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  1. TurboT

    What Steel Ship Would You Chose?

    Thanks all for the feedback. I read every comment even if I'm not specifically quoting each one. I have the FDR already, which is why I didn't add it to my list. Also have the Immelman but annoyed I bought it as Napoli arrived a week later, which I would much prefer. (more coal grinding) I worry about the Shiki being an exercise in over pen frustration. I do enjoy the added noise level of the guns.. As for the Burger fans, interested to know how this ship differs from the Republique in game play? The Ragnar is interesting as well, I do have the Smaland and Friesland and at times enjoy them. I find sometimes when playing the game I'm tired at the end of a day and rapid fire clicking and dodging doesn't fit my mood as much these days, which is really why I wouldn't consider it as top choice.
  2. TurboT

    What Steel Ship Would You Chose?

    Thanks. I do enjoy the JB but think the Bourg might be a different playstyle. All the other French BB's I've played seem underwhelming to me. I am leaning towards the Stalin initially however not sure if the Meta has changed it's once "God-Like" status.
  3. TurboT

    CVs are Overnerfed

    Yeah okay.. so he strikes you and does 7-10k damage. That's one salvo from heavy HE cruiser or a BB... even one DD torp hit. It's inconsequential damage for the amount of effort he spent flying to you, dodging flak, dropping, and then having to re go another 30-60 seconds later. .. to the OP. Reading through the thread here you've had some good advice. I'm by no means very good at CV either but knowing enemy ships AA values and who you can effectively strike in the early goings of the battle will help bump your damage numbers. Large damage numbers in CV is really dependent on more factors in the match than just you. Lopsided battles are not your friend, as you really need an extended battle to pile damage on. Fire stacking usually bumps your numbers up but that is situational if you get a fire or flood on DCP cooldown. Good luck.
  4. I am at 18k Steel. Time to choose my next Steel ship. Curious what the experts here in the forum think of the current lineup available. I play all classes. Don't have a preference of ship class.
  5. I have 100 mil in my account, and felt rich. I also play a lot. I'm surprised to see these numbers thrown about tbh. I'll grind that coal without worrying about it, and to me, it's not worth 100 mil, but I guess it is to others.
  6. I personally hate the new CV game play. I like old style better. I literally can only be effective damage wise if it's a close battle and it goes almost the full 20 minutes. If not, if I hit 70k damage I'm lucky. Sure I can annoy DDs but that requires me team to actually shoot at them while their flak is smashing me to bits for 30 seconds. You'd be surprised how rare this is. My problem, with this entire thread, is it was created by someone who shows absolutely ZERO battles played in a CV. How can you actually type the quoted text with any validity when yourself have never actually played a CV, before rework, or now. I don't get this type of behaviour from people. I'm really all about folks having opinions but those opinions should really be backed up by some tangible experience or knowledge. Show me your 150k avg damage over 100 or so battles in CVs and I'll believe that you think their easy. Have you actually tried to do ANYTHING in a Weser? It's plain like sticking forks in your eyes to grind. 2,818 (24.00%) Battleships 0 (0.00%) Aircraft carriers 4,179 (35.59%) Cruisers 4,745 (40.41%) Destroyers
  7. I honestly think this was a major falling down on WG part when retooling ranked. I've always felt random battle wins was a poor way to solely run ranked. It creates much salt, much anxiety and is not fully representative of skill in the game. Myself for example managed to get into Silver quals quite quickly this week, and then won my first qualifying match. After that, I lost something like 8 battles in a row, often the top 2 in my team each time before running off 4 wins in a row that weren't really even close. While I will fully be responsible for when I tank a match by making a mistake (happens to all of us) I'm not convinced my skill is so bad that I should lose eight in a row and continue to be punished for that. Nor do I think I was solely responsible for 4 easy wins in a row. I firmly believe battle XP plus win/loss should factor in stars. Make it two stars for a win and solid performance, one for middle performance on a win and zero for being at the bottom of your team. Furthermore, the losing team's top 2 should earn one of two stars available while the bottom stay even or lose one. I think this would stop punishing people from getting the yolo stars, the afks, the 'its just a game' griefers that plague ranked and somehow manage to just spam the battle button and move up by failing on teams that win for them. We all know it happens and it's rampant.
  8. This is my first forum post in months. I used to be very active here. Sometime this year, among one of my first experiences with directives for bonuses that failed because I didn't pay, my apathy and distaste for what was going on in this game really set in. I have spoken with my wallet. I have not bought a single item in this game this year. This from a player who's been here since the beginning (much like the OP). I used to spend minimum $500 a year on this game. I no longer will. My disgust with the greed and the lack of 'true' player rewards like they used to provide is gone. Containers nerfed, contests or missions for ships that are unfair or hooks for money, no thanks. I literally have spent over $100 each previous three years just at Christmas buying Santa crates and containers for myself and friends. Not this year. No way. The marketing and sales departments of this company need a serious overhaul about how they support this game with revenue, because the current path is leading to disgruntlement and departures. Ever wonder why their's so much 'recruit new players' nonsense this year? Gee. I knew when I saw that dockyard this would be another impossible ship. That this was no reward for the players. The history of this year was clear that it would be a unreachable target without loads of cash. I play my 3-5 battles per night on free account, just to help me unwind, but that's it. No more volunteering my time as Pirate or Turkey or spending any money on this game until I get bored completely or things return to the rewards over greed mentality this game has fallen into.
  9. TurboT

    0.8.8 Supercontainer Rant/Disappointment Thread

    I think when the container system came out it was pretty exciting to get a super container as you expected it to be gold, prem time, ship or rare camo's. It was that dice role rare excitement about them. Overall the containers were better when out, over time, they've been 'nerfed' into ho hum drum ness. I don't really care about the regular container hauls as they seem appropriate but the overall quality of super container drops makes them underwhelming and pointless. While I don't like to complain about free stuff in general it's almost hard not to laugh at the big bold yellow exciting "SUPERCONTAINER" graphics to then get crummy camo's or flags. I think this system could be fixed.
  10. The RN CV event is over. On to something else. No need to play those no more. Grind Russian BBs and spend gold to convert XP. CV play ability and enjoyment a factor here? NOPE. Just wanted to make ships to grind nobody had, now on to something else.
  11. I've been around this game a long time, and even I looked on the event screen in game and saw it was until June 25th. I wrongly assumed I could continue grinding the needed tokens for the ship until that time. I just went along knowing others would obviously get the ship before me but I *thought* I would get it eventually by playing some each day until the 25th. I'm pretty disappointed by this. My time in the game is much more limited based on the fact I've been playing so long and don't have as much interests as I once did, but I still think this change over not being clearly stated in the game client is pretty trash.
  12. TurboT

    T 10 nearly unplayable

    They are quite literally super frustrating to play now with the exception of a few who seem to do nothing but play 1000 of battles in them to get good at them and claim they are OP, which is who everyone brings up in these forums about them being OP. However, we still have nothing but [edited] and complaining about their presence in battles. In this thread alone there are calls for 'better AA" at tier 10. Good grief. I honestly feel most people complaining about CVs should be forced to play 100 battles in a Midway or Hak and see how they fair at it.
  13. TurboT

    T 10 nearly unplayable

    I wonder if WG is reading and realizing the player base will never accept CVs in any capacity, yet. ....waiting... NOPE.
  14. I used to do this too but then changed to my most fav damage delivering squad first. Reason being as soon as I get them in the air they regenerating planes. I fly around on a long careful scout run and by the time I decide on a target and drop, any lost planes are recovered. I barely ever use the rockets they are pointless 95% of the time.
  15. The damage delivered from a cv strike is laughable unless you get a lucky detonation or manage to get a fire or flood the enemy can’t put out. The death balls are funny because of this. When you land a full torp spread or get good RNG roll on bombs it’s still less than a single battleship citadel, yet the player base fears planes so bad they huddle together .. it’s a very interesting dynamic in the game currently.