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  1. Hey Boggzy . It was an excellent time chatting with you and Borla. We all enjoyed it very much! Again thank you for the opportunity. If anyone here has any questions about The Salvo Coalition like how things work ask away right here or hit me up in private!
  2. Well your trap worked though I attribute both the DD deaths to the quality of the opponent. I do like that you guarded the right / weak flank. Though being by yourself I think I would have definitely picked the safe option and scouted wide to see if a radar cruiser was lining up where the buffalo went first and to torpedo that position. I also thought that maybe you were sitting a bit wide on the island and that I would have put my rear end in the cap If I had gone that far. The trap worked out though and being as far from the island as you were it was a bit easier to get away. I don't want to discourage you from what works for you. The only other thing I would have changed / noticed is that you double up on your torpedo heading on your second set of torpedo launches. I like to put torpedo launches besides each other all the time for a larger spread rather then on top of each other. Not that it would have changed much on the outcome in this case.
  3. eviltane

    Getting Gud. Want to get gudder.

    These are absolutely terrible "tips" . That is why people are accusing you of trolling. You are advocating the wrong things. That is one of your worst tips. Learning how to kite is a key skill. Rarely is it " 6 enemies " shooting at you when you kite. Hell even then I have kited 5-6 enemies in different games long enough to make a difference. Kiting as few as 2 or 3 is normal and can be very easy. Delaying a flank to buy time is often absolutely critical as you are effectively removing those ships from the fight for that duraiton. What the do you suggest anyway ? Charge in and die when your flank collapses? That is just a pure nonsense answer. Positioning is simply the act of putting yourself in a position. @Mercury_Trap is absolutely correct because positioning is such a broad term. His description is critical. Propper positioning is absolutely the key to winning games . Switching ammo at the right time is also the correct thing to do.... When you do it right there is never additional time to wait and or waiting an additional 10 - 12 seconds to fire off an AP broadside that devastates and enemy ship rather then continuously firing HE is the right choice. Again WRONG and far to broad. DO smoke in the appropriate place at the appropriate time. Yeah there are times when you do not want to smoke, like not smoking up the moment you touch cap. Yet there a massive number of ships and situations where you benefit hugely by being able to farm from smoke. - If you are in a DD count the number of radars on the enemy team on load in. When facing radars, at the beginning of the match don't go into cap until you know or are sure of enemy radar positions. - When taking a cap go in / sit with your front end poining to safety and your rear end pointing towards the most likely place the enemy DD could have launched torpedoes from. - Learn to master fine positional control of your ship. Like being able to go full steam behind an island and coming to a stop exactly where you want to be without ramming the island itself. - MM often mirrors opposing sides. Don't leave your cap / your side of the map to sail somewhere more comfortable. Work on being able to play in any condition. Islands or not. - Playing off of the last point. If friendlies are lemmining over to your side of the map. That creates an imbalance. You need to make the decision whether a strong push from you is called for or whether you are in a position to plug the gap left by the potatoes on your team that left their flank. - Find a strong clan that divisions a lot. A good division that communicates about the match at hand (rather then BSing all evening long) is a very powerful thing. - When playing a BB with large caliber guns. When facing a Bow in enemy especially at medium to closer in ranges. Work at raking their superstructure / guns with AP rather then switching to HE. For one you have good chances of breaking guns. Two you will often get full pens on their Conning towers. Three you may sometimes plunge shells over the turrets into the guts of the ship propper for full pens. Four some ships are even vulnerable to bow penetration and sometimes citadels.
  4. eviltane

    A really annoying problem

    Yeah Happens to me sometimes too.
  5. eviltane

    Ever eat your own words?

    Oooofff Yes. Have to eat my own words all the time! Last night in Grand Battles. I was actually running with @Dr_Venture and another clan mate. I was in my Marceau and had been slaying DDs previous games. So we had a competent Div going and up against us was a 3 man div. Now their DD was a Shima. Venture spotted him for me coming at the same cap and I said no problem I was going to kill that guy for sure and that div was not going to be a problem for us at all! Yeah it did not work out that way. I could make myriad excuses as to why it didn't work out. No matter where I went, I could not kill that Shima as his buddies where always there to cover him at just the right time. The Shima also got some good shots in on me out trading me on the damage score. In the end we all died and lost the game while they lived. It was humbling.
  6. Man you are a deeply bitter person. You completely missed the point . Good job buddy.
  7. eviltane

    nerf salem that i paid for really WG

    I know the dicussion is way past this point. But the torpedo flooding nerf was a blow to all DDs at the time, one that many of the CV protagonists love to ignore. Also Grozovoi took a nerf a while back.
  8. eviltane

    high tier problem

    While I agree that it sucks to rely on sub par DDs. Its not the number of games that are the problem here. Its the level of play. Speaking off since your so willing to sell out your fellow players for their stats: Neptune has a good point there. OP where exactly are you at with your level of play ? Are you a good player that always and reliably helps his team?
  9. God would I love this. While implementing manual secondaries they should also do manual AA! Manual being optional use. Auto works like it does now. If you have the time to use your AA then you get something like Skill shots where you aim a bubble in the sky for your flak, while your aiming manually the enemy planes get like a Priority target indicator warning. If manual AA was implemented carriers should also get the following - Variable height. Like being able to manually fly up and down...... This is really one of the WORST offences and why i dislike CV play. The whole point in being a plane is that you have 3D control of your vehicle. - Variable flight strength. Want to make a small forray? Go with 4 or 6 planes and be ready in seconds. Want to make a big strike ? Go with 24 but it will take a minute or two for everyone to take off. - The addition of machine gun strafing is great. But let the machine gun fire reduce the health of AA mounts. - Let planes like bombers drop their ordenance from way up high. It just takes time to climb all the way to 5000 feet or whatever the ceiling is then and back down. If your going for a carpet bombing style at 6000 feet well your accuracy suffers. Really its that skill gap that shuts it down every time it seems.
  10. I can't deny that. Though I did go on to list a number of other things I thought were positive.
  11. eviltane


    Actually as far as the statistics are concerned at this point she has rather poor performance for a tier 6 BB that is relatively exclusive. Mutsu and Fuso both have more damage with Mutsu also carrying slightly more matches. If you look even the Tier 5 Premium Jap BBs are managing to be more dangerous.
  12. ROFL. Was it a nerf. Yeah it was to CVs. I do also most certainly think it’s funny how some CV potatoes are going absolutely mindless now that they have to lead before they shoot DDs with their sawed off shotgun.
  13. eviltane

    Clan Battles After Report Stats

    Because Clan battles are a team event. You win and loose as a whole. So WG rewards the team as a whole. It is better for your callers get good at evaluating if a ship is performing the roles they are given. However if you REALLLY need to know then request the replay files and get the info out of that. The easiest method is uploading to wows replays: where you will get this : https://replayswows.com/replay/39581#stats The second easiest method is using the replay bot thingy that makes these: CLAN_BATTLES_17_06_2021_GAME_5.mp4 CLAN_BATTLES_17_06_2021_GAME_5.mp4
  14. Of course you can! The lord knows I agree with maybe only 10% of the stuff I see here on the forums.
  15. Hahah totally. The buddy I was running with saw an 07 div with a Benham, Smolesnk and Smaland. Or something like that. He desperetarely wanted to do as much damage as they did lol. Biggest problem is our clan is absolutely terrible at smoking each other. Haha yeah its getting close to that. Id really like a rule that said only 1 of each ship per team. The only other option id like better Is pick-bans pre match like in League of Legends or KoTs. but that would create a situation where you play a lot less matches per night.