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  1. Commadore_Crunch

    WG LIMIT the number of DD's and SUBS in a game

    Best way to get to WG to make changes is to stop playing the game, as long as you play they they assume its all wonderful! I have not logged on in about a month and..................I do not really miss it!
  2. Commadore_Crunch

    Bonus for accumulating 1 Million Coal?

    I have over 3 million free exp should I get something for that too?
  3. Commadore_Crunch

    Leprechauns throwing games - how to react?

    That topic came up during a match today, the lucky charms player just bascially charged into the red team, while refusing to try to cap while playing the Hyate DD, Bounty players do in fact handicap your team( though not all of them) since they can just yolo without consequence to their stats.
  4. Commadore_Crunch

    Premium Ship Review - Marco Polo

    Its your coal to burn I guess but the Marco Polo is out ranged and out dpmd by just about everything out there ,its junk IMO
  5. Why would anyone give up the best tier X ship?
  6. Commadore_Crunch

    California 27km take down of a Ranger

    Any take down of a CV is glorious !
  7. Game after game of suiciders....players who's only play style is to die as fast as they can in a BB, One day in 2 separate match's My team had Montana's just rush into the cap to die at start of match.. Players with 12,000 games that drive in a straight line across the map broadside without even trying to evade shots. You would think they would know better by the amount of games played. Im not so burned out on the game , rather its the player base that has so many of these spoiler players that that's turning me off from playing. I can deal with the CV's the HE spam, Halland's torps , Unicum players who never miss their shots , but its the players that just stop trying that's becoming the last straw for me.
  8. Its a player issue not a deadeye issue, look how many sub 45% players you may have on your team. They tend to be in all seriousness borderline mentally challanged. They actually cannot comprehend how to play.
  9. yeah the Vermont in its current state is trash. Unless they give it the best sigma in the game it has no purpose other then a field to be farmed by the red team
  10. Commadore_Crunch

    Sad to leave this game but I have no choice

    I do not get all the drama, games cannot remain static. If you think you grown out of it , then just uninstall and move on??
  11. Commadore_Crunch

    Chat Ban abused

    If I had a dollar for everytime ive been chat banned......
  12. Commadore_Crunch

    Deadeye really 10%?

    If your using deadeye against a ship using the concealment mod, if you look at what that mod actually does it states that it would increase dispersion by +5%. So actually WOWS cannot nerf deadeye to 5% for that would in fact make its use worthless. To get even a 5% buff, it has to be 10% right?? So how can WOWS even reduce it ?
  13. Commadore_Crunch

    PLEASE don't learn to play new ships in Ranked

    I had a guy our team that played 22k Coop games, He actually could not aim at a ship that was running away from him ! , He had full health the red ship was under a 1/3 of health and of course the rest was history...
  14. Commadore_Crunch

    Premium Ship Review: Dunkerque & Strasbourg

    Unless your getting the ship free through the mission, just save up and play the Nelson instead its far superior IMO.
  15. Commadore_Crunch

    Have steel, considering Stalingrad?

    Its a solid ship, just bow tank and you should be ok in her