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  1. ChronicallyChronic

    Level headed Feedback on the patch

    I can summarize this way. Wargaming, you broke game play by fixing something that wasn't broken in the first place. If you really needed to make adjustments to carriers simply removing the fighter strafe mechanic (returning a carrier mechanic to what it once was) would have removed a significant barrier to players deciding to stick with carriers. Simply put, having squadrons evaporate at a single mouse click of your opponent was a poor decision on your part. Playing games with ship AA mechanics is not appreciated either; experiencing an AA-spec Massachusetts be rick-rolled by tier 6 carriers (and not shoot down a single attacking plane all game) is a significant issue. Please give strong consideration to returning CV play and AA mechanics to where they were and make adjustments to CV play that drives players away from CV's. What you have done here will likely not only drive players away from CV's but from the game as well.
  2. ChronicallyChronic

    CV Rework Feedback

    Based on your release notes for the 2nd carrier test you've ignored most of the player feedback, specifically you're further breaking carriers by doing this. You want to "fix" carriers? Remove manual drop, remove strafing....*POOF* they are fixed.
  3. You know, it is entirely possible the 36 games sample you're quoting here could be a single player? Or maybe it's 5 players. Or maybe 10 players. How can you, with a straight face, try to say 36 games played by a VVVEEERRRYYY small cadre in any way reflects on the anticipated performance by the general population of 100's of thousands of players? You're either trolling or significantly mentally deficient.
  4. As of 7:09pm EST Jean Bart now has 46 battles and average damage of 97,881; the average damage dropped 14,000 point in 10 battles. THE WORLD IS ENDING!
  5. ChronicallyChronic

    Premium Request -- V-25

    We have V-25, why would there be a need for a V-25 premium...since we have V-25.
  6. ChronicallyChronic

    Really loving the Halloween event

    I enjoy playing the Halloween scenarios but they are FPS killers.
  7. Kronstadt is by no means OP.
  8. ChronicallyChronic

    CV Rework Feedback

    Wargaming, fixing what's broken by breaking it more since 2009.
  9. Looks like there is a bug with Haida. Bought it and played a game. Zero ship experience is reflected in port and the Haida personal mission does not reflect and games played.