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  1. Danyir_Amore

    So if you torp a friendly at 9K is it really your fault?

    Sometimes it is in fact the fault of the person that got hit. I have seen DDs rush in between ships that launched torps when they had no need to (they were safe behind island) just to try and get the kill themselves. If a ship is in a brawl with a red they will launch torps as much to stay alive as to get the kill, if you get hit by those it is your fault. Always give the ship in contact with the enemy the right of way.
  2. Danyir_Amore

    A Tale of Two BBs

    First, radar makes hella difference since it keeps back DDs which are the bane of BBs. Second keep in mind that since people are grinding through Iowa many are playing not fully upgraded or used to the ship in general so there is a bit of a learning curve while people who have the mighty money have learned how to use it by now.
  3. Danyir_Amore

    Deadeye is ruining WOW Gameplay

    So this is a phenomena known as a vicious cycle, the lack of cruisers removes the main DD counter, the increase in DDs means BBs get pushed to the back where cruisers can't harm them further reducing incentive to play cruisers. Less cruisers mean less HE spam which also incentivizes more BBs. So in a way Deadeye is indirectly responsible but I still don't think it is the main culprit. This trend has been around for a long time and I think it has more to do with constant increases to overmatching BBs. I also think the nerfing of secondaries is probably more responsible since you now have ships that were former brawlers either not playing or switching to sniping. This not only directly contributes to increase in Sniping BBs it has two follow on effects. First less pushing means Deadeye is not negated as often making it more potent, and second less pushing makes cruisers less effective since they rely on being pushed into to do their damage. Deadeye is not the problem, it is a relatively minor buff to an already prevalent behavior. There are many more contributing factors that have a greater effect than Deadeye.
  4. Danyir_Amore

    Azuma or Friesland?

    You will be very disappointed if you try and do that. All BBs that Yoshi faces overmatch its large bow section and the angles to use torpedoes require exposing enough broadside that even cruisers will citadel you. The torpedoes are only very situational or if you get the meme 20k ones you can use them to fire randomly in the general vicinity of the enemy and maybe score hits, though you are as likely to hit friendlies with them doing that. The one good thing about simply having the torps is that people will not rush you like they will an Azuma because they know they can get easy citadels. Like I said you will spend most of the match farming in back with the Thundies, if you do a good job preserving your health toward endgame you might be able to find a situation where torpedo rushing is effective. Doing so will not be a major part of successful gameplay in it though.
  5. Danyir_Amore

    Azuma or Friesland?

    The first consideration for premium ships is always which are going to be more useful? As in using it to retrain captains and grind credits even a mediocre premium will do this well enough. So ask yourself which you need more to retrain EU captains or IJN captains and whether there is a better choice for one or the other. TBH IJN has lots of better options than Azuma, if you are willing to fork over real money Atago or the warhammer Amagis are the way to go, Yoshi for coal if you want free (though there may be better offerings for coal). That said here are the basics of the two. Freisland is a good gunboat that can dominate other DDs and doesn't have to worry about CVs. It is generally pretty good to play right now. I don't have it so I can only say what I've seen of it in the hands of others. Azuma/Yoshino are the best cruiser killers out there, Their HE DPM is higher than all other super cruisers and has the 51mm pen to deal with Soviet Bias, I don't know how AP stacks up against the others but I have never found it lacking against cruisers and will cit some BBs at concealment range. You will also not have problems hitting at range, which is good because you really need all of its considerable range. The problem especially in current meta is that they are really bad against BBs because they are easily overmatched and have a big citadel. Everyone knows you are a pinata and they will all take a crack at you as soon as you are lit. It is good against DDs because of the guns which makes it easy to with, I've gotten hits on Mogadors at 18km before, but you don't get radar like the other super cruisers so you are still reliant on others for spotting. It has good AA most non FDRs will only get one strike on you at a time, and since you are usually forced to play from far away due to bad armor they tend to leave you alone because it isn't worth the travel time for just one good salvo. Being far away also helps you when you need to dodge CVs because you are usually free(er) to maneuver. As you might be able to guess from lengthier description I have Yoshi which is very similar to Azuma, It's okay and I've had some fun battles in it. Most of your gameplay will be sitting back with the Thunderers HE spamming until you can find an opening to push which may never come. Getting too close early on is a bad move because the fun ends as soon as everyone realizes you are a big fat candy filled Pinata. Edit: Though I must add one caveat, I am assuming AA on Azuma is similar to Yoshi, check if it is before taking my word for it.
  6. Danyir_Amore

    ARP Ships

    Anime is very popular in Russia so it is likely they will be continuing with anime content. People believed there wouldn't be any more collab after it originally came out then came yammy and such. Its about price point, they don't make enough to have the license constantly and therefore constantly paying for it, but as demand builds from more people who don't have the ships eventually it will come to a point where they can make profit from it. There is also a timeline issue, they won't want to release an ARP event while they have other things coming out because they will then be in competition. Therefore I would guess that once demand is high enough across all servers and other content has slowed down, they will be willing to have the event again.
  7. Danyir_Amore

    Deadeye is ruining WOW Gameplay

    BB Sniping and camping has nothing to do with deadeye, its been around since the game began. Its caused by people wanting to shoot but not get shot at especially by people they cant see. It used to be a much bigger problem back in the days of stealth firing. The real cause is DDs and the vision control meta, that's why it is much worse at higher tiers than lower tiers. Because the DDs at higher tiers are relatively much more powerful. InB4 Grammar Nazi, I know you aren't supposed to start a sentence with "because", I just don't give a crapit's the internet.
  8. Danyir_Amore

    Win or Lose, CVs never Win

    Nah CV's are fine where they are. Winrate is not a valid metric for comparing ship classes due to mirroring, which is especially true for CVs since they are always exactly mirrored, while other classes sometimes aren't. As for damage being second is not bad and the ability to apply it at the decisive moment means it is very powerful even if they aren't top damage.
  9. Danyir_Amore

    How to grind to aircraft carriers?

    Dude you necro'd the crapoutta this thread.
  10. Danyir_Amore

    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    Yeah so for one, the stats don't prove it. By kills, wins, or damage no CV is actually in the top. By kills the top performer is MvR at 39th place, by wins it is Erich Lowenhardt at 18th place, By damage and CVs best showing is the FDR in fourth beaten by 3 battleships. FDR is followed by four more BBs then MvR, after that all other CVs are actually beaten in damage output by lower tier BBs and again damage output is the CVs best performing category. The only category that they do perform best in is KDR. This is obviously because most of them do sit in the back, which is precisely where you want them because it greatly reduces their effectiveness by extending turn around times. I also see a bunch of people invoking the wisdom of certain Youtubers, and I can tell you they are wrong. Multiple Youtubers advise not to even bother building AA since they claim its useless because it doesn't completely block all damage. This is silly, expecting to block all damage from aircraft would be the same as expecting Angling to block all damage from shells or hydro to block all damage from torps. AA is very effective, it greatly reduces amount of incoming damage by limiting the amount of strikes a CV can make, it also means they have to spend extra time lining up attack runs properly and makes evasive action much more effective. Anyone that thinks CVs are OP should try actually playing them, its what I did. I am not a CV main, I am a surface ship main. The reason I played CVs was to learn how to counter them, and behold! It worked. They are nowhere near as easy to play as people seem to think. I learned how to play against them and frankly I do not consider them a problem, I am always much more worried about unspotted DDs which are the actual most influential ships.
  11. Maybe instead of whinging in the chat you should've been taking evasive action. Like you only took evasive action once, the first rocket attack. You don't even have the excuse of being locked into an angle because you were engaging someone, you were in open water well out of harms way, even giving your broadside to the enemy anyway. you could've easily mitigated most of the damage, but instead you just sat there and actually watched him set up a perfect bomb run down the length of your ship twice, what exactly were you expecting? You also only used the sector reinforcement twice and on neither of the bomb drops that did most of the damage, if you had those last couple of planes probly wouldn't have survived to make the last drop. You also misused your DCP twice, once on a single fire (which had already half burned anyway so even worse) which looked to be set by the Thunderer when the planes were approaching, then again you used it on two fires while the planes were still there. Maybe you should play CV's you will learn its a lot harder than you seem to think they are.
  12. Danyir_Amore

    Is it just me or has the rework diminished Battleship impact?

    No it hasn't, maybe individual players, but not overall. There are a lot more BBs now wanting to play with deadeye. The real sufferers are the cruisers and there are a lot less of them because they really can't compete with the long range meta so no one plays them. Among those that still do play cruisers there are lots of Super cruisers like Alaska and they wind up getting played like BBs (even tho they're not). In this environment its the DDs that have the most impact through sustained vision control. If the DD screening the BBs goes down, those BBs are basically forced to disengage, this is what causes the backline sniping not Deadeye. Individual BB impact may be down simply because there are so many more of them now, but the real impact is and has always been from the DDs.
  13. I got Moskva when it was tech tree, its a good ship but I wouldn't pay for it. Its fragile and easy to flank, and its bad conceal is not good for randoms.
  14. Danyir_Amore

    Gorizia ain't so bad once you get the hang of her

    Cruisers like Gorizia separate the good from the bad. you have to actually understand positioning to do well in her because you cant just spam HE at everything. You need to know when to push, when to kite, and when to gang [edited] an Isolated ship. Once you understand those things, the Italian cruisers like Gorizia become extremely potent.