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  1. _Doc_Holliday

    Is there a secret to winning with Montana?

    I disagree. Concealment gives you one very powerful option....the choice of when to strike and from what direction. I've seen a lot of tier 10 BB's way in the back sniping at whatever is the first to get spotted. Announcing their approach from 20+km, they're giving the enemy team info on where you are and how to deal with you very early in the game. Having a high concealment gives you the choice of when to start the engagement and from what direction. I started to wait until I'm just about to get spotted before I start firing. Only reason I would fire preemptively would be if a DD pops up or a very juicy broadside target pops up that I know I can hit. Believe me, sneaking up and taking a shot from 13-16km is way easier to land at a surprised enemy with less time to react than trying to go for the hole in one shot at 20+km and MAYBE getting good 10k damage while telling the enemy team, "HEY! I'M RIGHT HERE GOING IN THIS DIRECTION!" Also, if I'm getting focused fired, having a high concealment also gives me less distance I need to get away and fall off vision. Giving me time to heal, reevaluate, and to get back into the engagement. Maybe from a different approach from before.
  2. _Doc_Holliday

    USS California

    I got her for the memes, but I can see the potential in her. Her HE is actually comparable to UK BB's so don't feel guilty for using it. A BIG problem with her is that you really need to have situational awareness. If you start moving up a flank before you realized it's already collapsed (because let's face it your team will probably already beat you to the front line and you'll be chugging along in the back) then you're already dead. You can't run away fast enough and her huge size makers her easy for HE spammers. I need some more time with her to get an idea of what best works for her, but we'll see.
  3. _Doc_Holliday

    I'm sick of the Negativity with CVs

    It's like I said, due to the time period the game is based in it is almost impossible to put in carriers and make them balanced. If WG balances them in a way like how you stated, "But you are really not playing the CV, but the planes," then you end up with a CV gameplay where you're moving the ship around, you order the planes to attack the ship, and they come back. Since you're controlling the ship, you have ZERO control of the planes and it's all based on RNG or maybe how experienced your pilots are. WG already had this concept done and working in the RTS style CV gameplay in the past. Alas, WG deemed that style to be too hard because let's be honest....there was no middle ground for skills. You either were a complete potato or you were the OP CV God and the player base was screaming at WG because of it. "The elite CV players are making it too hard to play and the poor CV players keep throwing the game!" CV players who are just starting down the line and learning how to play them were getting stomped by better players and their team were almost ripping their heads off for it. I played CV's during that time and I was horrible at them to start with and holy crap was my team ripping my head off for it. It wasn't until the tier 7 Ranger that I started to get better and then I got to the Midway and BAM....the CV rework happened.
  4. _Doc_Holliday

    Research Bureau reset time? and help

    Is this to keep players from resetting a line, getting the double points, and possibly spending free research to reset the line again in short order?
  5. _Doc_Holliday


    One of the guys on Discord. I think we've finally figured it out. I showed him this post: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/133965-wows-v095-soviet-cruisers-branch-split-explained/ and he was saying this was a mixup and that he's going to figure out which is true. I think what the post said is still true. EDIT: We've figured it out. No need to panic.
  6. _Doc_Holliday

    Kirov question

    I know this is the wrong thread for the Moskva, but I'm trying to get the facts right. From what I've gathered, if you have the Moskva RESEARCHED than you will get her once she transitions into a special ship. I'm now being told that you NEED TO PURCHASE HER before the switch. I've shown this person the threads in the EU forum: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/133965-wows-v095-soviet-cruisers-branch-split-explained/ , but he's saying that this is a mixup. Can anyone verify? EDIT: We've figured it out.
  7. _Doc_Holliday


    Was just told that WG has changed the requirements. That you need to PURCHASE Moskva before 9.5 instead of researching it. This was what I was told: From what i am told Yes you will receive special Moskva when tech tree Moskva gets pulled from the tree without needing to purchase the special moskva but you still need to buy the tech tree one to get the special one for free
  8. _Doc_Holliday

    I'm sick of the Negativity with CVs

    The problem is they created a game during a time where naval warfare changed from battleships to carriers being the main offensive weapon. It's incredibly hard to balance a ship like that. Nerf too much and what's the point of having them in game when they were a huge part of naval history at that time. Buff them too much and well you get what a lot of people consider what they are today. I think what would have been MAYBE better was have this game in the era of WWI where if there are any planes around, they were just spotter aircraft. This won't be as popular though since many people do not relate to ships of this era like they do in WWII.
  9. I know it's not the "exact" ship, but Azur Lane does have the other Project 23/Sovetsky Soyuz battleship in their game in case the current one isn't matching up right or something. The Sovetskaya Rossiya: https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/w/images/6/60/Sovetskaya_Rossiya.png
  10. _Doc_Holliday

    I'm sick of the Negativity with CVs

    You're not joking. I spent all day playing with my Graf Zeppelin to earn credits and to get better playing CV's. I lost 4-5 karma points in that day of grinding alone and it wasn't from losing either. I did earn some of it back by supporting my team first. Dropping fighters along a friendly DD's heading for a cap, spotting, and paying attention to the chat for any call outs for scouting or to take out a low HP ship. This sort of play WILL start your matches very slow when it comes to damage, but trying to drop on ships in the beginning of matches is not a nice strat since everyone's AA will be grouped together and you'll lose planes quicker than getting lucky and finding that one yolo'ing BB by himself. But don't worry....when subs get put into game, I think all that pile of hate is going to be dumped onto that class. Unless of course they give CV's the ability to drop depth charges then everyone would be praying for our damnation to the lowest levels of WOWS hell.
  11. _Doc_Holliday

    Shiratsuyu — Japanese Tier VII destroyer.

    I just got this destroyer yesterday, but had to spend today credit grinding to get the upgrades. Unfortunately a lot of video guides about her are kinda old and they were using smoke and the torpedo reload consumable. Do you use smoke generator or the torpedo reload for her?
  12. _Doc_Holliday

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Aircraft Carriers

    Thanks. I'm currently at the Ranger and it always felt that its planes were WAY more durable than the Saipan's. I was chalking it up 100% to the fact that it's up against higher tier AA, but other carriers of the same tier seem to stay in the air more often.
  13. _Doc_Holliday

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Aircraft Carriers

    Did they mess with the Saipan's plane's HP? They are tier 10 planes, but I feel like they get shredded faster than others. Unless it's just the higher AA power and me being a potato and flying in guns blazing.
  14. _Doc_Holliday

    I'm sick of the Negativity with CVs

    I'm a horrible CV player and between all four of the ship lines, CV's are a very close second of ships that make me want to tear my hair out and throw my chair across the room (DD's being number one because unless I'm in a gunboat, I cannot for the life of me land a torpedo hit, but that's another matter). As a very noobish CV driver (My bread and butter is cruisers and battleships) I can't say much on CV play itself on what works best and what to avoid, but as a long time WOWS player there is one thing that this game has badly going for it that it shares with another sport I hate playing.......golf. Both on the surface looks easy and you mostly see the best players doing outstanding plays on TV, Twitch, and Youtube and you think to yourself, "Hey I can do that! That looks easy." Not knowing that it requires many many hours of practice and play to even get close at being above average. Where both games become different is that if a golfer recognizes that they need more practice and ask for advice or lessons, there will always be someone who would positively try to help out. In WOWS though, the only way to get better is to play against other players in randoms (Co-Op is only good to get the basics, but cannot compare to playing random matches. Easiest and most painless way though is to find friends who will take the time to go into the Training Room to help with your play) and if you stumble you not only will trip and fall, but you will COMPLETELY fall off the cliff doing barely any kind of help for your team and they will castrate you in a second for being bad. What being a new CV player does do is help your resolve and will because like Miyato Mushashi once said: "It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first." My advice is to focus not so much on doing damage to the enemy first, but to try to support your team. Friendly DD about to start a cap? Drop a fighter squadron ahead of his path. Low HP ship who got away? Take him out with rockets (Yes this may seem like kill stealing, but you just saved your BB's from a salvo that could have been used against something else with more HP and could be more dangerous). Ask your team where they need you to be or what can you do. If you're in a high tier game then do some ASW work....by that I mean find and destroy DD's first before trying for the high tier ships that will probably shred your planes faster than Hillary shredding her email. Most important of all.....put on some good vibe tunes because nothing helps me get through a bad match by some really good music. As for tips on CV play itself, watch some videos from TopTier. He has some good CV play videos in which he also shows in great detail why he does certain things. Here's one of his that helped me out: