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    Submarines are Coming

    I like this game. Over the last few years, there have been ups and downs with the quality of the game play and the level of fun I am able to reap from it. Often, things that are not and never where broken, get fixed. This, addition, of submarines, I feel will hamper even further the quality of the game play. It is simply not necessary, and will once again cause a rift in the dynamic of the game. The real question is "Why"? the first and simplest answer is "Money". I have never objected to spending a little bit of cash on this game as it has provided me many hours of entertainment, but when it comes to blatant cash grabs and hockey game additions for prophet, it is pretty lame and keeps me from wanting to play. And I would believe I am not the only one that feels like this. Just stop Wargaming. there are other aspects of this game that could be changed, improved, and worked on, that would continue to bring joy to playing it. But adding submarines...
  2. For players who have dl'd the new STEAM wows client and were unable to log in with their existing account, here is a fast and easy solution. 1. dl the STEAM World of warships client. http://store.steampowered.com/app/552990/ 2. run the application once, when you get to the login screen...DO NOTHING! exit the application completely by hitting the little "X" in the top right hand corner of the window. 3. go to your WoWs folder in STEAM. Example: local disk (C:)>Program Files (x86)>STEAM>steamapps>common>World of Warships 4. In that folder, there will be an application extension file that should be called "steam_api.dll". Right click on that file, click "rename", and put a "2" in front of the name (2steam_api.dll) press "enter. 5. Close folder. Restart your game from STEAM. And now you should have the option to log in with your existing account. I HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU WHO HAVE HAD PROBLEMS. DISCLAIMER: THIS MAY NEED TO BE REPEATED AFTER PATCHES. ALSO, if you do not want to bother with the client through steam, but would like to add your game to steam, just use the "add non steam game" option on the steam client. Use the path to your existing world of warships .exe file to add it.