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  1. Regarding Alaska...

    So attacking tiny Destroyers and Destroyer Escorts (Yamato) is? Also, the ship has not been promised to STs like Alabama, it's literally just been leaked. No other information has been given. As to your comment about being jaded to American politics: That gives you no right to be such a sourpuss about a ship in a game that many have been waiting literally years for. This illustrates my above comment much more eloquently than I ever could.
  2. Regarding Alaska...

    And that's the crux of the post. It was LEAKED. Anything and everything could change. That said, the fact that a Dev has leaked it tells a lot.
  3. If the precedent is anything to go by, it would be classified as a battleship in game. Edit: Reading is overpowered and I didn't do none before posting that reply. I see these ships were to be an outgrowth of a cruiser, hence your classification.
  4. Regarding Alaska...

    Usually I am not one to buy into leaks, but with the discussion surrounding Alaska right now I figured it was worth sharing @Mejash's post. The Alaska will find her way into the game, eventually. , That's all they know (or can share).
  5. She will come into the game. Eventually.
  6. Perhaps I missed something, but the duration is only 30 seconds (that means you can really only get 2-3 salvos off). Plus you only get 3 charges with premium, and 4 with a captain. This isn't terribly different from torpedo reload booster on IJN DDs, and we all know how much people complained about "torpedo soup", thus nerfing IJN DDs into the ground
  7. Well hey, small consolation: You finished 3rd in the match. That said... there's no reward for that. There should be, like progress towards patches if thats your thing, or an achievement (Not A Step Back perhaps?) that gives you special flags like Hydra or Red Dragon.
  8. But look at that dispersion... 306m with a 1.8 sigma. You're gonna be needing to put all the shells downrange if you want to hit something.
  9. CB thought: Dual Tier ships?

    Indeed. But your post seemed to claim that Alaska/Guam was armed with 14"/50 naval guns. I sought to make sure you were aware that the Alaska Class was armed with the 12"/50 guns, which definitely have similar performance to the naval guns found on older battleships (New Mexico being one of them I believe).
  10. Interesting as this is.... There's another tier 6 German ship that I think a lot of us really want. One that was teased months ago. And one that has been lost to the terrible world of game development, hidden away in the shadows. We need: All jokes aside, this does look fun. I doubt it'll have the hitting power of Mutsu and Arizona or Warspite, but she can go a good 4-7 knots faster (more with speed flag) so that more than makes up for it.
  11. CB thought: Dual Tier ships?

    They are 12"/50 caliber guns (305mm/50), not 14". 14 inch guns are 356mm. Just for the record :D
  12. CB thought: Dual Tier ships?

    If anything Alaska was a super heavy cruiser. Tier 9 free XP cruiser. It's an American Kronshdadt. Give her the USN normalization, mediocre HE (so that it is situational), a decent sigma, but a rather large dispersion elipse. Consumables wise, a 30 second radar, Heal (normal cruiser heal, no RN CL one), and DFAA. Maybe slot Hydro in one of those slots. If the Guam (or whichever is not the tier 9 cruiser) makes it into the game as a tier 7 battleship... It would probably need a stronger heal than most just due to the fact that her belt, and general armor profile is rather mediocre. It is unfortunate that these ships were developed so late in the war, as there isn't a whole lot of room for refits (as on the older USN Standard BBs), which makes the downtiering of one rather difficult. But hey, if they both make it into the game, one as a tier 7 BB and the other as a tier 9/10 CA, then great. That said, Alaska or Guam just need to be in the game at this point. At least these were ships that were built, saw combat, and were generally well liked by their crews and vessels they escorted. They weren't some ship whose hull was only 70% complete before being designated as a target for naval gunnery.
  13. Tier 1 ships can bounce Yamato shells, so that's not the best argument. Yamato can still overmatch Moskva's bow since shes, ya know, a cruiser. Also, 220mm guns isn't exactly "Battleship Grade". And at tier 9/10, neither is 305mm.
  14. Dido and Abdiel could be fun. Abdiel could be something like the Aigle, bully of a DD for the tier. No speed boost as a trade off. And I would say give her the Sims Sea "Mines", but alas no torpedoes exist on this ship. Dido... Would be a British Atlanta without HE and decent 8KM torps?
  15. I would certainly pay up to a certain amount. If they charge as much as a premium ship, then forget it. Unless there are bonuses to the camo (which I personally would be against), then $25 would be the most I'd be willing to spend. That said, I would much rather have USS Johnston as a tier 9 premium FXP ship (the first of its type).