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  1. ChronicallyChronic

    WINNER ANNOUNCED - Win a Black Ship Bundle

    It was an interesting word hunt but got it done in about 10 minutes!
  2. ChronicallyChronic

    Need a new clan

    Hello Bears, have you looked at the 5D family of clans? Drop into our Discord, https://discord.gg/KZGcCR, for a look around. We'll connect you with an officer so you can learn who we are.
  3. ChronicallyChronic

    WINNERS - Battle of Heligoland Bight

    Interestingly, Wargaming bemoans players to playing low tier ships then continues to exclude low tier ships from events.
  4. ChronicallyChronic

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    And, I might add, if your goal is to get folks to play low tier ships....excluding low tier ships from gaining the Research Points is rather counter-productive.
  5. ChronicallyChronic

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    This seems to be rather unnecessarily complicated. However, it appears all I need to do is get a win on a ship I am researching, again, then I Free XP to the next ship. I currently have just shy of 1 million Free XP, so this should go quickly for a few lines.
  6. ChronicallyChronic

    ST, Submarines

    You have continually screwed up CV's since the game release.....and you're going to integrate subs into the game? Yeah, that will work.
  7. The reworked carriers to supposedly fix a carrier problem. Then they rework AA to fix a carrier problem. Then they rework carriers to fix a carrier problem. No a rework of AA again to fix a carrier problem. Sooo..... They worked hard to fix something that wasn't broken, now they are further breaking something that is indeed broken. This is like watching two paraplegics trying to [edited], there's a lot of sweating and grunting but none of it makes any sense.
  8. ChronicallyChronic

    So How Is This Not Cheating?

    Good on ya for admitting you're violating policy by creating account to circumvent bans.
  9. ChronicallyChronic

    Dry Dock: Bismarck

    Excellent job with the models Wargaming.
  10. ChronicallyChronic

    Update 0.8.6: French Destroyers

    Really scratching my head over this one. You claim the J5N Tenrai Type 91 Mod 8 torp bombers (with 4 planes in an attack group) is not an efficient load out...so instead of letting them stay in game and allowing players to use them if they want...you just remove them? Just eliminate the choice? I call bullsquint over this one. If you, WG, do not want to have a 4 plane attack group and think it's over powered, fine, just say that and move one. Don't make up a very weak reason for doing this because killing the 4 plane attack group and limiting to 2 plane groups doesn't make sense if you're REALLY concerned with making the Hackysack a more "efficient" CV. No matter, after all the nerf bats you've hit her with over the past 6 months, she's a port queen now - never gets played.
  11. ChronicallyChronic

    Are Recruiters Becoming The Vultures of The Sea?

    Mister Mule, fellow clan member; I am truly speechless.....I have no words. The eloquent verbosity expressed has no parallel, no equal now - today - ever. Sir, I tip my hat to you, I salute you. However..... To that clan (who shall remain un-named) who decided to spam messages to 5D's membership (and I mean everyone) offering membership to their secret society (by the way, using an account with Vulture included in the name was some how appropriate I thought), I offer you a salute.....but with a very different hand gesture. Good night fellow captains.
  12. ChronicallyChronic

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    Played one game in this mode, one game is all that was necessary....won't be playing anymore games in this mode. Waiting for paint to dry while watching my grass grow is dramatically more exciting and interesting than playing this game mode.
  13. ChronicallyChronic

    People hitting in smoke

    It's a hack called Mad Skillz.
  14. ChronicallyChronic

    Armada: Roma

    Roma shoots at cruisers...over pens. Roma shoots at BB's...no pens. Roma then realizes she's against Tier 10 BB's...again...then immediately detonates. Ok, back to port, don't use her again for another 6 months.
  15. If it's an active clan, as you say, form your own (only costs 2500 doubloons to do this) and ask everyone to transfer over. Presto, you are now leading a clan. Your clan leader, if they spent the doubloon to create 2UNA, can do whatever they want, it's their clan.