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  1. I was being facetious about owning the ship. Probably not the best way of doing things, as there's not really a form of tone infliction in a set of text, so I do apologize for that. I don't think it would have been gifted to me, as I don't actually have any friends that play the game anymore. I myself didn't purchase it, so the notification seemed like it was a bug, tis why we are here and not in the General section of the Forum. As for my carousel, I haven't set any parameters as I have a relatively limited stock of ships to select from. I did say I didn't have it. Normally when people say they don't have some thing, that's what it means. I do understand there are people who may forget they set things up a certain way and I've done that from time to time. But unlike WoT, my selection of vehicles are pretty limited, to something line maybe 15 ships. The carousel would only be useful if I had maybe 30-50 ships, imo.
  2. I logged in today to find that my Langley was replaced with a new Langley (I haven't been on for some time). I was confused so I went to my notifications to double check if what I saw was correct. I then found that I had researched the USS Enterprise, which confused me even more because I couldn't find it in either my Shipyard or Tech Tree. So I asked in the "Off Topic" Chat in-game. They were also confused by this. Here's a Screenshot of my notification area with a red circle around the suspect of my confusion.
  3. There was even a Pre-WWI version of the USS Pennsylvania and a Post-WWI USS Pennsylvania that was considered a Dreadnought Class Battle Cruiser, Later they redid the Beastly Lass to make her into a Beastly BB instead.
  4. I just want an ingame way to rep my state... The USS Pennsylvnia was pretty baller and hs a pretty interesting history. Though it wasn't used much and if I'm no mistaken it suffered little damage in the attack on PH.