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  1. Thornir

    I missed just 5 British Tokens :(

    That’s why you should never have gold. They can’t take it if it isn’t there. Stopped paying to play this game, long ago.
  2. Opinion. Not fact.
  3. One of the most top relevant, huh? There are 4 classes. DDs are no longer in the top half. That would be BBs and CVs. I agree that WG wants stealth moderated. They do not want DDs among the most top bestest more gooder classes. They want DDs visible so they can’t threaten BBs or the (where TF are they?) subs. feel manipulated yet?
  4. YY has the same guns as Gearing, but fire 33% slower. Because reasons. WG does what they want.
  5. Thornir

    Capping the number of destroyers in Co-Op

    Game for game (PVP VS PVE), I think they make more in PVP. it’s the only reason that makes sense for the lack of respect they show PVE players.
  6. Thornir

    Capping the number of destroyers in Co-Op

    I agree with the OP. However, WG would rather that no one play Coop at all. DD numbers and all the other issues with Coop aren’t likely to change. They want you in Randoms where you’re more likely to spend money.
  7. Thornir

    Should a DD fear a CV

    He’s making the point that people better at the game than you - I.e., more credibility- disagree with your premise. This means that your hypothesis is invalid due to credible evidence to the contrary and is therefore opinion, not fact. It isn’t confirmation bias, at all. It’s properly called being wrong, getting called on it, and not having the sense to quit arguing.
  8. Thornir

    Should a DD fear a CV

    Yeah, interesting that DD spotting equality is fine, but not their ability to do damage. “That’s different “, is of course the answer. Depends as always on who’s ox is getting gored.
  9. Thornir

    Black needs a torpedo buff

    This is the point, right here. And yes, I have a Black.
  10. Was my pleasure and a lot of fun! Thanks!
  11. Thornir

    Will CVS make it back into clan battles?

    As a DD main, I hope not.
  12. Thornir

    The best dd in every tier.

    Yeah. I did mean Pan Asian. Thanks!
  13. Thornir

    The best dd in every tier.

    No experience in Haida, but I could substitute “Gadja Mahda” in this and it would be the same for me. 71% WR in last sprint.