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  1. Are you guys really sure you want the F-35???? You might still need aircraft after you receive yours. LOL
  2. Another happy Logitech user here. But I'm not exactly a professional gamer.
  3. Hate to do this, but I can raise that. Last month I saw the same racing rims (sans spinners) and tires... ...on a Jeep Wrangler. I have no idea what he hoped to achieve with those. I don't see Wranglers doing street racing. I think even a stock Prius can beat mine on a 1/4 mile.
  4. The time frame got me early on. But once I figured it out, I felt cheated when the second Spitfire crashed. I had figured out that Mr Nolan was playing with the time line, and knew the spitfire successfully ditches in the Channel. Ruined the suspense. And the ground guys get that boat into the water and out to sea. 2. I did feel the scale and pressure was missed. On one hand I know this was a three line story, and the three lines focused on the three branches of His Majesties Armed Forces. The French had little screen time, and the Germans were intentionally not having their faces shown. One has to remember this movie was supposed to be Band of Brothers in a The Longest Day for scale.
  5. I prefer Frosty.
  6. Requierd by Virginia. My home state of Michigan didn't require one, and no one did (unless it was a silly plate)
  7. I have heard there is a treatment floating around on redoing the The Hunt for Bismarck. Three years ago it was near the top of movies that need to be made. Peter Jackson is still playing with remaking The Dambusters. And seeing a recent Royal Navy recovering some of the bouncing bombs tested in a Scottish Lock might help spark interest.
  8. The scale was a bit off. There should have been more. But Nolan was doing this old school film making. NO CGI. Period. I like that even the decommissioned French Destroyer that subbed for the Royal Navy destroyers looked right. Only a few pieces of hardware on her didn't belong, but unless you knew what you were looking at/for, it is hard to notice. So getting more ships and boats would have really skyrocketed the costs of the movie. It is #1 this weekend, so I bet the studio is breathing easy that their gamble payed off. But a war movie that doesn't include Americans, is technically a loss, and doesn't have the Michael Bay crapfest/tacked on love story, this was a huge gamble for the studio. But like most Nolan movies, this wasn't meant to be watched once. I did catch a few tidbits in the dialogue that I want to go back and confirm. Also the scope was supposed to be three British points of view. This wasn't about the whole evacuation. This is Saving Private Ryan in a The Longest Day. The French did get glossed over, and maybe they could do a movie about that later.
  9. Patched this morning and crashes at start.
  10. RA1 was a little more grounded in reality which is what I prefer in my games.
  11. C&C, RED ALERT, and Generals were all a blast. Tried C&C2 and RA2 and didn't like it. RA3 is fun, but I can never stick with a campaign to the finish.
  12. I just received my BCM blem upper. I'm taking my BCM M4A1 clone and going to add a 10.5" upper to complement it. Finishing up the form 1 this week and mailing it off. Then start getting the parts minus the barrel between mailing the form and receiving the stamp.
  13. My favorite is "That Pork is so undercooked, it's reading me my rights!" Apologies to any law enforcement on the board.
  14. Build narrow harbor, or the ship ate to much buttery foods with heavy cream?