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  1. no fix yet..Armory and Inventory have the same issues..asking to login for some reason and web server unavailable screen....Armory daily drops you can get from armory tab on WG WoWs web page but ingame stuff is whacked...BTW unable to access Dockyard either...other pic attached and can't exit that window without closing game...so a couple days of dockyard rewards unavailable..
  2. it is also an issue with my Inventory as well...ask for me to sign in to account (in port window) then jumps to web server unavailable.... same as armory ( I couldn't get a screen shot of web login page for WG that flashed up and off real fast)
  3. Now that it seems Submarines are here to stay...will you be making an Insignia Emblem such as those for DD's Cruisers, Battleships and CV's? (see attached) Also god forbid...adding Legendary mods?
  4. NEWS FLASH !  I was just informed that most of our parents have children... 🤔
  5. Cannibal_Clown

    Monthly Forum Event - Defend the Earth

    Kept forgeting about this contest so here's a 4 anyhow :p
  6. I had to laugh at this one...we would have lost  :P


    1. Boggzy


      Eyyy congrats!  I’ve got nearly 10,000 randoms and have yet to earn a solo warrior

  7. just wanted to drop this article here for those that may not know of it... https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/aircraft-carriers-of-navy-pier
  8. Cannibal_Clown

    USS Kidd Livestream today!

    I was reminded of this when you had talked about the kamakazi bomb passing thru the Kidds hull...this picture is of the HMS Sussex from 1945 after a Japanese plane crashed into it's hull leaving this haunting "shadow" imprint..
  9. Cannibal_Clown

    New Serov CV

    I unlocked the Serov during the event and have been trying it out...My major issue with the ship is with the Fighters on the ship...when you go in for an attack you have the usual MG spar but then a loooong delay before rockets fire..making impossible to actuallyuse the planes unless you find one guy sitting still waiting... Take a look at them compared to say the Lowenhardt or basically any other tier 6 CV.. Thnx
  10. Cannibal_Clown

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    "FUN AND ENGAGING" working as intended right WG?
  11. Cannibal_Clown

    Ship tag oddity :P

    You may have not noticed this but I was looking for a UK captain and this came up and I had to point it out.... sooo...yeah...:P
  12. Cannibal_Clown

    Black Friday: Discounts of up to 40%!

    the part I love is that is you got a duplicate ship...they give you 2500 dubs instead of a reroll or the price of it in dubs..so picture getting an Alaska B and you have one so you get 2500 dubs...
  13. Cannibal_Clown

    Battle of Midway

    Have to go with the ship that counts :P