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  1. Canada is the 51st State. So enjoy :D Growing up in Michigan I used to go to Canada as a kid in the summers. Lots of fun in Windsor and Sarnia, not to mention the North Channel in Lake Huron. And in the Navy I've worked with the Canadians a few times. I used to joke on the annual 'what foreign languages do you speak' survey that I was fluent in Canadian. While most gave me a dirty look for that, I would then chuckle when they butchered names of HMCS ships.
  2. I think the increase is to help keep USS TEXAS going. These large ships need a lot of $$$ for up keep.
  3. And then there is this:
  4. I was going with range finders too, but all the photos I could find had the rangefinders too.
  5. I'm back to tanks right now. But... MM is still broke. And WG isn't listening. My pref MM tier 7 tank ends up as medium tier about 90% of the time. I'm rarely top tier. And I've seen others complain loudly that the pref MM tanks are not competitive when they lost the balance of lousy gun not seeing higher tiers as often. Plus to many times the sides seem stacked. Blow-outs happen. I get it. But when you suffer 4-5 of them in a row, something is wrong. Arty was buffed. OK, I thought it needed a buff. The Nerf killed that class. But having three artys on a team is bad. Too many times I get tracked/stunned by one, and then have the other two take turns keeping me there and I cannot escape. In ships you have AAA and WASD to help fight air attacks. But no such luck in tanks. Limiting to two per side is a reasonable move. Maps. Come on. New maps are not hard. And some of the older maps needed some love in balance, but would still be playable. For a game this old, still going strong, there should be an embarrassment of riches in maps covering battles from the 20s to the 60s. I tend to go to tanks because it is faster. I'm married and have kids. So in the time I play a round or two of ships, I can get in several rounds of tanks in, and feel like I am pushing a goal.
  6. Was a CBT for WoWP. I was not impressed. And after a few months of playing after release I decided to go back to tanks. Now I'm going back between ships and tanks.
  7. Yep. Happens a lot. Do better in a loss than in a win.
  8. Graf Zep getting a buff.
  9. When getting screened and that is in you carry on, do not forget to get your friend Jack's attention by yelling "Hi Jack?" And then point to the concourse and yell "Aloha Snackbar!" * *NOTE: This is intended as humor an DO NOT try in Airport or other places of public conveyance, or you will have a new room mate named Ben Dover. Or at least that was the first thing he says when introducing yourself on your first night in prison. And why does your, umm, backside, umm, still really hurt???
  10. The starboard gun looks a little droopy.
  11. My friend might be having a bad day. He just posted pics of Geraldo Rivera receiving a tour of the ship and relief efforts. Fox has better talent that could be doing these stories.
  12. Thanks. When I was stationed in the UK, trips to Cambridge was a pleasure. And the few visits to Duxford were a nice treat. I do miss punting the river.
  13. Had this in 2005 with Katrina. We sent three carriers to help. Some liberal friend snarked something like that. I had to school him that each CV was a fully functional airport that could receive supplies on fixed winged planes (C-2 CODS), break apart the pallets, and sent the relief out on the embarked helicopters. I had to remind him that the airports in the region were trashed and there was no land based air traffic controls. Second, the crew have a large kitchen that prepares 3 meals plus midrats and keep food stocked for the 5500 sailors per Nimitz class. Those kitchens can also be making food for relief efforts. And the Bakery on Lincoln (I know, a west coast CV but my first ship) made some awesome cookies. Also, each ship is capable of making close to 100,000 gallons of fresh water each day. Oh, and each carrier has a ER / trauma unit that is on par with a major city's general hospital. So yeah. Maybe we should let your bitter, liberal MoveOn buddies step up and lets see what they can do.
  14. I have a friend who is Ops on KEARSARGE. He's been posting some great pics on his FB feed.
  15. Thanks for the update. CCleaner is a necessity on my laptops. They aren't that powerful, and need all the help they can get.