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  1. Mischievous_Emperor

    Summer Days in the Armory

    It's a terrible event mostly aimed at whales to whom I imagine already having everything so they wouldn't spend thousands of dollars on dubs to get a few boxes they likely already have the contents of.
  2. Mischievous_Emperor

    Camo Should Do SOMETHING

    None of which matters still. You already can distinguish where citadels exist.. due to how open ended the camera allows us to see including watching our shells travel towards our intended targets.. this isn't some simulator where we're stuck to only using the bridge view only. /OOF
  3. Mischievous_Emperor

    Support Carriers Have Entered Closed Testing

    I guess this might be the wrong time to suggest cruise missiles for subs...
  4. Karma? People actually look at that? I'm almost scared to even check mine.. People can't handle my sass
  5. Mischievous_Emperor

    Would World of Warships work well on a curved monitor ?

    I've worked with monitors for a fair time. For this particular monitor165hz is only achieved using displayport for the most part, and the 1ms timing most of the time is subjective to several factors.. it's usually just lousy marketing tactics when the real time is around 4ms or higher, and may require specific configuration through settings of the monitor to even reach such response times.. at which point most budget monitors don't actually achieve this feat. Acer monitors are just fine just like any other brand for the most part. I would be much more worried when it comes to prebuilt systems when it comes to any scrutiny. For example Alienware/Dell have some of the worst proprietary designs when it comes to their parts and case designs, but their monitors are usually top notch. Any monitor will run any game... not sure where you're basing compatibility or "power requirements" on. The monitor is tested to run at 60/120/144/165 with proper overclock from factory... which has nothing to do with any power requirements I can fathom. The monitor runs at the configured hz the user sets up and that's it.. the host system connected to it either reaches the hard cap or doesn't. It doesn't matter what kind of GPU you run.. it's all based on the resolution, and the graphical settings someone runs. The wonder point is having all those extra frames actually being displayed and not locked to 60hz as older monitors had previously.
  6. Mischievous_Emperor

    Support Carriers Have Entered Closed Testing

    Hey.. that's pretty close to my original idea of BB's having stun... not exactly cause.. who want's a cv who can spot.. and stun? for minutes... Why not take my original idea of basing stun on size of caliber on a bb, and basing the stun effectiveness with HE only. Then again the game has been out for years and we're no longer in technical testing.. who wanted stun exactly? Pretty sure no one. I would love to know who came up with this idea...
  7. Mischievous_Emperor

    DevBlog 279 - Submarine Trials Return — 0.11.2 Closed Test

    I'm confused how detectability is the same for air regarding the difference between surfaced and periscopic by air? let alone smoke. What magic does a plane have to see a nozzle pointing out from the ether from 2km? let alone in smoke? I'm seeking 2km "average" what does that exactly entail? is it below 2.0.. or higher? Shouldn't it be closer to 1km? Unless there's a smoke stack coming off of these periscopes these subs shouldn't be as easily detectable to their raised signature... it's not like there's a mermaid on that periscope flashing the aircraft for attention?
  8. Mischievous_Emperor

    Submarines: 2 weeks of Random Battles testing

    "for the better" You've seen WG make changes right? Problem is majority of people won't be playing subs, and more than likely you yourself won't be playing them either. I'd rather have the old subs with some minor adjustments than whatever this is. If you don't complain they'll walk all over you, and if you think these are good changes they're not.
  9. Mischievous_Emperor

    Submarines: 2 weeks of Random Battles testing

    So CV's are submarines too... I had no idea. That makes so much sense now.
  10. Mischievous_Emperor

    Submarines: 2 weeks of Random Battles testing

    As per usual WG listening to a small percentage of players that don't have the full interests of having subs in the game have their feedback potentially implemented. A class that's already heavily controversial in the game as is with most of the player base not wanting a new element to counter their current playstyles. These sort of changes will make the class much more niche for the greater amount of individuals who will be playing these steel beasts. Not the overall player base that have a current interest in the class as a whole while it's in a testing phase. Once these ships go live on the main server we'll quickly see the mechanics go over some folks heads as it overwhelms the most casual players who only play battelships and cry about anything they don't comprehend themselves. Potentially followed with more nerfs so timmy can stay in their smoke without the big bad submarine hurting their safe space.
  11. I can finally get a supership submarine, a soviet submarine that after submerging never comes back up.. teehee.
  12. Mischievous_Emperor

    New Rocket Mechanics What's The Problem ?

    Problem is once you're detected your dive timer is cut in half, and towards mid to late game you've blown through your reserve by a lot.. and of course you have terrible air regeneration on top of that while on the surface. It's going to remain a niche class for select players, as destroyers are just better in every conceivable way right now.
  13. Mischievous_Emperor

    New Rocket Mechanics What's The Problem ?

    It's obvious why they changed rockets if you bothered to play the PTR, the subs wouldn't be able to withstand a strike from rocket planes. Adding a whole new class of ships, and the CV had the ability to potentially one shot subs.
  14. Mischievous_Emperor

    BOTS are better players than Real Players

    Just send them my way I'll give them a crash course on how to play the game much more efficiently rather than giving up for silly reasons.