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  1. i just started having this same problem today, massive fps drop and lag. Had a few games that i totally crashed and had to reboot. I had no issues yesterday so i dont know whats up.
  2. Regarding the Ishizuchi

    always wondered this myself
  3. Flickering HUD Bug

    well the first time it happened was in the Arizona then it happened again in the Minekaze, at first i thought i might of hit Alt+ G and turned off my hud by accident but that wasnt the case because it was just flickering
  4. Experienced this issue twice now on 2 separate days. During Mid game the HUD will bug out and start flicking and it makes it impossible to play. Just wondering if this is an isolated issue with just me and that i might have to reinstall the game or if other players are experiencing this bug as well.
  5. On the Idea of "Realistic" BBs.

    Idk why people complain so much, As i see it DDs are good for countering other DDs and BBs, BBs are good at countering other BBs and cruisers and CAs are good at countering DDs and other CAs and even BBs for certain situations. Forgive me if im wrong but i think BBs, DDs, and CAs are pretty balanced in the aspect that they all have strengths and weaknesses.

    All i have to say is the economy is way better then it used to be. enough said.
  7. my hopes arent really high on this, i have yet to receive the I voted flag, Pearl harbor flag, or even on of the containers yet...
  8. Elevator animation

    As a former Red shirt on a CV all refueling and rearming was actually done on the flight deck. Planes where only taken down to the hangar bay for maintenance periods.
  9. Garbage bag trash talkers

    laugh at them, don't give them fuel for there egotistic fire
  10. planes with bombs and torpedo duds

    Lets not go and put any crazy ideas into WarGaming's heads now....
  11. Player attitude

    Yea i think we all get this kind of treatment when playing CVs for the most part. What really irritates me is when you get under tiered in a CV and poeple still expect you to anilaite the enemy team. >.<
  12. 3 Marblehead's, Anshan, and a Texas
  13. Forum Search not working

    Has any one else been having a problem with the forums search not working. Every time I try and search something in the forum it tells me ​"One or all of your search keywords were below 3 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords." when I'm clearly using more then 3 characters in my search. Is this just me or is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  14. Carrier News for 2017 (From the RU Q&A)

    why would they want to reduce the attractiveness of CVs at lowers tiers, wouldn't the smart thing be to increase it to pull in new CV captains... or am I missing smoothing?