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  1. ThrottleFox

    WON A CHERRY BLOSSOM !!! 1st win since its return

    So it's a Captain issue, not an issue with the ship. Stop blaming the ship when it's the player who is the problem. CV is nearly mandatory for Cherry Blossom since most fast players refuse to move forward and spot the ships where you need to defend the mission-critical land installations, because if they die the mission fails. I think having a good CV captain in any of the operations makes the operations far easier
  2. ThrottleFox

    My Grandson is trying to get me COMMITTED!!

    I told my Star Citizen friends about this, and we all giggled
  3. ThrottleFox

    T8 CVs in Ops

    I've played and 5 stared all the current ops as a CV, with most T8 CVs All tech tree CVs do well, Kaga, Hornet and Zeppelin are very good even Loewenhardt and Ark Royal do well when played decently. I find that, in my experience and how I like to play, US T6, Ranger, I levelled her in operations, she's decent but still a T6, played well she will perform and do decently. US T8, Lexington with HVAR is the most versatile of the tech tree ships being able to adapt to all operations. US T8 Premium, Hornet is really nice, the B-25s are hit and miss on ships you can do as little as 5k or as much as 26k(my highest), she shines best in Cherry Blossom being able to hit the Aerodromes for 60k-ish. As well as hitting enemy carriers for around 20k. Her other wings are quite large and have a fast replenish time but they are T6 planes so they can die stupid fast if you aren't careful. British T8, Implacable is alright at best, she's not bad but every other carrier can do what she can but better. British T6, Ark Royal is quite good, all planes are great, especially her level bombers, but she is a T6 so you need to be mindful of that. Japanese T8, Shokaku is really good and hits like a truck, like Lady Lex she can handle herself well anywhere, better in some cases Japanese T8 Premium, Kaga, I call her "The Printing Press" because it prints planes and you can throw planes at everything and still have more planes USSR T8, Pobeda, I find to be good, but with only a single pass run and losing damage as each plane dies and spotting ends for the team stops after the run. Good damage and her skip bombers can be used as normal bombers in a pinch. German T8 Premium, Graf Zeppelin is probably my favourite, not only because Meck-Leyne can captain him, but because the secondaries are INSANE, I try to keep it in secondary range for most of the fight to help with damage. I average 70k-ish secondary damage alone. I feel Zeppelin is best for "picking up the slack" German T6 Premium, Loewenhardt is a mini Zeppelin, good planes good secondaries. Though play it like a 'normal' carrier as it's only T6. I haven't played T6 or 8 German tech trees in operations as I have the T10. Later in the operations, I usually end up with nearly no planes left with most of my carriers, and in the end, the AA can get really hard to dodge. I don't go chasing the enemy CVs unless I'm in the Hornet and I'm throwing B-25s at it. I will spot it for the team, I will engage with the CV if I see any of "those" players, you know the ones with seething hate for us CV mains, and they are B-lining for the carrier. Normally they are too tunnel-visioned and end up dieing and not killing the carrier anyway. Always spot for your team, especially the DDs, on some missions like Cherry Blossom I like to hang around the DD so I can spot the torpedos too. As you play more you will start to learn where the important things are to spot and play more you will start to know when and where things start to spawn. Dropping a Fighter Patrol will keep nearby ships spotted for its duration or till shot down.
  4. ThrottleFox

    Mistress of the Seven Seas/Anhalt

    A friend bought the pack, she sounds like a normal male german commander, really disappointed in it. I like the ship and the skin though.
  5. ThrottleFox

    WON A CHERRY BLOSSOM !!! 1st win since its return

    I've CVed a lot of Blossom, knowing the right attack angle for the aerodromes makes all the difference and the Zeppelin can help out at the start with the destroyers
  6. ThrottleFox

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    These are probably my best so far, or very close to it.
  7. Right there with you. Saw the update and thought "OHHH looks alright" quickly followed by "$118 for one HAHAHA get F'ed"
  8. I think you should not go pink for hitting an AI
  9. ThrottleFox

    Why I'm stopping playing.

    To have a "good" player you need a "bad" player. Complaining about bad players won't make them better, stepping up and helping them, giving them decent advice, showing them the ropes will make them a better player. I discovered angling is actually a thing, about 3 days ago