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  1. Thornir

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    To make it less of a challenge, so people can rank out and still have lives.
  2. Thornir


    Man. I could have invested heavily in Alcoa back in the 80’s....
  3. Thornir

    Why most people like BBs?

    Fletcher, Black, Johnston, Samuel B. Roberts, Sims...depends on how much history you know.
  4. Thornir

    Why most people like BBs?

    People play BBs because they know DDs need something to torp!
  5. Thornir

    What's wrong with Z-39?

    T7 ranked is one place where this ship shines. GM is the only DD you need fear, with similar detection. But, with 6k more health, you can fight a GM with her. Smoke up, use AP on cruisers and torp every 80 seconds or so. Sneak away, lather, rinse, repeat.
  6. You’re splitting hairs. Yes, you have to aim yourself, but you CAN, because you can SEE the target in real time. The ability to see the target in real time allows for everything else ah, “torp spammers”. Agenda revealed.
  7. “Exact coordinates” arent real time firing solution worthy. By the time the coordinates are relayed and plotted, the target is gone. DDs should NOT be able to shoot from smoke without radar, and radar and hydro should obey physics. DDs should be able to OWSF however, as that IS a real world phenomena. Yeah, it is. Been there, done that.
  8. Thornir

    Best premium T9-10 ship only obtainable from steel

    I think it’s awesome how WG puts the really good ships outside the reach of the average player. And by average, I’m talking about time to play, not just skills.
  9. We wanted WG to not reduce the value of something we paid for. I know that doesn’t fit your narrative, but that was the actual issue.
  10. Probably one of the best summations of one of the core issues in this game I’ve read to date. WG didn’t do their homework, and didn’t honor history. They may as well all be Halloween ships, for how well they represent the navies of the nations represented.
  11. Yeah, by all means, let’s have TWO screwed up ship types in game at the same time. What could go wrong?
  12. The comment on salt was in the OP, so that answer holds zero water, and you said zero about WGs track record with implementation. So, if you want to discuss being realistic, you may want to come out of your glass house first
  13. Thornir

    Public Test 0.8.6 - Feedback

    Yep, my point exactly. The goodies for participants need to be so awesome that the active servers are affected by the lack of players. But WG offers a day of premium here, a couple of flags there, and then wonders why people won’t set aside their in game goals to download and play the PTS. offer a USS Black for 15 random matches in a T8 or above DD, and a like reward for other types for each 15 games played, and they’d have to establish a waiting list, there’d be so much demand. But no, they won’t make a long term decision like that if it affects the short term bottom line. Which is just bad business. But then, Russians are new to free market competition.