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  1. grorg

    0.9.6 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Every day for the past 22 years
  2. Oh yes let's nerf the Italians the only cruiser in the line that isn't pudding
  3. grorg

    Tier 8 ranked sprint favourites

    Roma I'm totally gonna do it
  4. Fake news they did the ifhe rework to fix he spam issues. Surely this was enough or sure cruisers be further nerfed against BBS?
  5. grorg


    And a proper poll in good wows poll form . Well done.
  6. grorg

    Venezia-a ship for bad player

    Right all you people like to call us Italians pasta boats because it's a funny stereotype, and yes they are blappy cruisers not for beginners. So the top of the line is a good ship sew buttons. You can get blapped in any ship for bad play
  7. grorg

    My beef with reading Forum posts

    Did you set it to wumbo?
  8. Ok not really a complaint per say however.... Love naval battles and totally want to do well. I think most of us know I'm an Italian enthusiast so I play my Italian cruisers. Rules state that all researchable and premium ships count toward NB. Ok totally my bad but played my best game ever and was so happy and of all ships in my Roma.....right really iwas so happy I'll make stars for sure right! Yeah no Italian BBS don't count, sadnessssssss. Despite the above rules. Totally my fault I get it but I feel like I lost out. Trying to find replay.
  9. Wow what would I say in retrospect. I'll admit I started this game on the wrong foot and without help I wouldn't have learned. Ok please play your ship until you feel confident it. I know we all want to play t10 but it's no good to you to rush up there to get autoblapped. Research your ship play your ship get comfortable in your ship before you move up the ladder.
  10. grorg

    Is the Bismarck good for anything?

    Ha as if that would do any significant damage. Ok I'm headed for France.
  11. No we have no shrubberies!
  12. grorg

    Wargaming is Utterly Tone Deaf

    eXACTLY! This can't be right. just leave if you think there's a problem with cv
  13. grorg

    Cruisers in sub games

    Another reason I won't play with subs on the game.
  14. grorg

    Silly idea for NO plane regeneration.

    Shhhhh you'll make the CV lords angry they don't like you saying stuff that might make them fair. Yes exactly go to sleep don't upset them