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  1. No not really - more below. This "solution" will not solve very much of anything. It is based on the assumption that the basis of complaints made against CVs are formed by players who have lower Game IQ then you guys. This is simply not the case. First let me speak clearly. Yes there are idiots who will argue that "planes are infinite" which devolves into an argument with other [edited] who argue not infinite. This is a stupid distracting rhetoric bordering on semantics and based purely on a technicality whether you count or discount the element of time. The fact is planes regenerate perpetually throughout a match as long as the carrier is alive. You could complain that the regen feature is present ofcourse. IMO it was clearly established so that planes are rationed out slowly over time and potatoes can't throw them all away early. People who insist arguing that planes are infinite to me are on the same level as people who insist Torpedo attacks are OP. As stated over and over the heart of the problem is made up of many components one of the biggest ones is direct control the target ship can take of the situation. From the CV perspective its a PVE game. From the targets perspective its an almost pure RNG game. Any other ship to ship interaction is primarily skill based. This interaction is then modified by RNG. I.E One ship derps and gives broadside to Yamato at 20km, Yamato uses his skill to aim perfectly and fire. Now the enemy can still negate all of the Yamatos damage by steering his ship. Lastly if the enemy does not steer, RNG comes into the game and decides where exactly the shells will land and where on the spectrum from DevStrike to lucky miss the interaction ends up. Also in all ship to ship interactions there exists an ultimate defense one that will remove all ability of the enemy to do damage to you. That is you stay out of enemy vision and range of the enemies ability to do damage. Then of course there are many more smaller ways to avoid damage from many different sources like angling, the dodging example above etc. This ability to completely evade and avoid damage from your opponent based purely on the skills of the ships "captain" is completely absent from the CV to ship interaction. Instead it is entirely based on whether the CV is BAD enough to miss his attacks.
  2. You just completely ignored the question and did not answer it. So I’ll ask again adding one “?” to clarify. Really ? After all the actual , factual information you are given by some very smart players. Everyone who doesn't agree with you is still a troll?
  3. Really ? After all the actual , factual information you are given by some very smart players. Everyone who don't agree with you is still a troll.
  4. They are not underpowered. The average player does very good in them. Far better in damage and kills then any other class but BBs. They are also far more survivable then any other class. Stats prove it week in and week out. Having an awesomely powerful class like that is broken. I gave you a reasoned explanation, one backed up by stats you can look up here: http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/index.html . Those are all numbers directly pulled from WG. Now that I gave you my answer. You Turn. You made the accusation that most of the best players in this game can't do 2D thinking. Walk me through how people far smarter at this game then you or me can't do things you apparently can do.
  5. OK, so walk me through this. We have a fact here that most of the best players of the game dislike CVs and say there are issues with them. Those players, the guys that can name you any armor thicknesses , penetration values, who play this game day in and out repeatedly proving that they mastered this game including the use of CVs. Including most of the guys that play this game at the top level of competitive. All those super unicums and unicums. Those guys cannot think in 2 dimensions?
  6. Its really not a high cost though. If he turns on his AA drop fighters on top of him , those soak up slots in the AA que As not even all fighters get damaged at the same time unless you hit flak. Flak magically doesn't happen under 3.5km so a DD cant even hit you with surprise flak if they wait till your in their spotting ranges that usually sit from 2.2km to 3.2 km I will have to be careful and say YES Kidd exists and a T6 or T8 might stumble in on him. Or the Friesland. Beyond that whose next for AA power? Grozovoi ? I have that ship , FULLY specced for AA. And still i have had an Enterprise dump 3 full rocket volleys on me from the same flight with me having Def AA and speedboost on steering like a madman. As Elazer ( i think) pointed out Grozi with Def AA on has the AA of a normal ZAO.
  7. Mister M. I can not decide , Troll or future Lolcow? Icon says troll, actions say future lolcow. Flamebait threads like these and with the other insane person jumping around making threads. It smells like r/drama around here.
  8. Not just any topic. It happens on any given forum. Including the most tightly monitored.
  9. Rofl You make up so much B S. DDs reload their torpedo racks in seconds? You are a riot. Are you even aware of the stuff you just make up from thin air ? I am done going through the piles and piles of utter fantasy you live in.
  10. This is why I like you skipster . Even if you disagree with me you are honest. Same goes for a few others that tell me I am wrong, like Brushwolf . So with all the [edited] and complaining I do, just want you to know I recognize that.
  11. Ohhhh does that mean we get to steer our torpedoes and rounds and we get to shoot them over mountains and they aren’t limited by range and they get to spot for themselves ? Ohh torpedoes also get to go 5 times as fast too? Can’t you see how childish this example of yours is? Never mind that your first sentence there ignores planes constantly reloading. Oh pooohoooo Bad players loose planes of which they have a regenerating supply. While every single other class looses their entire access to the match.
  12. Lies. They are never completely out of risk of detection , especially from other DDs. Lies. Planes go Unspotted all the time , they have detection radious. They also can and do use smoke and islands for cover. How hypocritical of you. Dismissing radar to DDs which can end their entire presence in the match as something which can be avoided “in a few seconds”. While claiming that Planes which move 5x as fast as DDs are I more danger from AA auras that are Maybe half the size of a radar? And you can’t escape a decent frocking CV players rockets by steering your ship a little every 30 seconds while you absolutely can evade all of a DDs torpedoes this way. There is no large amount of AA being done by DDs Quit spreading this fantasy. So which is it now ? Is the DD AA off and you have limited spotting range on him ? Or is the DD AA on and you can spot him all the way? I love how you ignore that even with the AA off plane is 5 times as fast as the DD. That means you fly over him once to get his heading and location , maybe even drop off a fighter. Which will either keep the DD spotted, or take the minimal AA pressure that does exist off of your strike planes. Then step on the brakes turn around and initiate the strike on the location just ahead of where he was. It’s really not a difficult thing to do this. Have done it myself in a T8 CV against Grozovois. All of them but Kidd and Friesland. Ohh like you are doing all along? Like you.
  13. Dismissing the CV issue like this is ignoring that CVs have been the most complained about thing in the entire games history. From time to time some scrub will complain about torpedoes or HE spam or other topics. The complaints about CVs are constant every single day there are threads on this forum and when I do take the time to check on every other forum about them. No other issue has CCs and unicums aligned against it like CVs. Ignoring these things is burying your head in the sand.
  14. What a meaningless thing to say. Something can be a little OP or a lot OP. So ofcourse there is always some “more OP “ example. One way or the other CVs were OP in real life and are OP in this game. Which is the point, to a lot of us this supposed to be a competitive game. A game where skill triumphs over suck. CVs break this idea.