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  1. Meh I'm glad to get something hehe definitely need to spend more time in warships now that cw is over in wot.
  2. Stop The Hobbit Villages!

    Someone needs to upgrade his windows 98 se 64mb ati rage card to current generation graphics cards. There's nothing wrong with the scenery in this game.. just be glad the dev's aren't trolling us with yellow ducks again.
  3. It could of been worse chase... It could of remained at 30.. with unlocks through the clan interface lol
  4. Your Favorite Anime is getting a Movie...

    Heh at least its not Uwe Boiled
  5. Tier X DDs

    You need to buy PuBG :3
  6. Oh I know just exactly how to fix CV's in warships.. dive bombers for everyone, and nothing but dive bombers. We'll make warships great again just watch.
  7. Caption the profile image above you.

    Prepare to abandon ship the anime is spreading to uncontrollable levels!
  8. Marat Butt is Best Butt

    WarGaming butts best butts
  9. May 4th, a very important...

    That's why you made sure to bold out your text saying it was star wars day. If you meant no disrespect you would just mentioned it, or just not say anything at all.
  10. People don't know how to label games P2W anymore... You're either good or bad at the game, and spending some cash to make some extra credits you wouldn't have because you suck at the game isn't pay 2 win. If World of Tanks, and Warships.. even dare i say Warplanes was P2W there would be a lot of good players, and not as many as 90% of the community being tomato level bots.
  11. The solution to forum whining --

    BB's need the stun effect of artillery from world of tanks me thinks.
  12. Mac usually on point about these pre-order video's.