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  1. Unfortunately I can't force myself to get all three daily containers, if i'm lucky I can only get the 2nd and only rarely can push myself to do both daily combat missions. So for me it'd probably take until mid November, especially since I've been getting repetitive supercontainers full of camos so some days I don't get any coal at all. I'll go along the normal way for now and keep the steel on standby in case Smolensk's removal is confirmed since I really don't want to have another Belfast situation again. (Having missed out on Belfast legit gives me trouble sleeping at night sometimes, I'd give all my ships twice over for her.) Anyway thank you kindly for the advise and understanding, I was aware that generally converting steel leaves you off worse than where you started but thought I might as well ask since the amount of steel being used is relatively low.
  2. Now I know the answer for most is a resounding no but please just hold your horses and listen for this one. I have around 1.7k steel from the prior Christmas event and I'm debating whether to use it to finish the rest of my way towards a coal ship. If I used it I could get Salem today or Smolensk in just a few days. I wouldn't use the steel for anything else anyways the only steel ship I would ever want is Neutrashimy but as a Co-op main that doesn't do clan battles I'll never have enough for that ship. Anyway I'd want to grab a ship before update end for a supercontainer and if I get Smolensk perhaps before WG decides to smite her from acquisition before I can get it like they did to me and Belfast. And also slightly because when I'm close to getting something I tend to get impatient but that's just me. Anyways thoughts? Thanks in advance for reading.
  3. Been wanting her for awhile but been kinda lazy about it. But with the new premium ship coupon and the temporary discount on the premium ship I managed to get her for just $25 of doubloons and a spare 100 I had from the login events. I know Boise is technically a better buy but I cannot express enough how much I love the camo scheme Julio gets. Now to decide if I free xp my way to 10 skill points or just do it the normal way lol. Also any tips on how to position and play her in battle and build advice are welcome.
  4. groundace

    Yes people Capping in Co-op DOES matter!

    Ok, now I'm not saying that this is eerily similar the that game we had together a few days ago on Tears of the Desert in your Thunderer where we lost on points. (it was so bloody close the Midway was on like 100ish hp and your killing salvo was in the air) Now what I am saying is that this is pretty fraking spooky #2spooky4me In all seriousness though nobody believes it's possible to lose in co-op... until you start losing. I have a similar problem in scenarios where some groups focus so hard on completing secondary objectives that they forget completing the primary objective is not guaranteed, and then we fail and having completing all the secondaries becomes pointless anyway because we lost.
  5. Got West Virginia '41 which is the ship I was hoping for, pretty excited right now
  6. Was kinda afraid that I'd end up getting a Graf Spee, since I own HSF variant I would essentially get a dupe. But I actually got West Virginia '41 which is a ship I've been wanting for awhile but haven't gotten around to buying it personally. Will probs try her out in Scenarios later. Thank you kindly for the free ship Wargaming!
  7. groundace

    Friesland, yea or nay?

    I'm not entirely sure whether to feel proud about making a ship work well for a mode it really shouldn't, or glum thinking it was more luck than skill and that the cosmic RNG hammer swings down to smite me as we speak. Even though I have increased my average dmg to 80k, to be fair 59 battles is a really small sample size. But I'd still agree practically any other T9 DD would probably better suit most players rather than Friesland which even in PvP requires a very specific and sensitive playstyle. If it is skill though, perhaps in time I can more properly dissect what exactly it is I'm doing and share that to other players. But then again people buy like $3000 life size garden gnomes off catalogs they got in the mail for no other reason than they can afford it. So I suppose it mostly comes down to whether OP really needs that particular itch scratched.
  8. groundace

    Friesland, yea or nay?

    @AdmiralThunder While I'd agree that having alpha strike with torpedoes is usually better in the scope of Co-op. I'd have to partially disagree that Friesland a bad Co-Op ship, personally I've managed to reliably stay a top scorer on my team in her and I do good damage reliably in her as well. Plus her capability as a vanguard smoking, spotting torps, and providing AA can be quite helpful (Again probs not as much as other DD's but still good amounts) But you really have to make each shell count. You have to position correctly, Set off DC on a given bot and either switch targets to set off dc on another bot or switch to AP until dc goes on cooldown. Even if you don't get many fires you'll keep the bots DC on cooldown allowing others to potentially get fires. Also I personally will switch targets if the one I'm shooting at has 3 or more fires to spread out the damage. And finally use AP when you can, if a BB gives broadside at close range you can very quickly get Minotaur levels of DPS by shooting AP into the side of the bow or stern. While I'm not trying to implicate that she's a amazing ship for the mode, nor would I recommend buying her unless you have a ludicrous amount of free xp or whale on occasion. (like me) But personally I feel she can be a legitimate asset to the team on Co-op and shes up there with my Jean Bart in my confidence to be able to carry if necessary For reference I'll post my current in-game summary of her and my highest ever performing match in her (Keep in mind I do not use IFHE so I run with only 19mm of he pen) If there is an outside source for stats that's more accurate or if I'm just not doing as well as I think I am, feel free to tell me. Thanks in advance for reading.
  9. groundace

    A mildly effective game of Friesland in Co-op

    I was questioning it as well but I got it anyway and it's pretty noice,.I feel quite confident in this ship, especially since your a dd with both smoke and hydro you can get real close and spot for yourself while staying hidden and just maneuver around your smoke to stay hidden (So long as you in smoke or behind it relative to a spotter your detect only blooms to 3km giving you about 2km headroom with 5km hydro where you can spot and fire). And I'd imagine if you division up with a buddy it'd be a real good escort due to the aa, long lasting smoke, hydro for torp spotting, and guns for countering dd's. My current commander currently lacks concealment expert, basic firing training, and IFHE (if you can get IFHE i'd imagine you'd do alot more to cruisers but I still do fine without it). Mostly because I don't have enough points and focused on demolitions expert and survivability expert instead. And if nothing else I think shes a beauty, with some dakka built in! If you do get her I hope she serves you well ;)
  10. Got Friesland this morning and I haven't no regrets so far. Been quite a joy to use a he spammer that firstly is not Conqueror and secondly I don't get blapped in. She keeps surprising me with how she keeps able to walk out of a battle alive while keeping her guns hot. (*cough cough* my first battle had 3 enemy mino's 2 dd's 1 bb, and 2 woosters) Is gudbote ;)
  11. groundace

    Another LM/UU finished

    Nice, it'll probably be a lot longer before I get my first legendary. By the way remember when Yamato with legendary used to be one of the most accurate bb's ships in the game? How accuracy standards have changed lol.
  12. As far as captains go I have both Halsey and Kutnetzov so setting up a build wouldn't be an issue. And I've narrowed my choice down to Salem or Smolensk. As much as I think I'd enjoy Thunderer I'll probably have enough time to get enough coal again before it's pulled. Also picked up Friesland, and it's surprisingly effective in Co-op, granted my max damage isn't as high as other ships (my best in her so far is like 91k I think? But having dd smoke concealment I can HE/Fire spam at much closer distances than say my Kutuzov for example (7km bloom smoke detection in Kutuzov vs around 3km for most destroyers). And with Hydro I can use this to spot for myself close range and run around outside my own smoke to prevent detection from bots who charge into it ;)
  13. Dont all the teir X premiums have that? Or is Salem extra special ecomonically?
  14. She's still there for me, under the ship section.
  15. I know Friesland is not available for coal, I meant that I was gonna just purchase her from the premium shop, honestly I looked at the stats and Friesland and Smolensk seem to share a similar role of fire spamming (albeit going about it different ways) so I'll probs get the dd and either Salem or Thunderer, not sure yet.