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  1. Marke399

    Premium Ship Review: Iwaki Alpha

    Thanks for the Tips! I've had the Iwaki Alpha since getting it as a reward for participating in the Alpha Test but was always a Gun guy, not much on Torps. For the heck of it, I broke it out today and it was FUN! I played with it more in the last Hour than I did since I got it! I think I can do some major damage with this Boat, Torp range 10 K, Ship speed 35 kts and smoke to hide in... My favorite is the Pokey old Omaha, I know it has no redeeming features, but it is like an old pair of shoes, it's comfortible and gets my to where I'm going! The same for my WOT Tank. Is fairly quick, manuvers well, reloads in decent time and has Cardboard for Armor! Thanks for the Info here, it has been a great Help, if you see me zipping around in the game, Please come over and put the Fire out! :-)