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  1. Keep in mind this is my opinion based on my gameplay with Hakuryu in the co-op mode. It's hard, like unnecessarily hard, not aim and getting hits or getting strategy. but getting results, I can get upwards of 300k damage and average between 80k and 140k. but most matches i'm at the bottom of the team in xp. is this just low in general for teir ix and x? I average the same in conq and get first place in xp almost every time. Also even in co-op player attitude is pretty negative. Your often openly considered a liability, if not straight up blamed or any unfortunate happenings in the match. and to the honest their kinda right. Not because you suck but because CV's aren't good enough in my opinion. even when hitting your drops accurately your almost destined for someone else to finish the target before you can get any relevant damage off, the match ends before you can break 30k. in addition dodging flak or maneuvering around high aa targets to engage other ships add lots of time between attack runs, lest you be deplaned. In essence my problem is they're just too slow, not in their speed, but in their influence. They just can't influence and change the direction of a game as fast as any other ship type can. they can't just delete something like every other ship can, which I know sounds counter intuitive, but bb's can citadel for huge one shot damage (ap bombs from hak are hard capped at 25k) destroyers can one shot with torp walls (torp bombs from hak are capped at round 20k-40k pre resistance, depending on loadout), and cruisers can do both depending on the specific ship in addition to he damage and fires. The only things CV can do well consistently is vulture, whether it be sinking lone targets, or basically kill stealing low hp targets. which I guess is where it'll stay for now, a support class. something that can do damage and spot, but aside from spotting is ultimately meaningless in whether the team won or not. like winning a participation award. While I personally don't have any solutions, and I'll probably continue playing carriers. I thought I'd share my thoughts, after largely being quiet for 3 years in regards to feedback, I thought I'd try.
  2. groundace

    Interested as to why players stick exclusively to Coop

    Pardon the post to a old question but I'll offer my reasons. Long ago I would be perfectly fine playing PvP games, I still watch games like overwatch and fortnite and all that jazz as I find PvP entertaining. But I've never had the coolest head in regards to playing them myself, way back when I played games like World of Tanks or War Thunder or in irl games like soccer or chess, I had anger management issues to put it lightly. I would yell and scream and sometimes throw and smash, and even threaten those nearby like you see in those raging kid videos on youtube. My mindset was always too serious, too competitive. Over one unfortunate year alot of that anger turned into depression that I still live with today. As a result alot of my old behavior I used to find okay I now saw as vulgar and extreme. Today, I strictly don't allow myself to play PvP modes aside from short sessions in really casual games like tf2. I don't want to be like that again so I just don't put myself in that position to begin with. And when I do I'll often be scared or anxious and my hands will shiver violently, and it isn't long before that blood boiling feeling comes back. In co-op, not just in this game but in others, I can keep a calmer head, perhaps due to the more mundane enemies compared to PvP, I'm still not sure. But here I can just relax, and play, and while sometimes in PvE I can still get salty, it's better for me than the alternative. As to how I don't lose entertainment in co-op in WoWs. I just like sailing, for the same reason I play CV's post rework even though I'm really bad at it, I like flying. two things I've never done but dream to do irl and yes I know there are better games for both but I just like WoWs for that. I know I'm weird for this and honestly you'd could argue a TL:DR of "I don't enjoy Randoms" but maybe the read will be or interest or amusement to someone.
  3. Saw the change a few minutes after i posted so well done on that. funny initial read though :)
  4. Referring to the unique permanent camos for certain tier x ships. I didn't buy them last year as at the time I didn't own any of the qualifying ships. but I've been at work getting teir x's and would like the chance to purchase them again for the ships I have. Do you think they'll return this year? Never again? or only the next time space battles return? Thanks in advance, even if realistically this is mostly just theory-crafting. Also a WG response would be nice, even if it's vague ;)
  5. I've been playing hood with her buffs and, honestly she makes me feel useless now compared to before. Oddly enough though it has nothing to do with her buff though, least i don't think so. my main problem is even with her sigma buff, her accuracy for me has tanked. you know the -50% accuracy debuff you get when firing into a t-storm? That is hood for me every single time. While even before hood was not exactly a ship that could fight out of a problem, now I'm unable to kill anything reliably at any range. I've reliably missed shots on bb's as short as 300 meters. I'm just asking if Wargaming can check if they did the math right, like if someone forgot to carry a 1 or something since I know that can sometimes happen in development. if it is just me perhaps it is time for me to leave the game. Not on the part of WG, but rather since it's starting to weaken my morale knowing that regardless of whether I aim true or not i'll still miss. While I've had similar problems across all my ships. Hood is the worst offender and the only one that would even have a chance at having something wrong statswise I know everyone is focusing on cv the rework, I guess on the inside i'm just trying to confirm I don't suck at the game to the point I can't make any influence in a game. and if anyone decides to take this post seriously. I thank you in advance.
  6. groundace

    Any tips for keeping aviation alive?

    No harm done ;) I wasn't good at the old system either and yea practicing in co-op is proving difficult due to the annihilated matchmaker in part of enemy cv's being replaced by bb's giving the bots a effective team hp advantage. and barely anyone playing surface ships atm I'll just keep going at it, not much else to do in this frigid cold anyway lol (like -20, seriously.)
  7. groundace

    Any tips for keeping aviation alive?

    Mostly been playing enterprise and saipan
  8. groundace

    Any tips for keeping aviation alive?

    If you're referring to active avoidance and changing heading every so often I already do this. but still can't seem to avoid it as much as people I saw on the pt videos (edit changed to pt, saw some news of another games ptu and got struck in my head)
  9. Been playing the new cv's and the aa mechanics in particular seems really confusing. Sometimes i'll take 2-4k salvos from seemingly nothing or just the continuous aa, flak on occasion will suddenly spawn in the dozens in all possible directions forcing you to lose a significant part of the squadron. and at least to me it feels completely random whether or not you'll have the whole squadron insta-gibbed the second you hit the deck for an attack run. like i understand i have to avoid flak and most of the time I do so successfully but is it intentional to randomly be forced into a flak cloud? or is these something i'm missing for improving the squadrons staying power? Thanks in advance for any tips. I've looked into ptu footage but nothing anyone has said has worked for me, and I'd like to know if this is just how cv's are? or if i'm yet to get there. Also if a WG... somebody, happens to see this. I thinks there is great potential in the concept for the new cv's. There's probs alot of hate or heavy criticism flying your way but remember alot of us do it out of tough love because we either like the game or see it's potential and do not wish for it to fail, please remember this so we both make it though this change ;)
  10. groundace

    Musashi, Jean Bart, or Salem for fun?

    Thanks for understanding, feels nice to have that reload booster when you witness a broadside. also one match I was an aa escort for the rest of my teams battleships with such ludicrous aa damage and range for a bb
  11. groundace

    Musashi, Jean Bart, or Salem for fun?

    Thanks for the advice everyone, I decided to go with Jean Bart in part because I love my Gasconge and the improved turret layout seems useful. Also in part to farm elite commander xp (through running operation Hermes my french commander is the closest to a 19skill, currently at 17) Tried a match in her. the reload booster was the greatest 20 seconds of bliss in my entire life. Suffice to say it's amazing. Also I somehow managed to citadel the teir 9 German bb so theres that, http://prntscr.com/m2al1g I do have well over enough convertible xp that should I feel inclined I can get Musashi but probs won't, Anyway happy holidays everyone!
  12. groundace

    Musashi, Jean Bart, or Salem for fun?

    ^this. Also sorry for the late reply was working on daily wins before the free premium ran out. getting ships for the sake of rarity (in this case being no longer availible) has little interest for me, if I really want a Musashi as a collector i'll just buy a model to build. also I don't intend to keep grinding much longer, as much i enjoy the game i'll often take huge breaks. so for the sake of practicality, if you could only get one of these ships for the rest of time(Edit: one opportunity, moms spaghetti, sorry I had to), which would be the most enjoyable
  13. groundace

    Musashi, Jean Bart, or Salem for fun?

    I know shes good but I already own Yamato, with the HSF perm camo no less. Is it worth having both? sounds like it'd be more of the same.
  14. groundace

    Musashi, Jean Bart, or Salem for fun?

    Funny, but my brain is being a big ol' doink and can't for the life of me tell what you mean in relation to the question.