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  1. Please ensure the “replace with doubloons” feature doesn’t default to “replace” when changing selections, please. I think the current set up was done this way on purpose. I’ve lost hundreds of doubloons this way.
  2. Sorry, I said “WOWS”, when I should have said “WG” And yet, they are still the red headed step kids. Why is that. If you’ve not read about the hows and whys of the nature of the loot boxes, you have some reading to do. Lying? People can say things that are completely or partially true and leave out what they don’t want you to realize.Call that what you want.
  3. To get to the ship I would enjoy playing. ALL lines have ships that people have to get through to play the ones they want. So your answer is to stop playing them all?
  4. If all the ships were equally good and fun at every tier in every line, it wouldn’t be an issue. But they aren’t. So it is.
  5. The loot box reward rates are misleading. And this ruckus nonsense - gamble on one payout to gamble on another - is predatory. Been here ten years, please don’t defend their practices to me. FTP has been the step kid to PVP since inception. WG needs to accept FTP as a viable option, rather than make minor changes that marginally benefit FTP’s. That’s insulting.
  6. Taking this one step further - if it doesn’t’ work for competitive, it doesn’t work for PVP, so it doesn’t work for PVE. Changes it get made frequently to benefit the elite in this game, at the expense of the mere mortal players.
  7. PTS is live and all the options are there in large numbers, including the really big ones. Gives the impression they will be plentiful. I’ll believe it when they see it.
  8. Thornir

    WHY...ranked games with CV...

    Except that CVs are a hard counter to DDs, not to BBs. DDs aren’t a hard counter to BBs unless the DDs and CAs on your team totally fail. CVs changed the game for DDs even more than the proliferation of radar.
  9. Why would a for-profit company improve economics for FTP players? without explanation - the real one, not the “goodwill” version - it lacks credibility. WG, please. Our chains have been pulled too many times for an idea like this to have any surface credibility. You still allow gambling, FFS.
  10. Thornir

    WHY...ranked games with CV...

    So…Cv players get to play the ship they want, and I have to play the ship I HAVE TO because they *may* be in my game. Perfect. CVs are “balanced for 12 v. 12” - unless it affects the bottom line.
  11. Thornir

    Opening containers in PTS

    I got a lot too, and if only they didn’t stay on the PTS, they’d be worth opening.
  12. Thornir

    Do they ever get fun?

    Play them with double rudder and not as island humpers. Angle while kiting - you can get all 12-15 guns into the shot routinely. The flat arcs make hitting superstructures and weaker bow and stern armor easy. Brindisi is a beast, Ven is one of the best CAs in the game. I’m a DD main and do well in them.
  13. Thornir

    Zeroed by CV

    If I’m in a DD, I have to screw up for one of the other classes to do that to me. All a CV has to do is see me.
  14. Thornir

    Midway Anniversary

    Apropos of nuthin’, has anyone else landed on the Midway?
  15. And thus my point. Subs can be completely invulnerable by staying submerged. You have no chance. A dd might have limited torp range or just screw up. But the sub can go 100% safe and stay there til game ends.