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  1. I've always used the Des Moines as a close range face tanking no skill brawler (vs cruisers). Almost try to ram, the closer the better. if they are broadside within 2km, you can delete them in about 5 seconds (2 volleys). If they are angled, take out their guns so they go broadside, then delete them. Having a 4.8 second base reload before adrenaline rush helps with this, so I was very reluctant to give up 12% damage (I used the faster reload in slot 6) for this upgrade. After playing 1 game with it, I was hooked. This upgrade is fun as hell. I respected my modules to Main armaments 1, Surveillance radar boost 1, Aiming systems 1, Propulsion mod 2, Steering gears 3, and the legendary. This gives me 0-30 knots in about 7 seconds. Seriously this thing takes off easily twice as fast as any other ship in the game. a 4.1 second rudder shift so I can out maneuver a Zao easily. I thought I'd miss the 12% faster reload, but with how fast I can re position, I'm getting a significant amount more citadels, so my average damage per game is increasing and the ridiculous maneuverability is increasing my potential damage too so I live longer to do even more damage. I am waiting on the next round of free commander respecs to get incoming fire alert. Not sure what I'm going to give up, but I believe that skill will shine with this build for the Des Moines. I will also probably try the spotter aircraft since I've given up enough stealth so that I'm not almost guaranteeing catching a dd if I'm detected, maybe I'll toss in the sonar booster instead since I mainly use this in clan wars and I'm not afraid of carriers, but the extra torpedo detection range will help. Currently I run radar and sonar on my Desi and use it to hunt cruisers and scare off dd's. I find I am much more useful deleting cruisers than dd's with this ship, so radar is mostly to scare off or light up dd's for allies to shoot at.
  2. Your numbers are not correct. Moskva is a cruiser, not a battle ship, it's got a roughly 10 second gun reload, not 30.... Don't have the correct numbers handy.
  3. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    the bow/stern are below the 20mm mark, but it's possible I was hitting that lower plating. changing my port now from drydock so I can see how much that belt sticks out of the water. I think you found my problem. Thank you. Yea that's it, some of my shots are hitting the Citidel Armor belt. Thank you.
  4. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    captain is Yamoto (the IJN campein guy) Priority Target, Adrenaline rush, Last Stand, Basic Fire Training, Advanced Fire Training, Radio Location. Upgrade modules are Mag Mod 1, Dam Con 1, Aiming Systems 1, Rudder shift, Concealment. Ship Upgrades are not the Torpedoes. Don't think any of that matters. Did not get any 0 damage hits this time which is weird, but all of the volleys were double click full volleys, and the damage values varied widely. HE damage is normally consistant. I'm sorry, but I have no clue how to view this to tell you how much to skip foreward. Used Akizuki vs Shchores (tier 7 Russian cruiser) 20180810_204825_PJSD108-Akizuki_00_CO_ocean.wowsreplay
  5. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    will get the replays working, and get you a video of this in action.
  6. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    There's still something funny going on with non-IFHE shells from the Akizuki at the Shchores 20 mm and the Algerie (the 22 mm small band of armor on it's side). Some shots are being blocked, some aren't. Grab a Des Moines (as a target) and shoot the same spot in the conning tower, and after the first hit, you get stable and consistent damage until the saturation caps. Shoot the Shchores in the 20 mm belt and the damage is not consistent. (the Algerie 22 mm band is very narrow, so not a good test target). Use any target with 19mm or less and the damage is consistent until saturation, but in the 20-24 mm range (found 3 possible targets, forgot what the third one was) the damage is inconsistent. IFHE damage is consistent.
  7. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    Yes, I understand Saturation Mechanics. Which ship are you using to fire the HE? It definitely has 1/4 pen when using IFHE, but I'm still very skeptical about the 1/4 pen on non-IFHE captains. It seems in line with a 1/5th boost.
  8. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    I do get sometimes penetrations against the schores, a full braod side volley can do 0-1500ish damge, which I assume is one or more shells flying high or wide and hitting the non 20mm area. HE is an absolute. if it hits an area it can pen, it does damage with no armor penetration or bounce roll. if it hits something it can't pen, it still rolls for fire, or broken modules, but does no damage. I get variable damage when fireing the Akizuki against the side of the Shchores which I believe to be shells hitting places I'm not aiming (shooting at 20mm armor area). When I used IFHE vs the Yamoto, the damage was consistant. (larger target) and not in line with what I observe (that no IFHE lets 20mm armor block HE shells).
  9. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    oh I'm using the Akizuki tier 8 ign gunboat dd.
  10. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    target the side of the Schores (tier 7 Russian Cruiser) without ifhe, it's got 20 mm armor. you have to be close, or it will sometimes hit the conning tower or other places which it can go through. check it's armor layout in armor view in port to see where it is, or simply shoot the side under the conning tower.
  11. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    Well god dam. It does have the 1/4 buff After you put IFHE on it, but not before it. I was all annoyed with spending 160ish k free commander xp for a test 10 point captain to prove you wrong, and failed.
  12. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    If I were you, I'd plop a captain in her with IFHE and get some T8+ BBs in the training room. Shoot at their bows and sterns only and see if you pen or shatter. That should definitively tell you whether or not the 100mm guns have 1/4th or 1/5th pen for the HE shells. will do that now, but I don't see the point. non IFHE values are for 1/5th, but maybe IFHE gives them a 1/4 on top of the IFHE bonus which would be a super big bug.
  13. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    I'm not advocating for the full 1/4 buff that's listed, 1/5th is plenty, I'm doing this cause the web page is wrong and people are building ships with bad captain perks using false numbers to justify it.
  14. Skavies

    100mm IJN HE Buff?

    run a test on it, your he without ifhe will not pen 24mm or 20mm armor (found 2 ships with 20mm armor locations, the tier 7 Russian cruiser has a larger area to hit) if you do the math that's a 1/5th pen, not the listed 1/4 which is why this is in the bug report section.
  15. Skavies

    BASE XP CREDIT for Legendary Modules

    If you stop and think about it, WOWS is a pay to loose not pay to win game. (Yes, there are a few exceptions, and I'm giving you the big hairy eyeball Kamakazi, but at least you're only a tier 5 ship...). If you compare premium time players who just hit tier 10 to a free player who just hit tier 10, the premium player will have easily 1000 less games played (mostly for grinding credits to fund the tier 9 grind, and for the tier 8-10 ships them selves) so is at a distinct disadvantage right there. Toss in people with less than 100 games played who buy a Tirpitz, or other premium high tier ship and you get a bunch of noobs who are simply bad players at tiers where they don't belong. I was one of those stupid noobs when I bought my Tirpitz, but I didn't buy it until I had a regular tier 9 ship so it was simply a matter of me not knowing how to BB at high tiers and I still was a completly worthless person on the team for around 100 battles.