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    Limit duplicate ships in random battles.

    Yeeah when I'm trying to play a god damned GK I mind for sure.
  2. Like the title, please prevent duplicate ships in every battle type other than co-op. I just came out of a game with 3 Thunderers/side. Yes, this means there will be higher wait times if you want to play a ship that's obviously popular, but it prevents a lot of game ruining tactics from ruining the game. Thunderer isn't the only ship that's problematic, just the most common at the moment.
  3. One of the most frustrating issues when attempting to make use of secondary builds is the fact that a dd can smoke up and sit there for minutes firing, torping etc and as a BB your options are limited to charging in or blindly firing your main guns. blind firing wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that its literally the purpose of secondary guns. I propose a consumable that would let you target an area for your secondary guns to blast away at for 30 seconds or so, maybe with an increased rate of fire or something.
  4. Full manual control of secondaries. That would give BBs a better chance to return fire when they're being smoke fired, give some more engaging gameplay in general and make the giant pile of guns a little more fun to play with.
  5. Here's a real suggestion for deadeye: Make it a flat 10% all the time, BUT increase detectability 30% stealth sniper builds are toxic. If you want to hide in the back row all game, that's fine, but it shouldn't be possible to do that and easily hide.