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  1. The space camo is now available on those ship. Just go to Camo section you would see a camo that cost 1 doubloon (aka Space Camo). FYI, the space camo is BUG right now, you would stuck at match loading.
  2. Apparently, the space camo is causing a problem. Normal camo works fine. Right now, I think a fix is wait until the match countdown FINISHED, then Ctrl+Alt+Del go to Task Manager, end the game and reload the game again. Does anyone has other solution?
  3. well, as i said in the caption, I shot down 32 planes (which is more than enemy CV earned Clear Sky with 30 planes shotdown), but I didn't receive the award. I got stole lol. here are pictures: this is weird, i hope it is not a wide-spread error
  4. Well, I hope this screenshoot speaks it all, I know it might not be the worst yet! but in my experience, it's suck! Enemy: 3x Iowa ... weird