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  1. The big boxes appear to have the highest drop rate per dollar. A 10% drop rate (I think this is the rate players have settled on) over 20 boxes at $48 comes out to $24 per ship. That's if on average 2 ships drop out of each big bundle. That means if you are a serious about whaling, you should buy up all the ships available that cost less than $24. The Mega box drop rate seems to be 14%. A 14% average drop over 20 boxes should get you 2.8 ships. At $75 a bundle this comes out to $26.79 per ship. The Santa box drop rate ( which there does not seem to be a consensus rate on) of 3% would get you .6 ships per drop over 20 boxes. At $18 per bundle this comes out to $30 per ship. I guess you would have to weigh how much the other goodies that come with these boxes are worth to you in making your decision, but if you are only after ship drops, the big boxes are the cheapest approach.
  2. I checked out this spreadsheet. It mentions tier 9/restricted list. Does this mean you can't get a tier 9 drop until you get all the tier 8's and below? I've not seen that mentioned anywhere else.
  3. Right. But each lower tier premium ship I already have eliminates reduces that possibility. I could buy up all the tier 5 premiums available to eliminate them from future drops. Anyone know the drop rate for the regular Santa boxes? My guess would be 5% or less.
  4. Well I just bought 20 Big Gift boxes. I got all 3 ships on the shortlist, no other ships. So I guess this means if I buy more Big Gift boxes I will get one of the 107 ships randomly from the list each time I reroll a ship on the shortlist. I'm refreeing to Falmu's youtube video which was posted Dec 4. The Markarov, California and Orkan would be $100 total if bought on their own so I'm quite happy with this!
  5. MachoGrande56

    Jean Bart B Mission count?

    I have requested a refund. Unfortunately since I used the ship once I was denied a refund. Belarus is still a BUYER BEWARE country. I love how WG has screwed players and then blames the players!
  6. MachoGrande56

    Jean Bart B Mission count?

    I just fell for this same blatant fraud. I put a ticket in for a refund. WG has to understand they are doing business in the US which has laws to protect consumers. This is not Belarus. If they don't issue a refund I'm calling my credit card company to report fraud.