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  1. Thornir

    Zeroed by CV

    If I’m in a DD, I have to screw up for one of the other classes to do that to me. All a CV has to do is see me.
  2. Thornir

    Midway Anniversary

    Apropos of nuthin’, has anyone else landed on the Midway?
  3. And thus my point. Subs can be completely invulnerable by staying submerged. You have no chance. A dd might have limited torp range or just screw up. But the sub can go 100% safe and stay there til game ends.
  4. It’s not. And you know it.
  5. There’s a difference between having no chance and “a” chance. Being screwed doesn’t mean no chance.
  6. I was in a game where it ended with me in a BB vs 3 SS. There was no path to victory for me. Nothing I could do. Every other class has a chance against the others, even outnumbered. no worries though. They’ll straighten it out in pay to play Beta 2.0.
  7. More incentives takes $$$ off the bottom line. Being generous with the player base is not part of the business model, comrade.
  8. ...and, you’ll pay for the privilege!
  9. CAT shots were common from ‘44 on, mate. But I get your point.
  10. Where do we start and stop with the arcade vs reality differences, though? There’s a huge list of stuff that’s wrong from the reality perspective. Add this to it.
  11. They are! Both of them! 😆
  12. Yeah, but he’s not wrong.
  13. You get the team you get. Same as anyone else. Do what you can with it, or don’t. Don’t expect anyone to care as it’s a voluntary and shared experience. Also, the better you are, the more influence you have in 7 ship games. Have more influence.
  14. Thornir

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    This. Watching Cruiser players trying to figure out what to do with an open cap and no DDs is preety much worth the price of admission. 😆
  15. Thornir

    What is the best premium in the shop right now for HE spamming?

    Friesland. Good against CVs AND has sonar for sitting in smoke.