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  1. will you be waiting till after the CV rework to update the mod or will you just upload the abyssal skins? As im only really interested in the skins for my american ships and havign to use a mod packer just for one faction is a little much
  2. What about doing some refurbishes and updates to some skin such as Haruna. Yamato or you could always do a Bismarck skin for the Bismarck?
  3. striker2521

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    oh i understand completely and your welcome and we might get one of them with the collab part 2 with the perma camos.
  4. striker2521

    [ALL] SwedishFox Anime&Art skins

    Any chance we can get a Azur Lane washington( For NC) or azur lane Monarch skin cause your work on the Ibuki skin was absolutely amazing and id love to see more AL skins from you?
  5. Request: a Richelieu skin for the battleship Richelieu would be nice.
  6. What about Zuikaku AL i had a look around for images for her and almost all of her arts pretty tame?
  7. Any chance we could see a Azur lane prince Eugen skin for either the hipper or for Eugen herself?
  8. What about an Enterprise skin for the enterprise or essexs, or Belfast for the Edinburgh? since both of those girls have plenty of images.
  9. Id love to see a Washington Azur lane skin for the North Carolina battleship or the Alabama premium which ever one you would find easier.
  10. thanks was worried cause i had to reinstall warships after the patch last night and then i couldn't get my abyssal to work again
  11. Anyway to install this or at least the ships skins in the current version as i cant get the installer to install the skins and i really need my abyssal ladies back :(