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  1. grorg

    When Are Submarines Coming Out?

    Thank you
  2. Lol yes agreed, just sick of all the other classes getting along fine while I get blapped. There's a huge CV crisis IMO out there but they want to affect cruisers ugh. Shuffle on and eat your gruel.
  3. Thank you for that so my Italian premiums that already struggle to do damage will be further nerfed, even though no nerf to premiums, but Yorck will be fine. Ilthe example isn't the point, ifhe is a cruiser ability to deal consitant damage, if this was a bb nerf we would see all hot topics on the forum. Don't want to sail my cruiser around for they practice I'll remember your advice thank you're
  4. As an overwhelmingly BB player how would you suggest a t7 cruiser affect you in t8 BB after this nerf? Should Yorck shoot AP at a JB?
  5. I love that WG is nerfing an entire class, cruisers lol with ifhe, a class that's supposed to be AA defense against CV for fellow bb btw, but they are they class that gets dev strike blapped the most. What utter garbage this whole plan is. If there was a nerf across BB there would be an outcry and WG would have to recant.
  6. grorg

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    I joined the game in 16 longing for the Italian tree. Awarded Monte and trento......... Not gonna lie I really feel WG has failed this nation tree. Continued it's maybe unwarranted bad name for snuffing Italians. Pity, I love these ships they're gorgeous. SAP is awesome but I don't understand why wg made them so weak. Monte uptiered is a good day of sailing around and they know it
  7. Hi m8 Sorry to hear you are uninstalling again. Game is rough on the weekends m8 don't give up. Unfortunately the CV rebork upsets many of us and I share your opinion. There's a CV mafia out there that will mock you bitterly for not trying to expose the CV issue. They are rabid about it as you may have noticed. However WG has added lots of great rewards and missions as well as recognizing good players on a losing team, you can still get fair xp credit output for great play. Keep at it, hope to see you out on the sea and down with the reds.
  8. grorg

    No More Super Containers?

    Got 1 yesterday 1000 doubloons very rare though first one in at least 4 months.
  9. grorg

    Remove planes and CVs from WowS

    You mean like carriers on the game launching while running away, not have to turn into the wind? Should be Uncle to launch in a storm that's real 🙂
  10. Ok I never said immunity that would be unfair I think I'm sure you do too. I disagree that I'm delusional about my feelings as a cruiser captain it's my opinion that CV is unfair and has too much power. I did not complain WG seems to be ok with this and there's a CV mafia that attacks players who feel unfairly treated. I see you disagree,good for you that's why we can discuss and seek the truth. As far as DD play goes I'm novice don't play them much, but it would seem to me that a CV vs DD fight is pretty one sided unless the DD can cross the map and torp the CV, planes are superior to the DDS ability. DD also has limited AA, since they are encouraged to cap spot knife fight they really get blapped by CV rockets who btw slowly wear down their health and AA mounts. Perhaps you can see from a DDS prospective waves and waves of attackers you can't shoot down or torp or even stop might feel OP. As for cruisers which I do play a bunch unless you play usn or probably now Soviet you can't really stop a wave of planes on your own especially late game with depleted AA and the numbers are against you. When you do shot 1or2 planes down they come right back so it's a little frustrating. Yes often get fighter plane but let's remember that this is a consumable and time limited as is Def AA where plane can just fly away. Perhaps you can see where a cruiser captain can get frustrated. Shouldn't have to give up playing km or rm cruiser because CV. All the while avoiding CV planes you're vulnerable to blap from a BB 20km away. As for BBS I feel relentless targeting is the biggest issue, losing hp in increments still gets you sunk. U still lose lose AA mounts quickly and even with massive number of AA you still can't prevent CV strikes. BBS are slow and torps hurt, 2cv can crossdrop still. late game you know you're the target and if you're team is down you know you are in trouble, can support although hinted in the loading screen is feeble in MMO. You might see from a BBS perspective why CV is frustrating. CVS yep if you're the worser CV you team is prob gonna lose, depending on the way the CV plays it makes the n match. CV vs CV is a joke meta is rack up damage. I don't play CV anymore I don't like them that my choice. Now CV usually not always gets to survive a lot longer, hides in the back, hits other ships without consumable concern, regenerates planes, doesn't get damaged by plane loss, gets great concealment, fire reduction, auto rp. You might see that other classes are frustrated and feel this isn't fair. You can play your best and still the CV will get you. As for huddling together where's the cooperation in randoms!? What's more you get yelled at for lemming train. Great Target for DD spreads. Ask a CV for support, see where you get. These are my feeling on CVS and apparently many others feel this way. Can you respond in a way that is constructive unlike the usual cv mafia calling everyone whiner crybaby noobs?
  11. Noone is asking for immunity not BB or DD or CA What would be nice is balanced play with the 4th class that as stated previously and above has far too many advantages.
  12. grorg

    Thank you WG for the t7 radar buff!!

    I figured Well that and the ifhe nerf should make playing as cruiser main even more fun.
  13. grorg

    Thank you WG for the t7 radar buff!!

    T7 radar buff hot dog! Now does this apply to my Yorck?