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  1. DemaDema

    AL Littorio deserves better.

    Ya exactly if they were gonna do this why not just give roma a littorio skin like with belfast dunkerque and atago. those i actually like and enjoy. Hell if they need bundles why not do captian and camo bundles per ship like get atago+skin+captain or Hippercamo+captain.
  2. DemaDema

    AL Littorio deserves better.

    Sorry you're right buff AL Sovetskaya Rossiya so that she may better represent the glory of the motherland.
  3. DemaDema

    AL Littorio deserves better.

    Those were all free though. it would be a much different story is Littorio was a reward for grinding,
  4. Hello I don't often talk on forums but I feel I need to add my voice. Every other collab ship had something to make them slightly unique different stats or other things. I don't care that Littorio uses the same model as Roma but it is a disappointment that she was changed last second. but something really simple that would give her flavor with no overhead is just to give her smoke. Making your customers feel ignored and cheated only lowered profits from this event. Side note as this is important fix Dunkerque's flag she flys Iris when she is Vichy thats would be like putting and USA Flag onto the Yamato. Finally Let people buy the individual commander they want. I will let you know right here you lost sales from alot of people you guys like money right? Let people buy what they want.