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  1. I'd have happily taken it off your hands.
  2. FRENCH Ship ! new game option ?

    Click the button in the top right.
  3. Corgi Battles Are underway!

    Keep an eye out for the good boys (and girls) in ships throughout the weekend! Get prizes, have fun!
  4. I called that loss, and Corgis don't 'Bark' - too small for that noise.

    1. Felix_the_Fox


      Ha ha, good game mate. Sharn is a good ship!

    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      Sighted in battle again! Those impact triggers were really happy to see you!

  5. Notice: Event will move to T3 and T4 now!
  6. So, It's Friday Evening! I want some Low tier ships. Free Play Destruction Prizing: 500 Doubloons 10 Random Loot Boxes 25 Dragon Flags 1 Corgi Fleet Flag Join for fun at tier one!
  7. Clan Closed Beta Bugs

    Should place it on the fantail.
  8. Your top 5 ships in order of FUN!

    Sims, Furry Taco, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Kuma.
  9. I won't divulge how I free XP'd several tanks or ships. Nor how I've collected almost every premium ship or tank. Totally, I haven't spent a lot of money.
  10. No UI with Catalyst and AMD

    Actually, in development UI changes are some of the most time consuming. If you change the way one module works, it can break or brick other sections, not to mention the interaction between components. Every action is done from the interface. Remember that.
  11. Spooky Boats 2spooky for Me

    In all seriousness, I'm loving the game mode. I've lost quite a few times though It's very punishing if you don't work together.
  12. Beat Halloween Event

    Good advice - let's hope it's heard.
  13. I just noticed your icon. Its so adorable! ^-^