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  1. kiriantris

    Submarine Testing

    You saved me, again.
  2. kiriantris

    0.9.9 changes on CVs

    For sure the dispersion of my AP's torps were changed as well. Instead of the pattern being an even spaced 3 torpedoes on a perfect aimed drop, now it splits two torps of to one side together and the third torpedo by itself. If that is the way it is intended to be, no problem, i will adjust. Just seems painful that now the outcomes for a DD are 33% total miss, 33% one torp or 33% get hit by the double torps and feel extreme pain. (I was lucky to even land one torp before and only landed 2 on a DD if it was stationary)
  3. kiriantris

    Almost 200k...

    Thanks for the help! We did win, I felt I did contribute but sometimes I feel like I could be contributing more. I'm excited to log in later to work more on my patience and firing control. I appreciate all the advice!
  4. kiriantris

    Almost 200k...

    Hi Everyone, looking for a little advice... I almost hit 200k (184k) for the first time. There were some things I did wrong which prevented me from reaching that milestone, but what that is I'm not sure. Half the reds yolo'd into my lap and I was high tier. I should have been able to squeeze more out of this... I watch a good amount of replay videos out there, but that tends to skew more on "watch this random person get an outrageously high damage value". So maybe I should just be content with my score. I would ask my clan for advice but, we are a serious potato fleet. So here is my question: In my GK, would it be better for me to hold my fire until I am almost handed an opportunity to deal massive damage, or should I be trying to shoot as soon as my guns are reloaded even if the shot looks unlikely to pen? Often, I end up holding fire for someone who never turns. Is it my map awareness? Did I take myself out of the action for too long? Did I choose targets poorly? Any advice is appreciated. Replay if interested. 20200729_214322_PGSB110-Grossdeutschland_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  5. WG is a company that exists to make money... I enjoy their product so I don't mind throwing some their way. I would prefer if the missions or the ships were available for purchase, as I am not very lucky. That being said, if WG insists on doing things through paid random chance loot boxes, the odds of "winning" need to be shown so people can make intelligent decisions. Even my lottery tickets tell me I only have a 1 in 13,000,000 chance of winning... I mean, I'm sure our odds are better than that, but all we can do right now is guess.
  6. kiriantris

    World of Warships Gear at Teespring

    No Kraken plushies or Captain's hats? ....It may be the closest some of the player base actually gets to having a Kraken :)
  7. kiriantris

    Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    haha, I just saw the video and came here to see if someone mentioned it on the forums... and I was late to the party. WP Lert, great game!
  8. Hmmm... I don't know about you guys, but I have learned a lot from the online gaming community. Evidently, thousands of anonymous people have done unmentionable things with my mother and my father is a secret nazi. (Holidays will never be the same!) Why bother paying for ancestry.com when the online gaming community already knows everything about you?
  9. kiriantris

    Cv Debate

    I'll play by the rules and add-in: 1) If I overextend myself or play too aggressive, a CV can punish me from anywhere in the map, through repeated consecutive attacks until I die.
  10. kiriantris

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    Lol easy... Just spawn in as a CV. My all time high Karma was 5. It was a glorious weekend.
  11. I feel like we've really nailed down the problem with retention. It's not CVs. It's that we can't treat each other with respect and play nice.
  12. You're correct in that it would never dive into the raw meta that caused eventual death: "You sailed inside of Island A, when last known position of a red destroyer was in position x". That is beyond limits which people are willing to invest into. But there are low laying fruit scenarios which can be triggered by things, such as: Gun Accuracy, Deplaning, frequency of being the victim of a citadel in a single match. (You get citadelled X number of minutes apart. Time to learn about angling?) I think the frequency could be determined to a suitable amount and disabled altogether if not wanted... However, it could always be accessible in port.
  13. Properly educating people is tough. I think that "forced" education breeds resentment. Forced tutorials always seem to cause that feeling in me, but perhaps I lack patience. Also, everyone learns in different ways. I would be thrilled if the education came as suggestions, sort of how the satisfaction surveys pop up after a game. Perhaps instead of the survey, you could be prompted with various education pieces based off the player's performance in that battle: ============================= In this battle you only landed 3% of your shots fired. Would you like some information on firing strategy? Perhaps at this point you have 4 options: Link to a Youtube Video (for people who learn by watching) Link to the Wiki (For the readers) A preconfigured training room scenario event (Hands-on people) Skip ============================= Sure most will skip, but after 5 solid losses and seeing that my biggest issue is connecting my shells, I *might* be frustrated enough to acknowledge the problem is with my own lack of ability. Don't mind me, i'm just a rambling fool.
  14. kiriantris

    Wait Time For CV's

    We are just trying to fill the void of the carrier vs carrier cat and mouse, fighter vs strike craft meta. Carriers could strike a lot harder pre-rework, a very large part to that not happening all to often was fear of the red fighters. I just think more thought needs to be placed on the defensive mechanics of the carriers. I think there would be a lot fewer complaints from people if the carrier was really able to defend allied ships and harass red strike craft.