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  1. TurboT

    Rockets planes are TOO accurate

    Very hard if not impossible to hit a breathing DD driver with the torps unless they hiding in smoke and you can see their AA bursts or shooting, and you get lucky. The DBs are a bit trickier but more manageable, bobbing and weaving best tactic there as once DB start the climb/dive if they aren't properly lined up at that point they will miss.
  2. TurboT

    Rockets planes are TOO accurate

    Here's a tip DD Mafia: If you are being attacked by rocket planes turn your ship away or into the rockets as soon as you see them coming. Change direction a little but keep your ship 'skinny' to the rocket planes. Much like trying to avoid torps you need to learn to avoid as many rockets as possible. Having played many games in CV since the patch, the DD's that are hardest to kill are the ones who keep their ships skinny to the planes. The reason being is when you shoot the rockets they spread out all over the aiming circle. If you keep slight course changes happening it makes the CV player have to move his aim which creates the aiming reticle to get larger, spreading the shots more. If you stay skinny (pointed towards or away from the planes) then you will take minimal hits to your ship. Minimal hits means 900-1100 HP of damage. At this point the CV has to fly over you like 10 times to actually kill you. All the while he/she is NOT going after other ships. She/He is NOT dropping fighters over friendlies to keep the other CV honest. No. She/he is launching plane wave after plane wave at YOU, doing minimal damage before you die, or run away. Now, if you don't stay skinny, that's when the CV magic happens, because I can line my reticle up along your waterline like shooting for a citadel, and get way more rocket hits per button click, which creates way more damage to your ship. The most I have was to a Gearing broadside (removing one det from the equation) for 6500 damage. I would still have to swoop over that gearing three more times getting max damage like that to actually kill him. That is of course if I did manage to get that max damage each hit, which is EXTREMELY rare in my experience. I get you don't like getting spotted all the time, however the rocket planes being annoying they really won't do much damage to you if you follow the above tips. As soon as you are spotted turn your AA on and leave it on though, because as the rocket planes turn they go through your flak cloud and that craphurts. Haru, Aki, Kita's hurt as do USN and Groz. Flak burts from Shim seem totally random to me, sometimes they are prevalent, others not. Am not sure if this is a captain build or why.
  3. Here's where the balance is a bit borked still, because right now every angry at CV player is driving around in a Worc or Minotaur, making BBs less prevalent in battles. At the start of the game if you smoke in your DD because the rocket planes are over your head, a radar cruiser that is close enough to spot you with his consumable should be getting nuked by friendly BBs. The fact is there isn't a lot of friendly BBs in the battles so they are playing Mino's and Worcs, which means radar cruiser isn't getting nuked...and quite frankly, your CV will never be able to nuke the radar cruiser at the current AA levels of them in the game right now. They are virtual no fly zones.
  4. For me, I've been enjoying the new carriers despite them being frustrating when up tiered. I have all tier 10s now that I bought Midway last night. So now I'm grinding out credits and modules. I think it's important to note than even with the CVs flying around, the damage they deal on one strike is minimal. It's not hard to avoid an entire torp salvo and if one does hit you, it's likely to do 2500-3000 damage which is pretty much like getting and over pen from a BB shell. I've been playing more or the same as I usually do. I think more people should give the new CVs a try. It's actually kind of fun lining up Dive Bomber shots and buzzing people with the rocket planes.
  5. TurboT

    Are we now playing WoCaTS?

    ...oh but hey, that Worcester shot down 80 planes but that's okay in everyone's book.
  6. TurboT

    Are we now playing WoCaTS?

    [edited] post by CV haters who just want to sail around unspotted in there DDs, or arc'ing shells over islands in their cruisers unspotted. 4 total games in CV by OP. Go play CV and see how well you do keeping your planes alive and delivering any meaningful damage. Give this nonsense a rest. 4 games in a bloody CV and he's an expert talking about plane health and regen, bringing along all the other bozos who's never played CV who just want to break the game with the spotting rules as they currently were. Playing CV and having an impact is not easy. It's probably the hardest thing to do in this game currently. I hate getting torped in my BBs by good destroyer players but I don't come here whining about it. I don't like getting deleted by radar in my destroyers but I don't come here whining about it. Adapt or piss off.
  7. I still get random flak bursts that eat my squads. Unavoidable explosion in your face bye bye planes. Stupidness. AA is still to strong at any tier. Worse for being up-tiered by a large margin but I still can't get a double strike on a same tier target at tier 10 while using the Hak, and the aim time, arming distance and slow torps makes it pointless anyways. The only time I get decent damage games in CV is when I manage to hit someone on my first attempt and get a fire or flood while their repair party is on cooldown or something. The Saipan is bloody useless. I want my 50 bucks back. Not credits, not gold, the fn money I shelled out for it. Yesterday I hit 13 times with torps from the Kaga and had ZERO floods. The most damage I've ever done with rocket planes to a DD in one pass was 5k. I then usually eat a flak burst and my planes are dead. DB's are the most annoying thing ever. They barely get one drop and when you're back to them they are all dead and will not strike a second time even against lower tier targets. Completely obliterated 95% of the time after one drop. At least the TBs you can heal once every 3 minutes and might keep them alive to fly out of the death bubble zone... but only once every 3 minutes. Yesterday I got put into tier 10 in the Lexington and did 9k damage. I am in tier 10 with my tier 8 CVs consistently 75% of the time. I don't believe I've been top tier in the Saipan yet. I've spent the past two weeks extensively playing CV trying to figure out if it was worth it, trying to get better and to figure it out. Plus, I have all other tier 10 ships but Midway so been grinding the Lex some. Anyone saying 'it's all fine' or 'it's close' isn't playing CV or is being paid by WG to say untrue junk. Any feedback from any player about CV should be completely ignored unless they've actually played CV more than 20 times in the rework. Anything else you're a troll and don't know what you're talking about. I will continue with my thoughts that the community will never allow CV to be successful. That requires them to being able to do damage and nobody wants them doing damage because then, "my AA doesn't work this is stupid sky cancer has to go' nonsense. Yes, I'm grouchy today.
  8. Please stop these nonsense threads from people who have not even bothered to try to be an effective member of the team in a Tier 6+ CV.
  9. Look I just had a game where I landed 13 torp hits in the Kaga and got ZERO floods and my total damage output for the game including rocket strikes and DB hits was 66k. That is a terrible damage output game. Considering I was top tier I should be doing more damage on 13 torp hits than 66k. Granted my team hid behind the islands on Trap and didn't contest the caps hardly at all so we lost on the cap counter with still half the ships left in the game, but... 13 torp hits. If I did that in a DD I'd be looking at over 200k. The balance still isn't there.
  10. Honestly the easy way out of this is to lessen the AA somewhat, stop the exploding flak squads and the big one is this: Instead of the remaining planes that did not join the attack run flying straight into the AA bubble they peel off and regroup outside the AA zone. That way, you may lose the planes that went in for the drop but you don't lose the other 8 as the camera zooms back to them flying straight over the AA zone. You can then decide to attack a different ship or peel away from the group, saving those 8 planes for another time (or however many didn't attack). As it stands right now those idiot pilots just fly right over the damn fleet doing nothing but getting killed.
  11. TurboT

    CV Rework poll

    I disagree. Your ammo you shoot from your surface ships does not get swatted away by some magical RNG CIWS system. If you aim correctly you hit. The CV has to deal with planes dropping out of the sky or whole squadrons going poof to some random flak cloud nonsense. Half way through a game in the Lexington I'm not able to launch planes atm because I can't get near anything tier 8 and up without losing the entire squadron. Imagine how you'd feel in a surface ship if you fired twice and then had to wait 2 minutes for your ammo to come back, and then you get that shot one time before you can fire again for 3 minutes. If planes are limited then so should shells be. One gun getting knocked out is not the same as entire plane squadrons not being available, because as it stands right now that's pretty much how it is.
  12. TurboT

    CV Rework poll

    I'm going to say pretty confidently not one time have I ever played the MIno, Worc, DM or Salem and had all or hardly any of my main guns knocked out. EVER. If you want to go that route that drop a plane out of one squadron as a damage token once every six battles to make it balance with surface ships, but not entire squads, or multiple squads.
  13. TurboT

    CV Rework poll

    Before this patch a worcester or des moines or salem or any other high arc cruiser could park behind and island and sling unlimited ammo every 2 seconds, usually unspotted, for the entire match. Setting fires and doing damage and hitting back was virtually impossible due to spotting, shell arcs on what he/she was shooting at. This isn't so much different as a CV with unlimited planes. In fact, all ships have unlimited ammo. I get the CV can do this from the back of the map but it certainly isn't RoF like worcester or DM. I hit a Yamato with a lexington torp for 2500 damage and lost all my planes to his AA and then had to reload other planes and fly over which was probably a minute at least. 2500 damage is one low salvo from a hidden DM. Yet that is okay, but from a CV "OMG!!" Rocket planes are weird. Sometimes the aiming circle takes forever and the RNG is terrible. I've done 9k rocket strikes and 700dmg rocket strikes. I think they need to be a bit less RNG reliant and they might not be too bad.
  14. TurboT

    CV Rework poll

    I'd agree. I'd love for wargaming to come out and say, "We want CVs to do this to support the battle and this is our focus to get them there" The constant rant about DD's and damage since the beginning of this game's life has never really been cleared up either. I for one don't believe a ship with 22k HP should be dealing equal damage to a ship that brings in 100k HP... but again we have this unclear picture of what each class should be doing. If a good game in a CV is a mix of spotting and 50k damage at it's given tier, it should be rewarded in XP for that, and should be stated by WG that this is their expectation on how we balance it. Instead we get nothing but complaining, screaming and salt.
  15. TurboT

    CV Rework poll

    ...and would also like to point out that 170 games in one ship in a week is certainly 'commitment to the cause' ... you literally would become ACE just from the damn practice. I thought I was playing a lot and probably haven't done half of those battles.