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  1. Thornir

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    1/3 of one tier. Really? the premise you are challenging is for the entire CLASS.
  2. Thornir

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    Two ships out of how many are lower than all DDs, so you reject the premise, and I have an agenda? i don’t care about your corner cases. I want fixes to radars to be universally applied.
  3. Thornir

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    I do, but then...
  4. Thornir

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    These are what is known as “corner cases” or “outliers”. You are doing what is called “picking nits”. The general premise is correct.
  5. Thornir

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    Good post. Server average for torp hits is more like 7%, btw.
  6. Thornir

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    So, all we gotta do is join your clan as unicum DD players and our problems are solved. Elitists that denegrate the abilities of others forget that they would be only average if those “potato” players weren’t in the game.
  7. LoL. These were fired a wee bit further out than that. From 6km, I might have missed the green BB and only hit the red one.
  8. No, it was game prior. I was careless with a torp spread.
  9. Thornir

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    Hard to say without knowing what the shared data delay will be. It could be good to great for DDs so that committing to a cap doesn't become the single error that wipes your game. If it's too brief, it will not affect any change. I really don't understand why you can't fix the LoS. Other games have LoS radar and it works perfectly. The notion that the radaring ship can't use a LoS radar because of the damage they take is ludicrous. The DD they are making focus fire a reality for is exposed, after all. Why should it be different for the radar ship?
  10. Scared? Yep. Petrified.
  11. If I knew I was going into a battle with carriers in it, then I’d take the Kidd. But the odds are against it and Lo Yang is much better at everything else. Since we now know that DFAA is a trade off for hydro, I’d say take LY with hydro anyway, and suffer to a 59% WR in it, too unless carrier aircraft turn out to be a problem. Man, I hope not.
  12. Then my mistake. Run hydro! Always!
  13. TL;DR: “I can’t play them, so they must be bad.”
  14. I’ll check when I get home. But, given the (current) lack of CVs, DFAA is only a nice to have; I’d never take it over hydro. After 8.0? We’ll see. Since the YY nerf I am not playing.
  15. He believes that getting the last word makes him right. Which I am ok with him thinking, because I know he’s wrong.