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  1. This is my first forum post in months. I used to be very active here. Sometime this year, among one of my first experiences with directives for bonuses that failed because I didn't pay, my apathy and distaste for what was going on in this game really set in. I have spoken with my wallet. I have not bought a single item in this game this year. This from a player who's been here since the beginning (much like the OP). I used to spend minimum $500 a year on this game. I no longer will. My disgust with the greed and the lack of 'true' player rewards like they used to provide is gone. Containers nerfed, contests or missions for ships that are unfair or hooks for money, no thanks. I literally have spent over $100 each previous three years just at Christmas buying Santa crates and containers for myself and friends. Not this year. No way. The marketing and sales departments of this company need a serious overhaul about how they support this game with revenue, because the current path is leading to disgruntlement and departures. Ever wonder why their's so much 'recruit new players' nonsense this year? Gee. I knew when I saw that dockyard this would be another impossible ship. That this was no reward for the players. The history of this year was clear that it would be a unreachable target without loads of cash. I play my 3-5 battles per night on free account, just to help me unwind, but that's it. No more volunteering my time as Pirate or Turkey or spending any money on this game until I get bored completely or things return to the rewards over greed mentality this game has fallen into.
  2. TurboT

    0.8.8 Supercontainer Rant/Disappointment Thread

    I think when the container system came out it was pretty exciting to get a super container as you expected it to be gold, prem time, ship or rare camo's. It was that dice role rare excitement about them. Overall the containers were better when out, over time, they've been 'nerfed' into ho hum drum ness. I don't really care about the regular container hauls as they seem appropriate but the overall quality of super container drops makes them underwhelming and pointless. While I don't like to complain about free stuff in general it's almost hard not to laugh at the big bold yellow exciting "SUPERCONTAINER" graphics to then get crummy camo's or flags. I think this system could be fixed.
  3. The RN CV event is over. On to something else. No need to play those no more. Grind Russian BBs and spend gold to convert XP. CV play ability and enjoyment a factor here? NOPE. Just wanted to make ships to grind nobody had, now on to something else.
  4. I've been around this game a long time, and even I looked on the event screen in game and saw it was until June 25th. I wrongly assumed I could continue grinding the needed tokens for the ship until that time. I just went along knowing others would obviously get the ship before me but I *thought* I would get it eventually by playing some each day until the 25th. I'm pretty disappointed by this. My time in the game is much more limited based on the fact I've been playing so long and don't have as much interests as I once did, but I still think this change over not being clearly stated in the game client is pretty trash.
  5. TurboT

    T 10 nearly unplayable

    They are quite literally super frustrating to play now with the exception of a few who seem to do nothing but play 1000 of battles in them to get good at them and claim they are OP, which is who everyone brings up in these forums about them being OP. However, we still have nothing but [edited] and complaining about their presence in battles. In this thread alone there are calls for 'better AA" at tier 10. Good grief. I honestly feel most people complaining about CVs should be forced to play 100 battles in a Midway or Hak and see how they fair at it.
  6. TurboT

    T 10 nearly unplayable

    I wonder if WG is reading and realizing the player base will never accept CVs in any capacity, yet. ....waiting... NOPE.
  7. I used to do this too but then changed to my most fav damage delivering squad first. Reason being as soon as I get them in the air they regenerating planes. I fly around on a long careful scout run and by the time I decide on a target and drop, any lost planes are recovered. I barely ever use the rockets they are pointless 95% of the time.
  8. The damage delivered from a cv strike is laughable unless you get a lucky detonation or manage to get a fire or flood the enemy can’t put out. The death balls are funny because of this. When you land a full torp spread or get good RNG roll on bombs it’s still less than a single battleship citadel, yet the player base fears planes so bad they huddle together .. it’s a very interesting dynamic in the game currently.
  9. I see that is was a lopsided game, but I don't agree that in was just "CVs farming damage" .. from your post the winning Midway was 5th on the team and the loser in the bottom half. I have news for you, when teams group up into death balls there is really no 'farming damage' for a CV.. it's just feed the enemy planes until they split up. Especially in a game like that, I bet both Midways were under 80K in damage delivered because that battle wouldn't have been long enough for them to DOT 100K
  10. They literally need to figure out some way to make an up tiered CV more viable. I think it's even worse from 8 to 10. If they can do that, I think CV would be in a decent place.
  11. TurboT

    A public apology

    I complain sometimes loudly to myself but I rarely [edited] an individual out in chat unless they start it. I'm aware all walks of life of people play games and play games like this. I'd hate it if 10 years ago I was showing my daughter WoT and some petulant puke started swearing at us/her in chat for learning or playing with dad. (as they liked to when they were younger).
  12. TurboT

    Exeter Event - More Mission Issues For Co-op

    Ahh right. I thought the meaning was something current. Funny how $1 to me isn't free. Probably could've had that DD but didn't want it enough to spend one dollar. :D
  13. Funny I don't mind the Furious at all. I find it gets good match making (rarely in 8) unlike my tier 8 CVs which seem to always be in 10! AA isn't wrecking my planes like it does at tier 8 up, and I find the drops manageable. Not sure why the hate on it.
  14. TurboT

    Exeter Event - More Mission Issues For Co-op

    I've found the timing and the requirements of these missions a bit of PIA for myself too. I'm interested in doing the fly strike win missions, playing the Furious, and I have not really wanted to play US cruisers, IJN DDs/Cruisers or now Brit DD or cruisers all while trying to accomplish other things in the game. I've never had an issue getting these free ships in the past as the missions have been fairly easy, this one, seems not so. What is this cossack mission I hear of??
  15. I've deleted that folder while having trouble in the past and was told they still show as mods being used. The only way I was told they'd no longer show up in the python reports was to completely unsinstall the game, remove all folders and instances of the game and then re-install. In the past, just removing the res_mods folder wasn't enough. It's partially why I will never ever install mods anymore. If I ever need help I don't want to have to go through that for the minor benefit I find they provide in game.