to get everything by throwing enough money at it.
  12. Destroyer733

    Update of the Ruckus in the Depot Event

    Article mentions the tokens can be obtained in the premium shop, but there isn't any options in there. This event does not seem to have been launched very well.
  13. Destroyer733

    Surprise Ruckus in the Depot Event! 11.5

    Right now. I've never seen an event run where you cant get all the rewards if you spend enough money. there will be some method to get the remaining tokens, however whale-y it may end up being.
  14. Destroyer733

    Surprise Ruckus in the Depot Event! 11.5

    The 100 token bundles have a lot of loot. This seems like a massive whale event though, I cant see those other 3685 tokens getting given away for free. If you bought all the 100 token bundles you'd get; T9 ship container 2 years of premium 375,000 coal 4.5 million commander XP 1 million free XP 80 of all the special signals 40 Spring Sky camo 40 Mosaic camo 40 Asian Lantern camo
  15. Destroyer733

    Two new codes

    AL code has been maxed it seems.