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  1. groundace

    Has anyone tried Cheshire in PvE?

    Came back to the game recently, (Just been busy with other games past 3 months) And I see that not one but two premium British Heavy cruisers are now a thing. From what I've seen the teir VI London seems to be what people were hoping Exeter to be (Ie Exeter without her nerfs bumped to teir VI) But aside from like 1 video on YouTube I've heard next to nothing about about Cheshire and her concept seems cool but I can't really garner any idea about how she is to play. Has anyone tried her? Is she bad or just underwhelming or something?
  2. Hey wait a minute... How many variations of that do you have, lol. Anyways considering Azuma's preference for long range I'll probably wait until I can get a better grasp of whether said play style would work for me, since I usually just go point blank even in ships that really shouldn't (Like Friesland). So I'll probably try playing ships that fit that role before I pull the trigger. By the way I don't know if I said this on a previous post I did concerting Kaga you described how she plays. I did in fact pick it up and I love it a lot, Maybe not quite as fun as my battle carrier Graf Zeppelin but I like her a lot. So thank you for the advisement.
  3. Perhaps I'll pass then, which is a shame because I love how the ship looks (visually speaking) and was curious to add a second "super cruiser" to my fleet because there's no way I'm ever getting Stalingrad, I'd rather grab Neustrashimy if I ever owned enough steel for anything lol
  4. Been looking at Azuma and it's starting to grow on me visually so I'm starting to get tempted to buy one, especially now that I have the Azuma commander from the collab. But I haven't personally heard much on this ship. And the closet analogue I have to play is Alaska which considering her access to radar, much better armor layout, and itty bitty teeny tiny citadel is a poor comparison. So to anyone that did grab her, is she good, decent, or suck? And should I avoid Azuma?
  5. I wouldn't over that but I was originally leaning towards Kaga for something new compared to my Graf Zeppelin and Hakuryu which I still enjoy both in co-op (Except GZ's dive bombers they're trash) even if I'm usually in the lower half of the team. I'll probably hold off for another few hours to keep thinking but I think I'll get her and Exeter.
  6. Ok it's over, the meme lord has spoken I'm getting Kaga
  7. I actually do own Prinz Eugen, it's my favorite cruiser long with Alaska precisely for the reasons you noted ;)
  8. Wanted to grab like fifty bucks of doubloons and use two of the ships for doubloons coupons to grab some ships but not entirely sure which to get. My current list is below: Kaga, Duke of York, Le Terrible, and Exeter. Anyone who owns these have any experience on if any of the ships are good/fun in the scope of co-op? I'm mostly leaning towards getting both Kaga and Exeter but other advice is welcome.
  9. groundace


    I probably should make a guide post for her in co-op, huh? On a more serious note you'll either click with her or not, even in PvP her play style is very polarizing. Similar to the current indomitable situation. My personal advisment would be to look into other free XP ships first as Nelson, and Alaska/Azuma have more standard play styles and as such it's easier to gauge whether you'd enjoy them without actually owning them. Anyways apologies for the belated response, figured I'd throw my thoughts in.
  10. Firstly these are just my thoughts concerning recent events so I don't expect this to get much attention, nor do I expect any suggestions I make be done without question. Came back recently to work on the winter event since I liked the previous year so much. And for the most part I like alot of the additions, including reducing the steel from snowflakes but also allowing it to drop from tier 8 ships, I'd imagine tier 8 is one of the most popular tiers so even though your total steel may be less, gives more people a chance to get some. But I probably won't participate farther than snowflakes seeing the Puerto Rico event. Keep in mind I had no intention of getting it and still don't care for it. But WarGaming's handling of the concept of a gift tier X kinda killed my mood for WoWs this month. They've already made it clear this is not intended to be a ship for anyone to get, that it's intended only for the more dedicated players. Which is fine to me, not everyone owns a Bourgogne, or a Stalingrad, or a Ohio. And debatable balance aside. They're technically also intended as ships not for everyone and only for dedicated/ hardcore players. But none of these ships are shoved in your face, aside from being shown in the armory, patch notes, and in battle. They're just kinda there. With this new ship however WG grabs your head and shoves your face into the event, from the premium shop, to the directives, to the big o'l dockyard button, the tutorial on first login in the update even the initial game loading screen has been revamped specifically for this ship. I feel something Steve Jobs once said fits here "People don't know what they want until you show it to them." Let me ask this. If you never saw a smartphone or even heard of one in your life, would you still want one? Perhaps let me put it another way, How often do you see Ads on tv or in the paper to apply for Harvard or Yale or Oxford etc.? Perhaps it's because it's not meant for everyone. I feel the same idea should of been done here. If it's not meant for just any casual, don't put it in the spotlight. Don't draw so much attention to it that even someone who only checks on the game occasionally can't help but notice, and subsequently want. Just add it, the dedicated players will know it's there, at least if they're dedicated enough to keep up with news and patch notes. But more casual players won't be given that desire to acquire the ship on account of simply not knowing it exists. As far as the grind itself is concerned I feel it would of been better on everyone to delay this ship another year and do a runner up event. Says you get access to the Dock in June and the next few months you can start getting resources or perhaps even start building the ship but you can't actually finish it until December. For example making if do you can build the keel and hull in June but can't work on the superstructure until August or September when certain technology unlock like fire control or radar. Allowing people to finish the current part of the month and either keep accumulating resources for the next part or just waiting until it's available the next month eventually ending in December where the final part becomes available like fuel or crew or something like that. Making it so it's more doable for more people while also making the grind fair for a teir X premium. I feel this would of given more value to the dock concept itself since in the grand scale of the things and creating a growing hype in a healthy way, adding this mechanic for only a month is kinda like a flash in the pan. What bugs me most however is how WarGaming didin't feel a need to defuse the hype or inform CC's that the event is noticeably harder than initially shown in the public test. While I normally would forgive WG for such a blunder and most companies make a bad call once in a while. I unfortunately can no longer believe this was a honest mistake. They've fallen into so many "holes" this year, from the CV rework, to Naval Training Center, to Smolensk and Colbert, even the recent italians and their SAP. I honestly can no longer believe they're that unlucky or that unaware to trip up so many times in one year as all honest mistakes. I feel at this point something may need to be changed about how the game is developed considering this. To be completely honest I haven't had my trust in Wargaming waver this much since Rubicon (Ask a WoT player if you don't know what that is) On a final note: Thank you in advance for reading. I don't expect to have perfect solutions nor do I expect to be right. But if you read everything I thank you kindly, it means alot to me.
  11. Unfortunately I can't force myself to get all three daily containers, if i'm lucky I can only get the 2nd and only rarely can push myself to do both daily combat missions. So for me it'd probably take until mid November, especially since I've been getting repetitive supercontainers full of camos so some days I don't get any coal at all. I'll go along the normal way for now and keep the steel on standby in case Smolensk's removal is confirmed since I really don't want to have another Belfast situation again. (Having missed out on Belfast legit gives me trouble sleeping at night sometimes, I'd give all my ships twice over for her.) Anyway thank you kindly for the advise and understanding, I was aware that generally converting steel leaves you off worse than where you started but thought I might as well ask since the amount of steel being used is relatively low.
  12. Now I know the answer for most is a resounding no but please just hold your horses and listen for this one. I have around 1.7k steel from the prior Christmas event and I'm debating whether to use it to finish the rest of my way towards a coal ship. If I used it I could get Salem today or Smolensk in just a few days. I wouldn't use the steel for anything else anyways the only steel ship I would ever want is Neutrashimy but as a Co-op main that doesn't do clan battles I'll never have enough for that ship. Anyway I'd want to grab a ship before update end for a supercontainer and if I get Smolensk perhaps before WG decides to smite her from acquisition before I can get it like they did to me and Belfast. And also slightly because when I'm close to getting something I tend to get impatient but that's just me. Anyways thoughts? Thanks in advance for reading.
  13. Been wanting her for awhile but been kinda lazy about it. But with the new premium ship coupon and the temporary discount on the premium ship I managed to get her for just $25 of doubloons and a spare 100 I had from the login events. I know Boise is technically a better buy but I cannot express enough how much I love the camo scheme Julio gets. Now to decide if I free xp my way to 10 skill points or just do it the normal way lol. Also any tips on how to position and play her in battle and build advice are welcome.
  14. groundace

    Yes people Capping in Co-op DOES matter!

    Ok, now I'm not saying that this is eerily similar the that game we had together a few days ago on Tears of the Desert in your Thunderer where we lost on points. (it was so bloody close the Midway was on like 100ish hp and your killing salvo was in the air) Now what I am saying is that this is pretty fraking spooky #2spooky4me In all seriousness though nobody believes it's possible to lose in co-op... until you start losing. I have a similar problem in scenarios where some groups focus so hard on completing secondary objectives that they forget completing the primary objective is not guaranteed, and then we fail and having completing all the secondaries becomes pointless anyway because we lost.
  15. Got West Virginia '41 which is the ship I was hoping for, pretty excited right now