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  1. eviltane

    Detonations Everywhere

    It certainly "used to happen" from time to time.
  2. eviltane

    3 subs 2CVs Match

    BOOOOOM he delivers
  3. Never regretted anything more then the first perma I bought for the Z-52 the moment I bought the boat. I thought I was kick [edited]in that thing and it would be my new go to ship. Yet I was so disappointed with it and hardly ever touch it. Point being if your gonna perma camo something do it to ships you really like and will play for the foreseeable future.
  4. eviltane

    Karma finally figured out...

    LOL toooo late a new conspiracy theory for this game has been born. It will forever be so now. You guys could post the actual code with a logical step through it and people would still say your hiding something and the explanation is wrong. After all "years of sample data" and "extensive research" shows it to be so.
  5. eviltane

    DDs without Torps

    That's often the best approach for the first set of torpedoes regardless of which DD your driving. I tend to put them where an enemy DD will be to cap / counter cap / stop my capping. As initial positions and timing are favorable for these kind of predictions. A lot of the other High level DD players will do the same thing and its always a nail biter when you encouter the same sort of torpedoes out of the blue. If there has been any indication the DD won't be coming my way then the first set of torps get launched at the places where they can push back Radar cruisers that might want to take shots at me while radaring.
  6. eviltane

    Not Happy With Ragnar

    You are mistaking something here. Being an overpowered ship does not make it and easy ship. IF you play it just like any other DD you are going to have a bad time. Instead its more like a really light cruiser with a short range long duration radar but without a citadel. It definitely slays other DDs and kills both cruisers and BBs but you need to know how to use it.
  7. eviltane

    Match Maker rigged.

    Seriously , I had assumed you had the actual WG patent there, at the moment your working like an amatuer. I'll give you the link to WGs own MM patent then the serialized battle of the patent quotes and wild interpretations can begin. : https://patents.google.com/patent/US8425330B1/en You get waaaaay better fodder for the "MM is rigged" conspiracy there. WG has explained in detail at this point how the loot boxes are broken down. There is no mystery left there. As far as dispersion of shells goes. This one has been proofed over and over by players, you can look it up WG isn't manipulating dispersion RNG based upon your Win Rate.
  8. eviltane

    3 DD Divs

    Yeah but id say the vast majority of 3 DDs divs don't get made by 07 and friends :p .
  9. eviltane

    Match Maker rigged.

    Oh Christ not this again. A patent conspiracy theorist. No it doesn't say in there that WGs MM is rigged. Besides this patents purpose is to be a broad cover against US patent trolls otherwise you could not have ranked or clan battles both of which are systems where you get matched vs better players over time. without getting sued in bleeding Texas.
  10. eviltane

    The Economy Changes Are Inbound

    Hah perfect thanks! Looks like I can most certainly get the bonuses I want. Does Free XP still get calculated off of the boosted XP amount ?
  11. eviltane

    The Economy Changes Are Inbound

    Here is the relevant quote to that: How will this be possible? I am currently thinking of Spring sky camo + All the dragon signals + the regular eco signals. I don't have my game on this PC but this is a number I want to write down before the change hits. I am sure I can damn near stack 1500% Free XP almost 20+ times with all the flags and camos I have in the bank. Will I really be able to do this in the new system the same number of times ? Another INteresting quote from the piece: T10 ships will be way cheaper now to run for non premium crowd. Also while stealth is being baked in, all ships are getting a bit of a nerf :
  12. eviltane

    Low Tier Play

    While the incentives not being there is something that definitely stops other people from playing low tiers ( mentioned in that other threat that I dont play for incentives anyway). I gotta challenge all 3 of you and anyone else in this thread a bit here. There is a huge negative stigma against experienced players going to the lower tiers to play. If you play a lot of low tiers or even just a little you immediately get accused of Seal Clubbing. I have seen it a lot here and I have seen it even from my own clan. For example I absolutely adore playing the Clemson. But because I know what I am doing now I often crush with it. 3k+ PR 74% WR. Despite me really loving that ship it still only has 78 games for me since I play it 2 or 4 times a month. The reason why I play it so little is because I don’t want to be called a seal clubber here or in my clan where I am already jokingly teased as a seal clubber for those few games anyway. So yeah I’d love to play more low tier but other people really don’t like me playing low tier, especially in my favourite ships.
  13. eviltane

    Still enjoying this game?

    Prices that WG charges are about 10 times as much as what I think their digital products are actually worth. Signals and cammos should be penny items not dollar ones. Ships should be dollar items. For example a Tirpitz still cost 60+ Canadian dollars, take that to 6 or hell maybe 12 dollars at most and then its a good and fair price. These high prices also influence "Free to play" because it gives WG a direction on how much they think rewards for missions, directives, doubloons , etc are worth. The sheer amount of grind they think stuff is worth is ridiculous, did you want a Benham ? Better not have a life outside of warships! No you aren't getting coal and super container ships for "free" , if you aren't paying for product then you are the product, you pay for it by grinding and playing the game (with one exception that I will talk about soon), thereby keeping the game populated. WG very carefully calculates what rewards you will get to keep you playing , how much they can squeeze each of us for, before their target market will say its too much. They pay just enough to keep you going. The one exception to this is the games birthday event, while rewards are still gated through the number of ships you have, its a very generous event to those who have been around a long time with big ports. As someone who grew up in an era where you played PC games without all this manipulative incentive stuff, I simply don't go for it. To this day the only missions I did on purpose were those permanent campaigns. The only ship I ever got from any event was the PEF and that was because WG automatically signed you up for that event. I played every single match I did play because I liked the gameplay not to complete something. Couldn't tell ya how many of my friends were turned away by WGs monetization practices and the grind involved. While I really liked the game for its gameplay, the only reason why I ever committed to this game in the first place was because in World of Warships the monetization and rewards were so much better then in World of Tanks. Still as the shine wore off of the game and WG got tighter and tighter with free rewards and while prices for premium ships increased continuously, the monetization simply outweighs what I still like about the game.
  14. eviltane

    Still enjoying this game?

    I think I played maybe 30 in 2022. Though a lot of my complaints would be different then yours. I have more issues with the monetization and how poorly WG values player time. Also CVs and subs in this game. But honestly even if CVs and subs were removed altogether I would not come back due to a difference in valuation of what things are worth. Overall I have just reached the point where I spent enough years on taking this game serious. Really I am looking for the next game to invest heavily in.
  15. eviltane

    WHY...ranked games with CV...

    Sorry that I wasn't clear on what I meant. With "failing out " I meant dropping to lower leagues. Meaning that once you reach Silver or Gold, if you loose enough you go all the way back down to bronze. I heavily dislike the fact that you can't drop out of gold or silver or for that matter that there are ranks within the leagues which you cannot loose go below once you reach them. That whole system of security is the very foundational reason why this mode is not a competitive mode. The way its set up defies the definition of competitive spirit and any sort of "ranking" system.