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  1. Put me in as another missed opportunity for the Azur Lane collab. I wanted to buy 2-3 commanders. But 2500 doubloons for a random commander in a crate, and multiple copies of a commander is possible, I had to pass.
  2. Another this is a great step in the right direction. I really enjoyed the German BB split early access. There is an option to pay to get more for those that want, but for the rest the path to tier 7 was viable. Here is hoping the next two months go as planned are there are no PR errors. Especially the 'translation errors' that show that the regional managers don't have authority to even ask for clarifications when proofing articles before posting.
  3. Irishwind

    Important message for the community

    And if we have to wait till 2022 to see anything, It sounds like winning back the trust of the players is not a priority. Submarines and Soviet CVs can wait. It is a long four months until 2022, and if the legal staff cannot have that information by then, assuming WG had it done properly when they started lootcrates way back when, I would argue WG has not been getting there money's worth from their lawyers. Especially since lootcrates across the gaming industry has been high visibility / high controversy subject. And if any of the big events, like Santa Crates, have a PR issue, expect more people to leave and even worse press. WG needs to have the letter from the first post taped to their office door and read it every morning before work starts. And their focus should be fixing the broken relationships between the developers and the players/community. I look forward to the updates. Just hope the popcorn doesn't become stale between now and 2022...
  4. Irishwind

    Important message for the community

    Care to split these hairs? Sub_Oct says we have to wait a year to get the values because you have to comply with many different nations laws. And you are saying you are already there.
  5. Irishwind

    Important message for the community

    @Ev1n_NA Someone pointed out that a lot of the promises made have a "in 2022" attached to them. There are still 4 months left in 2021. The lawyer in me is hearing the silly argument that "my client will stop beating his spouse in the middle of next year if Your Honor doesn't throw him in jail today" to it. I know WG has a lot planned between now and then, and if we are still seeing the same behavior from WG, especially around Black Friday and Christmas, it will not matter what WG does next year, because many players will look at the empty promises so far and say why bother waiting. And if it means suspending loot boxes until all laws can be honored, WG HQ needs to ask if a short term loss in profits is worth having a better long term profit stream. WG has had several PR fires the last two years, and always a promise to do better. But lately a new fire flares up before the last can be put out. And the is a promise to do better, but rarely any action to fix it. One thing I do like about WG is they plan for their titles to last. Some companies, like EA and Activision, rely on having a new title of a series ready for release at Christmas. And it works for them. Even if the title is riddled with bugs, has a pay to win component to boost sales, and when the next holiday season rolls around, a new title is released and players and publisher toss the last game into the dust bin. if WG really wants to make sure their titles have staying power, it really needs to consider how to keep current players in addition to adding new ones. And from my point of view, the last time I bought a Call of Duty or Battlefield game, it was 2011. I purchased two computers in the last year, WoWS and WoT was the 4th and 5th item I installed on both. I plan on keeping both for a few more years. I do hope WoWS is still worth it then. P.s. If you want to buff a ship: HMS Belfast '43 could use rate of fire buff. It doesn't have to match HMS Edinburgh's, but that would be ideal.
  6. Irishwind

    Important message for the community

    +1 on the Azur Lane randoms. IIRC it was 2500 dubs for a random captain. But every other event or in game commander is 1500 and I pick who I want. I would easily bought two commanders at 2500 each, but I will not roll the dice, especially when there are different boxes to with different commanders. Just to repeat what has been said, it is good WG has noticed there is a problem. The issue is what they do to fix it is the key. If they go back to the practices of the last two years, then this is all for nothing and they can expect more bad press. I do cringe in the OP's article about being an international company and needing time to figure out how to publish odds in loot boxes. That shows me they are aware that there are communities outside of Russia, and have chosen to adopt a Russia Knows Best model instead of tailoring the marketing of the game for each region. To each of the regions teams: Proof read what they publish in each language. Have someone from that region go over it carefully to make sure that not only does it make sense, but any ambiguity is eliminated. And when events are run, all conditions are up front. No hidden short lists or other shady practices. Just being up front and honest with the players is all we're asking. I've been onboard since the closed Beta Weekends. And been there when the game is ramping up. But I have noticed that community involvement isn't wanted now that the game is established. Take a look at the Commander Rework. It was forced onto the base without even a public test. Deadeye, while the worst skill introduced, was the focus of that ire. But since it was just pushed into the main serves it felt like our input was no longer wanted or needed. I feel part of the anger towards Deadeye was because we never saw it tested it to make sure it wouldn't break the game like it did. Keep the community engagement going. If WG HQ decides they no longer need our opinions, then it is on them. But having a large community give feedback to make the game better is one of the things that has helped keep the game going. WG does like to point to the times they have adjusted the game or introduced new mechanics based on feedback. They need to keep that going. Right now WG and WG NA should get some comfort that while they had to issue another apology people are responding. But if in 6 months or a year go by, and all we get are more apologies and the reply's in the forums slow down or stop, then they should be worried.
  7. You might want to read or watch a bunch of other CCs have been saying about the program the last few years. It has gone from a two way street to a toxic one sided relationship where the CCs get little in return. Meybe if LWM and Chobittsu were the only two CCs that left you MIGHT have a point. But what about all the others? Something had been brewing, and HMCS Yukon was the lighting of a match in a growing powder magazine. I don't think that it is a coincidence that WG rolled out the pay people to promote the game when CC program started imploding. It is easier for WG to pay some people to play and promote the game than to engage those players and hear what they have to say to improve the game.
  8. Sip, slow your roll. LWM and Chibittsu has done so much for the game that even other CCs reference her and Chibittsu reviews of premiums. Maybe go look at their work and ask if how they were treated over HMCS Yukon was deserved. No, they deserved better. It was an honor for them to be selected to develop a Canadian ship for the game. And since the Canadians contributed so much in WW2 and to only have had one ship in game is rather sad. So for their work to get tossed into a dumpster so WG can half [edited]a ship. So between insulting Canadians, and the two people who were asked to make a ship to honor Canada, it is personal.
  9. And this is why it will fail. Community, AKA the players, is what is keeping this game going. How many AAA titles have come and gone since we took that LOLTractor across Campnikova for the first time? It is the players that keep coming back that allow WG to keep WoT and WoWS going years after other titles are getting uninstalled (or not installed when a new computer is plugged in for the first time). And engaging the players and listening to feedback on what works and doesn't work is key to keeping players interested. Otherwise WG should be looking at a Call of Duty or Battlefield business models of churning out titles every year or two, milk them for every dime, and repeat with each new release, which will be a slight improvement over last years game, but different enough that people will still pay for a full title.
  10. I refuse to spend a dime for a lootbox. They don't bother me when others who want them can buy them and the box offers no special benefits the others can either grind out playing the game or purchasing directly. But when you start seeing exclusive content, like HMS Agincourt or the first plan for USS Misery held hostage in a box, I start to have issues with the game. I also feel the Azur Lane event last year was bad. 2500 doubloons for a random AL Commander, 10 points with no special abilities? Compared to every other commander in the armory at 1500 dubs, you pick the nation you want, and has a special ability or two. No thanks. And if I could pick the commander, there is one for sure, and maybe two I would grab at 2500 each. But to roll the dice at that price? Nope. Right now I do feel the game is still in good shape. And there is no pay to win mechanic, which is a definite plus. But having WG see the community as a whole as a walking ATM and treating every blunder as an "Oops, sorry for the miscommunication, it won't happen again" gets old fast. Maybe if we the players were given 10k in dubs for every miscommunication or PR blunder that WG does, then St Pete/Minsk might start noticing that they keep making the same errors over and over and might decide to treat the players as humans and not cash cows.
  11. Irishwind

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    To LWM and Chobitsu: I understand. I've dealt with toxicity way to much when I was in the US Navy. And watching leaders so wrapped up in their own worlds that they cannot see that their decisions have a negative impact on morale (not to mention unnecessarily putting lives at risk). "Needs of the Navy outweigh the Needs of the Sailor". Heard that almost on weekly basis from senior officers at the command that I decided the Navy was no longer my career. And the third Navy core value is Commitment; which defines as looking after your fellow sailors, especially those below you. So I am glad you are able to walk away. It is a complete shame too. I've been following WoWS on Twitch for two years now, and can only name two active (and one retired) CC from the NA server. But both of your ship reviews are the first things I go to when a new premium is rolled out since this game left beta stage. Your reviews are superior than anything their WiKi page produces, even when I suspect they just copy and paste parts of your review for their WiKi. I wonder how long it will take WG HQ to notice your reviews have stopped. And even if they do, would they care? Sadly, I don't think it would. Count me in as another that will not be buying Doubloons or Premium items until there is a righting of the WoWS Ship. It should start by naming and then firing the CC that pissed LWM off. And make it public for the NA players to notice. And the WG NA office needs to have WG HQ notice that errors are happening too much and the corporate climate needs to start fixing. And if you have a Canadian openly pissed off at you. you made some bad choices... I will be having a Maple Whiskey tonight to toast your freedom from toxic leadership. Fair Winds and Following Seas, Eh.
  12. Irishwind

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I stand corrected. This is WG HQ's fault. I watched Mingles with Jingles this morning. If the same issue popped up across 15 translations on the EU website, it wasn't google translate making the error. So it looks like the original was written poorly (or worse on purpose), and was translated with the errors, and the command climate is such that no one is allowed clarification when something doesn't make sense.
  13. Irishwind

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    WG has different webpages representing EU, NA, RU, ect. So the start to tailoring offers to a region is there. Make a disclaimer that any offers made on the NA webpage will be for NA customers only, and same for EU or others websites. There are many other international companies doing business on the internet, so this isn't exactly a trailblazing legal issue. So again, lack of respect and being weirdly stingy over making sure each community's webpage isn't a source of 'miscommunication' is WG HQ's baby. I lost count on the YouTube videos of someone just reviewing the Dev Blog for upcoming content and commenting that Google Translate must have had trouble with the phrasing since it wasn't clear what the blog was trying to say. Having at least one person who's job is to review any publication for clarity and prevent sea lawyers from making drama would go a long way to solve a lot of angst. When I was in the military I cannot think of anything that was released from a command that did not have at least two sets of eyes review before it leaving the command to make sure there were not errors. A little embarrassment in the command for a typo was a lot easier to deal with than having a CO call you in wanting to know why something went out under his name all jacked up.
  14. Irishwind

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    The summer crate debacle is just another example of WG HQ not giving a [edited] about the NA community. That could have been easily avoided by having someone in the NA shop proof the type prior to publishing to make sure it is clear, and not open to misinterpretation by sea lawyers like that certain ex-CC who's video went viral. While he did spend a lot of time focusing on the line that implied each container contains a permanent camo, he only paid lip service to the top of that article that stated that the loot box had a perm. camo OR signal flags. But not having someone review the article before publishing to make sure things like that didn't happen seems to be a common occurrence at WG NA. Which is a shame because little errors like that do create a lot of drama that is easily avoidable. Instead of bribing players with a 3,000$/month payout to stream their game, how about just hire a person to play red team and catch future miscommunications before they happen.
  15. Irishwind

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    The torp bug is annoying. But I am a little disappointed there are not guides how to exploit the bending torps to your advantage. And I have noticed that face hugging islands can cause a serious grounding. What used to be an easy reverse now takes a few minutes to work yourself off the grounding. And I think that is something that we will have to adjust to when subs are brought into randoms. I haven't witnessed the ships acting weird like in Jingles video, But I don't think either bug is a game breaker right now. As for older ships still being popular, that is good. It shows that for the most part ship balance is working. There is some power creep, and some ships, both in tech tree and premiums, really need an update. But seeing the first ships released are still fighting in numbers shows that the game isn't broken.