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  1. grorg

    what will WG ruin next?

    You must have missed the ifhe nerf
  2. grorg

    What Port Do You Use? Why?

    I'm Italian American Taranto all the way Also I play mainly Italian ships
  3. CV whining threads Where's my popcorn and smores schnapps.
  4. Completely disagree I love the RM BBS I've waited 5 years for them. I play like a heavy cruiser they have great mobility and when the hit it's glorious.
  5. I took out two tonight yippee They must have been made low like the test of us for the new gods, the subs.
  6. Yorck my best cruiser
  7. Sure but we already no they won't listen as evidenced by subs
  8. grorg

    This is the end.... Soviet CV's Announced

    After subs I'm not surprised, open wide folks here's some more nonsense for you.
  9. grorg

    It does seem to be a bit unfair...

    Why for everyone my friend. Because WG says so "There is nothing to fear it is all clear"
  10. grorg

    Submarines : A review for the rest of us

    Thank you for this I thought I was insane 😂
  11. grorg

    Submarines : A review for the rest of us

    Lol if you trust your team in an online game, oh wait you're serious. Well good luck with that my experience is your team will melt around you it's up to you to make a difference. When your team won't cap and won't leave the spawn point or melts around you how do you play as a team
  12. grorg

    It does seem to be a bit unfair...

    Don't worry subs will make it all better
  13. grorg

    Submarines : A review for the rest of us

    Rediculous so now there's another ship I can't fight in my CA Wich is what I like to play, but no, no soup for you apparently. Why should I play a game anymore where I have no counter, CV is bad enough with unlimited planes. Really WG
  14. Subs at all costs Why would they implement the underwater world and the hell with surface ships. Because subs at all costs, they didn't take the time to make it fair for Surface ships. Just get it out there.
  15. grorg

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Great white fleet is looking good