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  1. High Explosive that deals more consistent damage than AP. AP can bounce, HE cannot. Besides the Conq has ridiculous HE penetration AND fire chance. That DoT adds way up.
  2. If it is that late, I would argue that they may be released in early July. Perhaps a July 4th tie-in.
  3. Is this only against battleships? Or are cruisers now even easier to citadel? I read the patchnotes and couldn't really tell...
  4. WG Pays Tribute to Woman's Day

    You want the truth? Marketing. People of my generation are more likely to celebrate a woman in naval history than a battle from generations ago. I don't mind either way. I like new players, and if this improves the playerbase, then fine. Of course, it would not have been difficult to do both. Oh well.
  5. Cheer up please, will you?

    Some people will always find something to complain about.
  6. French BB Turrets

    With the French BBs upon us, there is still one thing I would like to ask. For those who do not know, the French had a rather unique turret arrangement. Instead of "traditional" dual or triple gun turrets, the French designed their ships around a quad gun turret (see Dunkerque). believe this was due to port limitations, as their ships could only be so long, but still needed adequate main batteries. Now, French naval designers were not stupid. They knew the risks of reducing the number of turrets: A single shell could destroy half of the battleships firepower (speaking to Dunk/Rich), so they put a bulkhead in the middle of the turret. In the case of the Dunk, I believe this was 25-30mm thick. Not enough to stop an AP shell penetration, but enough for the crew of two of the guns to survive a hit. This was put to the ultimate test during the Attack on Mers-el-Kèbir, when a British 381mm shell struck Dunkerque's number two turret and detonated inside. The crew in the right half of the turret perished. But those on the left side survived due to this bulkhead. Now, I believe I have seen before that this would not work in the game due to engine limitations (or something like that). Is that true? Is it really outside the realm of possibility to have this feature implemented? If it isn't, this would add a more functional "flavor" (god I hate that term) to the French Battleships that would increase their effectiveness/survivability.
  7. I think something to also make note of is what you enjoy. Don't go to University for two, four, or eight years only to realize that what you are doing makes you miserable every day. I used to be an engineering student and hated every second of it. Now in journalism, I feel less stressed all the time. Going to classes no longer feels like a chore. But, failure helps you learn. And one thing that hasn't been mentioned is the social aspect of both working and higher education. Both provide equal opportunities, the whole "half of college is social" is a load of B.$. Just my two cents as a 19 -year-old who obviously knows everything about the world, people, and life.
  8. Is Gneisenau a good ship?

    You do realize these ships are exactly the same armour-wise don't you? And all German BBs are more effective in close quarters. Both get German dispersion, so sniping is out.
  9. Is Gneisenau a good ship?

    As others have said, yes. The Gneisenau is a good ship. Her guns are big and overmatch everything at her tier, so bow on battleships will not be happy. However, on that same token, it can also be overmatched by ships at her tier and above, so angling is important. Her belt is thick, at 360mm. The only drawback this ship has is the lack of guns combined with German dispersion. You will be trolled by RNG sometimes.
  10. A friendly PSA

    Challenge accepted. Thank goodness I have about 10k doubloons from santa crates to help out a little.
  11. USS New Jersey, USS Hornet, and USS Intrepid. One of these summers I will make a point to visit Belfast and Mikasa, as well as Texas and some of the other smaller warships around the USA.
  12. Who have you seen in game

    That actually reminds me, I saw @LittleWhiteMouse a loooooooong time ago. She was in her Atlanta and basically said "No" to me and my nicholas.
  13. Who have you seen in game

    I think our team did win. I just vividly remember stopping, firing, you returning fire, me sitting there thinking:
  14. AHLA incoming! Richelieu!

    Even better. I now realize it would be hard to give something that hasn't been released yet a "hard" look....