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  1. As far as the subreddit goes the mods there are supposedly their own entities. Flamu must have broken some kind of the new rules. Though "blacklisted" is an odd term to use , but then its from Jingles, as there is no "blacklist" or associated consequences. There is either banned or shadow banned. Maybe just his videos aren't allowed anymore. edit: Took a look at his account and he had posted as of 9 hours ago https://www.reddit.com/user/flamuchz . So it must be his content being blocked? no idea.
  2. eviltane

    CV imbalance

    Said despite the fact that CVs have higher match influence then all other classes including DDs. Even WG says so and I refer you to the image and video posted by Potato_Farmer_ in this thread.
  3. eviltane

    CV Planes Regen

    Its not supposed to. THOUGH my Halland has stopped first strikes going through 2 times. By sheer rng of flak and the CV trying to hide in the black clouds. It felt very good. Yes there are people here on the forums that can tell you in detail.
  4. eviltane

    Whats the point of AA again?

    Man I wish I could participate in this conversation without blowing my lid. As such I will keep my replies to a minimum. My thoughts : - AA is far to weak in general right now - AA aka "The goggles they do nothing" AA should be skill based. It should be a check who is better me or the CV captain OR at least players should have the option to choose a skill based defense. Gimme a system I can try to master even if it only adds to the actions I need to perform on top of what the game already requires of me. I want to be in control of my ship and its defenses. Not some automatic system.
  5. eviltane

    Team with the most divisions loses?

    I haven’t noticed any correlation between number of division and Chances of loosing or winning. Though I would have bet that more division equals more wins. I do run more then half my games in division. In general divisions just like players come in many different qualities. For example if you have full division of 45ers. Then your chances of winning are a lot worse then a division of 55ers .
  6. eviltane

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    Really, that's your answer? You made a rant which I took serious and all you got is " lols" ? Do you have anything valid to say ?
  7. eviltane

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    Im not I thought it was publicly available its not. Will remove the offending sentence Though I still don't see any indication anywhere that WG has a cashflow problem. Just wrong people post negative opinions on WG and what they do constantly. CV rework alone has generated hundreds and hundreds of threads. I find it fascinating that you somehow don't expect negative feedback on overly negative posts.
  8. eviltane

    bots in low tiers

    The biggest issue I have with it people are going to go to low tier simply to farm WR.
  9. eviltane

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    There is no indication that WG is financially unstable. Its a popular tier and has always had a ton T8s for sale. So why are you grinding? Where in the world are you getting the idea that we as players should be getting anything for getting new ships? The transaction works the other way around we give either time or money and in return we get ships. Not that you play competitive modes anyway....... Gotta point out subs, CV rework, NTC and RB . Don't know how you could possibly tell who was downvoting you . I mean you could do what some of us do and instead of farming ships and chasing events you could try to become a unicum player in some ships.
  10. I like that we have a topic that I agree with you on. I completely agree with that. Personally If this was my choice I would make the fighters a very powerful thing. Action zones larger, faster response times able to put an attacked squad into disorganization. After all sending out fighters to protect the fleet was a large part of a Carriers duties from what I understand.
  11. eviltane

    Should Kitakami Be a CL or DD?

    I mean If its about what I want then the thing can stay out of the game. I do not think it belongs. Though since it will be included it should be easily shut down with citadels and I will most likely enjoy torping with it.
  12. I and many others have suggested an improvement to fighters. However WG has said that they want CVs to work the same in all game modes. Ergo giving CVs improved fighters for CBs is out. Also WG has directly adressed this idea multiple times. They feel that giving CVs better fighters will lead to a situation that mirrors one of the original problems they wanted the rework to fix. That is the problem where a better CV player can completely shut down a worse CV player.
  13. eviltane

    Should Kitakami Be a CL or DD?

    It most certainly can be citadelled. Just like a Smolensk or a Colbert can be citadelled. Here a Smolensk at 10k double citadel on it with GK: Please excuse the lyrics are nsfw on the musik: https://outplayed.tv/media/vGJke Its especially easy to citadel with other light cruisers or DDs. I rather go around with a higher chance of deleting the kitakami then make it a DD in fear of some torp rich scenario.
  14. eviltane

    Why dont people like the yoshy

    Zao is a better choice then Yoshino. Its profile is smaller so less area to hit, it hides better so its spotted later, its more Agile able to juke more shots. Yoshino can never match a ZAO in pushing or kiting. You need a agility in a kiting cruiser which is why Henrys maneuverability nerf hurt it so bad. Also a mino can't tank like a Zao can with its sides The only thing making a Mino a good match to support a DD is its smoke which allows it to hide. However that smoke is temporary and forces the minno to become stationary.
  15. eviltane

    Why dont people like the yoshy

    That is false. Stalingrad is a great pusher with a tought bow. Pay to Rico is also very tough and can withstand being focused like a BB. Both of them have radar to clear out DDs. Yoshino is not as good as any other super cruiser.