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  1. The_Netrider

    Japanese Carrier Submarines

    we dont want submarines even less with instant citadel hits
  2. The_Netrider

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    after buying all 100 bundles still 50 tokens short for the riga , good job wargaming for another scam
  3. The_Netrider

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    the amazing balanced matchmaker , where one team completly gets destroyed without sinking an enemy ship
  4. The_Netrider

    New game mode/map

    Yes my main is spanish
  5. The_Netrider

    New game mode/map

    Wow has not historical parameters or ships capatibilities either
  6. The_Netrider

    New game mode/map

    So I open debate ,Then give a alternate solution for make teammates engage and support instead being a solo game that can sit in the 1 and 10 lines and contribute nothing to the team
  7. The_Netrider

    New game mode/map

    Map is not 15km , starts as normal size , the last let's say it shortens 1 km every minute of gameplay and last 7 min of the games reaches that 15 km edge , you can be farther than 15km but you will get idk just saying 0.2% damage per second depending your healthpool when you are outside that 15km range
  8. The_Netrider

    New game mode/map

    The map will shorten overtime let's per say last 7-5 min of the game the map will get to the 15 km- X range , alot of ships are hurten by that time no matter what, unless you are not engaging or did not engage for the entire time
  9. The_Netrider

    New game mode/map

    Yes it's an idea and probably needs some tweaks , but that would give the radio message "Set a smoke screen" actually a function and like I said force people to play as a team ,zao firing in smoke concealment isn't something like 8km?
  10. The_Netrider

    New game mode/map

    They would die by dds torpedoes or cruisers fire that don't have much range either Also "brawling bbs" , makes team play smarter and focus fire ( thing that almost never happens), there's only so much a brawling bb can handle , smolenks , Worcester , Salem's , idk too many ships that can kill things fast
  11. A new map that has like the Halloween filfth , the map "starts shrinking" till a point they have to be no farther than 13 km away from the enemy and whoever it's out of the zone gets damaged slowly Kinda like fortnite fog whoever watched videos or played it Forcing team and enemy to engage and not be sitting at the back/max range or out of range relaxed while others carry the team out
  12. And we are not getting missiles either , we always getting half of the potential all the ships have
  13. O7 captains and WG Staff Personal opinion and point of view , Destroyers are one of the ships that have most impact in the game and thinking about the future with submarines coming too , the pressure and the things they have to do on each battle becomes too heavy , they have to spot for the team , capture key areas and future the job of hunt submarines and drop depth charges, and they have so little reward or recognition for their effort at the end of the match My opinion or suggestions with so many ships containing Radar and Hydroacoustics now days , destroyers shouldn't be detected if they are completely full stopped in smoke by Hydroacoustics and yes detected by radars regardless smoke or full stopped Also a total rework or change mechanics getting some more retribution at the end of the battle on team score , from xp by shooting down planes any ship, spotting and capturing areas regardless the damage , they can have low damage but they were spotting the enemy for the entire team and there's so little recognition from that from the games and teammates , same with battleships and potential damage they receive , instead playing as a team it makes the game more like a solo player game , ",Why risk my ship for capture or whatever if I won't get support from my team or I won't get recognized for that or "x" action" battleships sniping from max range when they are the ones should be front lines getting the heat for cruisers on the team deal damage to the enemy ships Just per say an example at the end of the battle , the battle report/team score 1 battleship got top scored because he dealt 30k damage and received 500k potential damage Other battleship got deal 2k damage was at the bottom of the list but he got potential damage received of 3.5million Destroyers the same they can capture key areas and spot for the team but it's so little recognized at the end of the battle under team score and again is the ship with one of most impact in the game by capturing,spotting,torpedo or set on fire, best ship for flank because concealment they will have even more job in future for hunting submarines
  14. The_Netrider

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    Smolensk got a debuff?
  15. What you guys think its the best commander for each class ?