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  1. Viper101

    Buffed Myoko is a monster...

    I thought Myoko was a monster before the buff hit, so I'll probably have much enjoyment with her now.
  2. Viper101


    So, community contributors have gotten a hold of the Wichita, among other ships. It seems that the general consensus is that it will be a fairly good ship, but extremely fragile. Like a mix between a light and heavy cruiser (guns of a heavy, durability of a light). Seeing Notser's video I thought that she could use a heal. Not as a third consumable, but as a replacement for radar. Now, before you lose your minds, I understand that WG probably have a design for this ship in mind already and what we see is most likely what we are gonna get. But think about how a standard tier 9 heal (nothing like Boise/NDJ) would fare on this ship. It would add a little more durability to it. And if I had my druthers I would have it in place of radar, forcing captains to choose between the two. In my head this makes sense: Wichita has less HP and less radar range than the Baltimore (her tier 8 companion), and the heal could add some "fun and engaging" diversity to the ship (as opposed to the already diverse super stealthy radar cruiser that we currently see). What do you all think of my completely and totally un-caffeinated thinking?
  3. Viper101

    Four Goal Haul Award

    I sense some marketing team shenanigans... Just kidding. I don't really follow hockey or soccer, but I wonder if the four kills (points) has something to do with Ovechkin's performance in the Stanley Cup Final? I did some digging and found that he scored three goals in the whole final, so I am not sure what their rationale was behind four goal haul was/is. Though I am not complaining, free camos are nice :D
  4. Viper101

    Four Goal Haul Award

    I am a little disappointed they didn't add in something like "It's a Hat Trick" or something relating to hat tricks for three kills in a single match. Then again, I guess getting three kills in a match is relatively easy, compared to four or five.
  5. Viper101

    Atlanta Burns Them All... well 6 of them.

    Fun and Atlanta are synonomous in this game :D
  6. To this I say: Meh. The only time I really get a good look at the ships in game is when I am in port. And that doesn't happen very often. Besides, once in the actual game, I don't look over my ships very often. I'm more concerned with where my reticle is, where my shell land, where I am sailing, and who is in the area. As long as the basic shape of the ship is there, and it works properly (as intended TM) in game, I don't much care what the name is.
  7. And this is why I am on the fence with "worth the time", and why I answered no to the fun. Saving a star is dumb since the XP rewards are so damage based.
  8. Viper101

    Mid-Tier Mondays - The Cruisers

    Mine are either Myoko (gudbote) and Atlanta (freaking amazing). Both are excellent firestarters, relatively stealthy, and handle well.
  9. Viper101

    CV Rework Feedback

    That's true, and I didn't think of AA aura. Short range AA on most high tier ships is what? 2.0-2.5km? Which is probably well within drop distance. Still, as I said, it's an early concern I hope they look at. I want this rework to do well.
  10. Viper101

    CV Rework Feedback

    TL;DR: A very early concern (of mine) is that hit rates from torps may be too high given that CVs seem to be focused on DOTs as opposed to alpha. So, let me get this out of the way, I share Flamu's cautious optimism. Currently, I have no interest in CV gameplay. I dislike the general view and multitasking aspect of it (So yes, I am incredibly biased, deal with it). I think that the new CV gameplay looks fun, but I still have a problem with it. Landing torpedoes seems too easy. Which was something I seem to recall the devs saying they wanted to allieviate. Using my own broad stats, I have 33% main battery hit ratio. Thats 1/3 of the shells that I fire actaully make contact with another ship. I think it shoudl be about the same for aircraft and torpedoes (not sure how to address bombs, since it's much more RNG based). Each wing has 3 planes, so I think that it is fair that 1 torp would hit, especially when you consider that the CV can make multiple runs on a target and will never get deplaned. Another option is to increase the relative speed between ships and planes. This way the CV doesn't have as long to react or set up that "perfect" drop. What are your thoughts? Both on my view of a potential problem, and of the two suggestions I put fourth.
  11. Viper101

    Concealment Expert Changes

    Okay. Kronsh/Stalingrad vs NC/Mass/Bama vs Hindenburg. Hell, even Iowa and Montana have better concealment than those two (soviets). And those two ships are old guard in regards to the game. Monty can't outspot the Hindy. And that doesn't seem to have a negative impact on either ship. No, CE is fine as is. I don't use it on German BBs or French Cruisers so, it's not mandatory...
  12. Viper101

    Ran into a kind enemy Alaska ST

    I mean. She's a cruiser so yeah. Squishy. From what I have heard and seen, shes a much more mobile version of Kronsh. Her rudder shift is pretty damn good. The guns rely on a plunging effect as opposed to brute force (Stalin/Kronsh), and are more accurate than Kronsh. I think she fits the role of giant cruiser rather nicely: Can delete light cruisers, bloody heavy cruisers, and hurt DDs, but falls apart at the mere mention of a BB.
  13. Viper101

    UI Optimization and Port GPU Use

    Perhaps, And I tried what you suggested and that seemed to do the trick.GPU utilization is down to 50% while in port. \
  14. Viper101

    UI Optimization and Port GPU Use

    I am. I will try running it in fullscreen, but generally don't like that as I have dual monitors. Maybe it'll just be something I have to deal with.
  15. It would be nice for some of the UI to be further optimized. As it is right now there is noticeable lag when in port (such as when putting signal flags on your ship). Also, GPU utilization cannot be at 100% while in port. There is no reason for it to be so high. Those are the only two major suggestions I have. I'd also like to point out that a lot of other people have commented on how laggy the UI is in port.