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  1. eviltane

    still not fun

    Asking for match making limits and how incredibly strict they are is a clear sign how OP carriers are and they do clearly wreck the game experience. As for the last part I like how the game works fine, the game is awesome. Its the carriers part that is the problem as they don't play the same game.
  2. eviltane

    still not fun

    CVs are a superclass that does not belong in this game. WG and almost all players acknowledge the first part of that sentence by asking for and implementing direct and hardcore limits on how many CVs are in a 15 player match. Everyone and their mom are cool with up to 4 DDs in a match. Everyone and their mom are cool with 5-6 BBs in a match. Everyone and their Mom are cool with 5-6 Cruisers or more in a match. Not even CVs want more then 2 CVs in a match and quite a lot of people do not want more then even 1 CV in a match. SO please drop all of the " Bull Droppings " pretenses that CVs are somehow fine and cool and balanced. They are OP, they are a Superclass with capabilities far beyond that of any other in game class. It is that simple. Now will they get removed ? No WG in their stupor has sadly spent far too much time and money on them. All regular players can hope for is matches without CVs and rejoice in them .
  3. eviltane

    WG want to encourage team play? try this

    As a long time DD player. Each and every cap needs to be assessed individually on a per game basis. I won't touch a cap with a 10 foot pole these days unless I have scouted it to my satisfaction. The only exception to this is are the middle and south caps on "Trap". And no as a torp boat or any DD it is definitely not worth it to hang inside a cap just to deny points. Its a very big noob strategy to have 2 opposing DDs blocking each other in the same cap for an extended period of time.
  4. eviltane

    Incomplete Results but FUN.

    Translation: how dare people play the same game with friends !
  5. eviltane

    Incomplete Results but FUN.

    You wear another mans Signature !
  6. eviltane

    Incomplete Results but FUN.

    Conspiracy theorist being a conspiracy theorist. Nothing will change the mind Lert. He will read from the data whatever he likes.
  7. eviltane

    I wanna get excellent

    Yeah I definitely meant no offense to you guys and was confused myself as most clans with multiple sub clans do training stuff to keep the clans together and use them to train up new players to the right standard, you guys obviously are good.
  8. eviltane

    What's your birthday wish? - 16th - 22nd

    My fondest memory is when I got my 7 kill streak with my Shima in randoms. There was this moment in that battle where I was on 3 kills and both an enemy Montana and a Henry decided to squeeze through the same pass between 3 islands. I knew the Henry was there on 20k HP so I had launched all three spreads into the mouth of one of the 2 possible exists as I approached it from far away. The torpedoes where racing slightly ahead of me and out towards my right. As I get far enough past the right side Island I see the Henry has kept a his course and speed so I know he will die. But would you look at that a Monty also decides to exit the same passage at the same time. 12 out of the 15 torpedoes connect and with rumbles of the torpedo strikes both ships explode. I felt invincible after that. The enemy only had a DD and a Hindenburg left. I raced towards where the spotted hindenburg is and gunned the enemy DD down its last 6k HP along the way. Then I still make it to the hindenburg and gunboat down his last 8k HP while he is being farmed by many on my team. I do get the kill after my 4th Salvo. To this day I still revel in the glory of that game. My wish is for a Kamikaze.
  9. eviltane

    I wanna get excellent

    If I was you and really serious about getting a bunch better and into the Clan Battle mindset. Then I would look into a bigger clan group with established infrastructure and a focus on learning. I would have thought SCCC to be such a plase. BUT TNG , TSG , ADOPT are all great learning opportunities from what I hear.
  10. eviltane

    I wanna get excellent

    There are 5 clear bonuses to divisions. 1. You pick ships that complement each other. Especially when you are not good bringing a proper balance of ships is preferable. For example : BB, CA /CL with Radar , DD. a Coordinated division like that can meet any threat, rather then you wondering if the match maker will give you ships to help you on your flank. 1 Decent division of 3 should almost always be able to keep a flank from collapsing under heavy pressure. So there is bonus 1 for divisions. The only time it isn't a guaranteed help is if your meeting another real solid division or a Super Unicum. 2. USE VOICE CHAT! Typing is simply too slow and too easy to miss. While you can voice chat all day in the middle of a fire fight. It is hard to quantify the amount of teamwork a division bring but if your all just going to sit in a division and play the game as normal without working together. Then no division isn't going to help. But if instead you guys talk and plan and work together to hold 1 flank then that flank becomes exponentially stronger. You can push together, or kite together. That is bonus 2 for divisions. 3. You can watch each others back. A random team mate will most likely not listen when you tell them they are over extending , but a buddy in division should listen and pull back. 6 eyes watching the battle unfold is always better then 2 eyes. Someone always sees something I don't when divisioning. Stuff like missing a DD that is coming in from another flank. Forgetting a ship can torpedo and a buddy reminding you that torps should be incoming. 4. The aggregated knowledge of 3 guys is better then that of one. You maybe aren't sure if you should be able tank that Moskva head on or you are in a new ship or what the torpedo range on that Zao is and one of your guys has experience with it. Then you can ask in voice what the torpedo range or armor thickness is of this or that ship. 5. Focused fire. Waiting on focused fire from randoms is almost always a bad idea. Instead with 3 guys you can almost always guarantee you have 3 ships to burn down a Kremlin.
  11. eviltane

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner. Nobody wants to play with the sky cancer yet we will continue to have to do so and those that just love playing with no risk will continue spewing their trash onto the forums to defend CVs. Sad thing is WG has to back them up because foolishly they spent a whole lot of money on this dumb idea.
  12. eviltane


    Replay? Honestly there is no hack that effects sigma. With the aimbots that are out there and show where you should be shooting. Even in the slowest BBs you should be able to dodge incoming fire. Just start maneuvering as soon as you are spotted.
  13. eviltane

    BBs Delight

    Are there any AA monsters at T4? Then they leave it at 2 all the way to T8