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  1. Commadore_Crunch

    British DD bonus ships are ruining the game.

    The problem is these ships are basically GIFTED without any prior effort to learn them. I get the Free exp part, but to have all that exp you need SOME experiance in playing. Giving a newish player a tier 6 or 7 DD for free is just bad.
  2. I have had nothing but the worst game experience's this week in all the years I have been playing WOWS, game after game new players with their British DDs who have no clue how to play are basically rushing off to die as fast as they can. Teams loaded with 4 or 5 DD players literally just suicide as fast as they can, team after team is down 4-1 in the first mins of the game. WG really needs to end these kind of promotions its killing the game with these YOLO players its the worst I have even seen. Inexperience players getting higher tier who have the mindset to just rush die and just dont give a [edited] about their teammates. Its a sad situation.
  3. So today I just got the legendary module for the Moskva and had time for one game in it, and had my best damage game using it at 165k but its just one game. I could have just been lucky! Also I have one on the Zao but I havent played it enough yet to really see if it is an improvement. For those that have these mods on their Tier X ships did you find them useful and worth the effort to get them? Was there any "duds" that you just did not think worth it? and did you find any of these that really improved the ships performance? Thanks!
  4. I would suggest a range NERF on BB guns, forcing them to move up and help. And increasing the ranges of CA guns to reach out and "touch" these snipers that just sit on edges of maps so they cant just camp with impunity. As contrary as this may sound, with shorter ranges for BB and longer ranges for CA the game dynamic could change for the better!. There are good BB players no doubt, but its so frustrating to see game after game of BB players hiding behind an Island at A cap( A cap always seems to be a BB magnet that wont let them leave!) tying to shoot across the map while we lose the other caps just because there is no need to move in order to get better shots. Or another alternative would be to have such a bad dispersion that shooting at 2/3 range or more will basically be a waste of time forcing them to move up. Either way something should be done to "Encourage" better BB play. Sound game design should always include a counter to any ships best advantage and the BB advantage in range really does not have an effective counter and it only encourages bad play habits.