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  1. grorg

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    Thank you I'm a cruiser main, drives me nuts why can't I see a DD with radar on lol. Or it disappears from view inside my hydro.
  2. grorg

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    Hit hydro but remember that hydro is a consumable. Are we supposed to hope every sub hunting results in a kill? If not there's an invisible enemy after DDS use up their hydro consumables. Subs that aren't sunk yet will find themselves unhindered. Subs are no good for this game.
  3. Only DDS get depth charges 😠 How many DDS do you m8s see protecting BB or CV lately? Concerned about this earlier in the week in a different thread and was mocked by sub supporters well here it is more stick together like the CV rework except this time no change of DDS sticking around.
  4. I have been playing This game for over two years now I remember 4 trees to pick from. This forum is for voicing your opinion and your concerns but people call it whining because they would prefer this wasn't allowed. I believe subs will destroy the gameplay of WOWs like the CV rework changed the gameplay for the worse. That is my opinion and people here are entitled to that. There are many people who enjoyed this game for a long time and don't want to see "ok dodge this now"in the game yes Halloween event was fun but this is totally different. My opinion OP. That's why people "Whine" here
  5. Said I was a cruiser main, stats back that up. Regardless yes you're right I applied that dd that makes me spill my cookies and milk, nice grorg be nice, with that perfect Torpedo spread. I see dds as part of rock paper scissors and o can take some DD on in my gnies or my GC. No hope in Roma though 😅 nope that's straight to Davey Jones locker.
  6. Great point m8 how do we make it fair for everyone .
  7. Thanks for your assurances do you think there is anything you can share to convince myself and others other than get a grip.
  8. Though they can be quite tasty, shout out to Viola's subs, I still maintain that sounds do not belong in this game. Point: implementing depth charges makes no sense to me. Someone already in a nonchalant manner said BBS won't get dpc they'll have to huddle with DDS for protection. Ok WG tried this with CV rework, doesn't work MMORPG Noone does that. What it's the defense, I'm a cruiser main am I supposed to cover BBS the whole game now from CV and sub!? implementing subs is going to take a lot of work. Point: ok we have the air for CV that's bad enough that I can kill one plane in 10 that's attacking me, now we have a whole new region to worry about below us. How will subs be countered, how do I see them? Will cruisers be given constant radar? I don't see how 2 maybe 3 charges of hydro can detect subs through a whole match. If subs can't be detected should there be a general concealment boost for everyone then? Point: already been brought to light that subs will be super slow so how will WG make them fun and engaging when they decide to ruin our lives by inserting them into the main game? Will WG buff speed double our triple so they are more competitive because people are unhappy? Can they go under or through islands because we don't know what's going to happen down there yet do we? Please I'm looking for Debate on this, the introduction of subs to this game that I love is making me want to stop playing altogether. I don't see how this can work after the disaster of the CV rework. Willing to keep in touch, thanks my WG community.
  9. grorg

    A question for WG on subs

    Doesn't really pertain to my question May be easy to implement button wise I'm asking what ships get it. Am I deploying dpc in my Bismarck? Will my daosta get dpc. How exactly do you fight a sub since rock paper scissors is a thing of the past. This is skin to AA vs CV with the rework
  10. Some are born to sing the blues
  11. grorg

    A question for WG on subs

    How do you counter a sub when you're "the last hope" and your in BB? The about to counter CV was down as pitiful for DDS and still is so what will make subs a fair part of gameplay? I don't having DDS able to drop depth charges is a viable option as they are plagued by the above CV imbalance.
  12. DDS fire torpedoes cl/can fire torpedoes planes fire torpedoes subs fire torpedoes. Are we reaching the point of making BBS obsolete, depending the entire game dodging torps?
  13. grorg


    Sarcasm m8. I see what's happening it makes me so sad I've already held my wallet since the day Roma came out, this is awful. Have we learned nothing. Completely agree CV rework was terrible, still is. This is the sprinkles on the ice cream over the whip cream on top of the cherries on the cake. I see angry WG community Bruce Willis.
  14. grorg

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    1 duca daosta- Italian Ferrari 2 Yorck- flamethrower butt waggler 3 gneisenau- gorgeous shark in the water 4 emden- fun to play great history 5 Roma- beautiful ship it's Italian and when he hits he hits big.
  15. grorg


    I did not start playing this game as a cruiser main to fight an unbalanced enemy I cannot see and cannot hit. Already went through rediculous CV rework that still can't stopped in battle. Sure hope this doesn't hurt the WG community.