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  1. Woody051

    Stalingrad - Ranked - Kraken

    So if every ship gets blanket nerfed wouldn't all ships still be the same distance apart and therefore no difference?
  2. Ranked, Kraken, Devastating Strike, Dreadnought, First Blood, High Caliber. 2,812 Exp, 5 Kills, 1,179,076 Credits, 1,950,800 Potential Damage, 175,593 damage done, 113,492 Damage Recieved. https://replayswows.com/replay/127322#stats
  3. Woody051

    Replays, Screenshots & UI/HUD

    I loaded up a replay and i'm watching it but the UI is permanently off and i can't toggle it back on.
  4. Came out of a co-op battle and went immediately to the campaigns screen to check progress. One of the progress bars had a graphical bug and was too long. I clicked through a few screens and back to the campaign screen and it appeared to fix itself.
  5. It was either sheer luck or applied skill that turned this game around. Playing a ranked match on Northern Waters in Silver League we make a comeback from being triple capped.
  6. I was doing 3v3 Clan Brawls this past week and in one of the matches I brought my Ägir. I round the corner of an island of a Fletcher and Ibuki who know i'm coming as they have me on Hydro and also scouted me briefly with a fighter plane. Managed to dodge all torpedoes, kill both ships and then soon the enemy FDG also. Ended up finishing with 0 damage taken.
  7. Woody051

    Other Games - Looking for Players

    In addition to World of Warships we're looking for players for numerous other games to play with us. This isn't a clan recruitment ad but rather we're just looking for other people with similar interest who might want to group up. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hearts of Iron IV Civilization V and VI [edited] Hell Let Loose Naval Action Crossout Axis & Allies Smite Total War: Warhammer I and II Killing Floor 2 Company of Heroes 2 Ages of Empires Escape from Tarkov Call of Duty Battlefield V Command & Conquer RUSE Post Scriptum 7 Days to Die The Witcher III etc.. Discord: https://discord.gg/GBs3pyF
  8. Woody051

    Well Got Curious and Tried Secondary Build CV

    Would a secondary build on the Manfred von Richtofen be viable or would that be just a big meme?
  9. Woody051

    Aiming Reticle Contrast

    Well we appreciate you modders trying!
  10. I've noticed on certain maps it is nearly impossible to visually see the White, Tan, or Green reticle against the backdrop of the ocean. It would be nice to change the contrast especially for aircraft carriers so that the reticle can be more easily seen. Here is some examples:
  11. Woody051

    Ze german CV !

    A game i just had with the Tier VIII Augustus Von Parseval
  12. Woody051

    WG: shot across the bow with sync droppers

    Exactly^ Wargaming is still coming up short for clan features and content. I feel that more often then not clans/friends/acquaintances all take joy in both playing with or against each other. I've been in games with six to nine of the players were all from the same clan and those were the most fun. As long as the team isn't purposely throwing the game or sharing ship locations i don't see a problem with it. Trying to get friends together or even unite a clan takes a lot of effort. The actual process of sync dropping has too many variables to begin with to happen regularly and i rarely see many clans successfully drop together let alone on the same team.
  13. Woody051

    WG no Stukas of the German CV??????? WTH

    In some of the WOWS advertisements for the Graf Zepplin and also on the WIKI page it shows the Stukas still on the ship. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/File:Graf_Zeppelin_wows_main.jpg
  14. Woody051

    Ranked Sprint

    Ranked out in a GZ B My normal GZ is torpedo plane build. The GZ B is my secondary build and for ranked i put Günther Lütjens on it. I tried a few cruisers and BB's, the BB wait times are pretty long. I had the most fun and win rate with the Graf Zepplin B.