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  1. Bouncing from server to server

    Chat is down in Div. games,, hope it going to work in clan battles...
  2. Mine says in progress, have done over 75 k xp and nothing happened, no stars??
  3. Can you play RBs with a division of 7 people??
  4. 6.11 Clan port testing???

    So what does that have to do with what I said?????
  5. Was update 6.11 on the test server to test the clan port? I noticed my clan tag is gone and can not access clans in game. Sure hope this is not like the British BB update. Lost every thing and had to start from the beginning.
  6. WELL!!! game not working again after update, Test server done same thing and after a few more updates I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it worked. Game works fine up until I click battle then it goes to next page and its as far as it goes. Have to use TM to get out of game and then it wont let me back in till that battle is over...So what's up???? So excited? NOT!!! Guess I need to take my money and find something else to play. Too old for things that don't work.....