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  1. I have had victories on almost every defending side in this current map, but cant seem to get wins on the attacking team. The constant losses on the attacking side' that I am seeing comes down to not understanding one simple tactic, IGNORE THE GENERATORS! Sink the red ships first over all other considerations, THEY DO NOT RESPAWN! but why is this ignored? If there are no defending ships the generators are easy pickings. But players cannot comprehend such simple basic logic ! Dead ships cannot sink you! But instead loss after loss happens because the attacking team sits like a rubber ducky out in open water shooting the generators while the defending team simply focus fire on those ships. Think about this at start of match the attacking team comes in on a mass of ships, but as they get whittled down, they take time to respond and then they come back in singles which are now easy pickings, The advantage is now lost and the match is a loss without any recovery.
  2. So I see the Space battles logo on the game mode screen, but its faded out? is it only on certain times of the day? Thanks
  3. Commadore_Crunch

    Space battles, real or joke? how do I play it?

    I did that, but ill try again
  4. So I see the Space battles logo on the game mode screen, but its faded out? is it only on certain times of the day? Thanks
  5. Commadore_Crunch

    Is the Stalingrad really that OP?

    The first players to get the Stalingrad were Clan players who are above average in skill, so its reputation proceeded its actual claim to being OP. The Moskva is a tech tree ship which is just as good as the Stalingrad.
  6. Commadore_Crunch

    Alaska Spotted!

    After Rank is over im betting the Alaska will be released.
  7. I don't understand Iowa players in ranked, why are you rushing forward into the red team?. Almost all matches I get in with an Iowa on the team they get pulled like a magnet to their early deaths without accomplishing anything other then another loss. Why the suicide runs? what is wrong with just bow tanking to whittle away the red team? I just do not understand these players.
  8. WG real problem is that they really really want to SELL the ship again and they cant because of its too good qualities at tier 5. So to resell it and make money they are going to up tier the GC , its not about over performance at all! !
  9. Historically the HMS Hood sunk from a SINGLE broadside by the Bismark so yeah its very possible !
  10. Commadore_Crunch

    Thank you, War Gaming

    Yeah the PEF is a piece of junk. Unless the ROF is reduced to 24 seconds or sigma brought up to Warspite levels this ship has no real place in tier 6
  11. Commadore_Crunch

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    Having come from WOT, if they have a couple of thousand games and have a sub 45% in ALL their ships. Its pretty clear evidence that these players just have a low game IQ and nothing can help them. They play a BB or a CA or DD the same, never able to understand game play.
  12. Commadore_Crunch

    Refund for Kronstadt

    its a high skill ship to make it work for sure
  13. Commadore_Crunch

    Refund for Kronstadt

    Did you not read other players evaluation of this Ship? Everyone knows that it has paper thin armor and wonky guns. Do your due diligence before buying any ship! Sorry but this one is on you!
  14. Commadore_Crunch

    See, that wasn't so hard.

    Well Done!
  15. Commadore_Crunch

    WOWS should be sued for POS Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Tell you what you play the PEF against me of your choice in any of the Premium tier VI BBs with your 19pt captain and you will get owned badly . PEF guns cannot pen the BBs its tiered up against at range! I can sit there in the Dunkirk even and take you out at range before you can get me at 2/3s health thats how bad the PEF Guns are and how bad the PEF armor is.