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  1. Irishwind

    Premium Ship Review - Belfast & Belfast '43

    Thanks for the review. I'm on the fence on this ship. I do want to get her. But it looks like they might need to give a buff to make her competitive. Not much, but something like a bump in ROF and/or fire chance to get her in line with other tier 8s.
  2. Irishwind

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    Just scored one in a Super Container. I was a little surprised since this is still a new ship. But I agree, this is a bit of a mehbote. I've played a few battles and there is something lacking. Maybe one decent buff somewhere would be enough to make it good.
  3. Irishwind

    Mainz or Lenin

    Mainz is good. She isn't a Hipper hull, but close. And then the guns have a great HE rounds (IFHE like without fire penalty) and a good ROF. She just can't take a punch very well. A few times you can pull off something amazing, but don't bank on it. RNG was nice once and I bounced a Yammy AP round! But Mainz is a lot like Cleveland in game play with better hydro and no radar. Most times I support, spam HE, and profit.
  4. I think I got something. On the banner for the there is a link. I clicked it, and was brought to a WarGamming webpage and something about linking accounts. I hope this works tomorrow.
  5. Irishwind

    When can we get some night battles?

    I see what you say. I would not want it to be a normal rotation. Otherwise how many pink ships on each side would we be seeing? It would be interesting to have a full realism mode. Axis vs Allies, eliminate the info tag above the ships, radars/sonar do NOT go through islands, dispersion values do not decrease unless there is direct line of sight to you or your spotter plane (this in randoms would kill the hide and spam HE tactic in my opinion), etc.
  6. Irishwind

    When can we get some night battles?

    If you haven't read Neptune's Inferno go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and buy it. The author, James Hornfisher, does a great telling of the night time engagements off Guadalcanal. While night time fights would be a lot of fun, there will be lots of confusion that randoms will either fake/nerf identification of friendlies or have a good mechanic of when you lose line of sight, you become unknown and have to be re-IDed at close range. The first method wouldn't change much of game play since all friendlies have their green marking above. The latter will be a nightmare in randoms because there will be many who shoot first and ID later.
  7. That is where I was sent to also. And I created an account for it. But I do not see how to link my WG account to it like I did for Twitch.
  8. Confused on the stream for the weekend. Is it not streamed on Twitch? How do I link my account with toornament.com so when I watch the KOTS I get credit when they drop the container?
  9. Irishwind

    King of the Sea XI Tournament

    Can you kindly explain this? I am guessing this means we need credits, steel, or coal for this crate? Or will this be 'free' when we purchase doubloons/premium time? Thanks!
  10. Irishwind

    Rockets and radar

    This is a game. Not a simulatition. A lot of weird physics in the game. Like radar and sonars detecting ships on the opposite side of an island.
  11. US Naval Officer 2000-2010.
  12. Irishwind

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Wow. This one is bad. To get the German CVs or permanent camos I have to open the wallet. This is the first event where it ends and I will not have any marker to commemorate it. So far my plan for all those German tokens that I get is to convert to credits and call it a day. And one of the many missions I'm grinding through is earn free XP. There is the tier 4 CV unlocked when the line goes live. Maybe their next actual good idea will be to add the Iron Cross camos for the tier 10s for doubloons later. I can see buying one for GK or Hindy if the price is right.
  13. Irishwind

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    I am also curious. Who is Ashley Violet? Is she a streamer?
  14. Irishwind

    The Mysterious Case of the Flying Dutchman

    USS Langley (CV-1) is built on Cyclop's sistership.
  15. Irishwind

    Can't call bad players potatoes anymore

    Potato Vodka is really good too. Wait, maybe the bad captains had a few shots of potato vodka before tapping the battle button?