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  1. mrguns5000

    New Game Mode Suggestion - Everyone for themselves!

    something similar to World of tanks frontlines but with a naval base and naval guns scattered in the sections. map split into 3 AOs with 10 ships in each for each team to start, and can respawn with any tier 8s in port 30 vs 30 no more than 3 carriers per team(1 per AO) 2 flags need to be capped per section(2 sections per AO) once all AOs are capped the final push would be a naval base and the attacking team need to escort landing ships(defenders need to destroy) to 8 different sites.
  2. mrguns5000

    Clan Battle Rules

    im going to have to wait for my clan mates to do some and see if it will give the option to move it or if it will still be cut right there if it doesnt move after they do attempts than someone messed up the slide, if it does move than its something to do with it just not fitting the screen
  3. mrguns5000

    Code for Free Stuff

    Thanks @Boogeymanllgetcha you a real G
  4. mrguns5000

    Clan Battle Rules

    this might be due to my wide screen monitor but mine is showing side by side no text cut off, but the way the engagement works now is that you are up against multiple clans and the amount of stars you have gives you a position amongst that group of clans you are competing against. just saw your other additions I'm having that weird cut off too for the participants
  5. mrguns5000

    New Years Certificates?

    Im on board with, if this is a new thing they want to do regularly having a way to track the quantity gain would be important to have. with it not only providing that reassurence but it gives people an accurate number of what they can plan to purchase. With that knowledge for example people can pursue their next tier 10 tech tree and use the coal and steel they gained to buy more tier 10s so that they can set a personal goal for the certificates. This same concept would apply to any situation with a similiar standing.
  6. mrguns5000

    I just discovered something interesting today

    building blocks of America
  7. mrguns5000

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    true that
  8. mrguns5000

    Is Ohio still worth getting for PVE?

    this guy gets it for PVE matches i can snag 100k plus regularly
  9. mrguns5000

    Has there always been a volcano on this map?

    great now I'm out of friends and a game to play
  10. mrguns5000

    So is Rimuru a guy or a girl?

    he/she is slime, think about godzilla. not a guy or girl just a creature, the difference is rimuru lived a previous life as a man, and uses a girl body as that is the one he copied from. personally I consider rimuru a man, same desires and all. i think the off hand comments about a few of the male characters just him spitting facts. if you met the chad guy in real life you would probably say he is good looking or what ever because he is freaking chad. rimuru comes from office life to ruling over some of the greatest badasses of the new world he is in, so yeah he is probably a little perplexed about the guys he is around. for the clothing hijinks I think hes just to shy(scared) to say no to the girls.
  11. you need one whole computer, you might get away with 9/10th of a computer if you got a mouse with buttons on it.
  12. mrguns5000

    Has there always been a volcano on this map?

    game is broken cant toss friend into volcano to win match need help
  13. mrguns5000

    Check your EMAIL! (Bonus Codes)

    I will remember this kindness sir.
  14. mrguns5000

    Experience and Naval Battles

    I don't feel a need for much change in this regard unless it was part of a bigger rework so in that vain I chose 1. but the issue arises with things such as the naval battles that don't use base xp as the challenge. you will see ribbons, and damage sometimes where neither of them require a victory to work only personnel effort. i think they need to use those 2 options more often and maybe add an additional challenge such as damage potential(which would be insane for Randoms people running around letting the enemy shoot at them) to mix it up more.
  15. mrguns5000

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I haven't seen any updates on it in awhile and haven't seen anything on reddit, has there been any word on azur lane coming back to world of warships soon. I know the event didn't happen this year so quite curious. the cosmetics for some of the ships were quite nice want to see some more like them.