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  1. I completed the 5th part with Warspite, how fitting indeed. I had to include our team's CV, wow do I wish I could have the pleasure of playing with a wonderfully played Ranger more often.
  2. I've had a nice trend of improvement with Warspite after the WD-40 patch dropped. I can't really say teams have been worse or better, I simply just try to do the best I can do where ever I end up going, though due to her relatively squishy armor I try to stick with my teammates so as to not be focused down. I'd say CE (concealment expert) greatly increases her survival potential, due to Warspite taking HE damage very easily. Having 11.9km detection gives you much more breathing room when top tier and when bottom tier makes you a very sneaky colonization vessel. I picked up FP when the captain skill tree changed, debating on switching it to AFT just to have more AA range. I also do not use the -7% main battery dispersion module, rather I use the +20% aa range boost. Since Adrenaline Rush was added, I've taken it for all of my BBs, point being I'm always going to take damage, so why not become more dangerous as I lose health? With Warspite's incredible healing ability, you can manage you health quite well if you know when to back off to lick your wounds and return to fighting after a healing charge. When at half health, which is still manageable, Warspite can be sending her glorious colonization rounds down range every 27s. Don't be ashamed to use HE if bottom tier either. There's nothing like using Warspite's glorious dispersion to get some fires going on bow camping BBs like North Carolina with your spotter plane. What I'll do sometimes is my opening volleys towards enemy BBs when bottom tier is to send an HE volley their way. Point being that if I do get some fires going, usually 2-3 because of glorious dispersion, that forces those BBs to use their damage control early making them even more vulnerable to your friendly cruisers who will be showering them with HE too. The early HE volley from me might also coax them into already burning an early healing charge, further setting them back from coping with cruiser fires. Here's my 30 day results with Warspite since the buff: Compared to my Overall Warspite data: Here's my current captain build, though it is subject to change once I see what the tech tree Queen Elizabeth class's AA suite will be:
  3. Has nobody else looked at the as-is concealment stat for KGV in its current state? 14.6km, that means going full concealment spec brings her down to 10.65km detection. Holy mother pair that with potentially 10 x 15in guns and a 12s rudder i'm super hyped.
  4. 4.11 million with my Bayern
  5. So far I'm loving these new Kaga players filling up the queue.
  6. Eagerly waiting as I love mid tier battleships and appearance wise she looks fantastic.
  7. I'd have two kitbashed versions of Bayern that would be just gravy. Bayern version 1 : Keep her the same as now, but replace her current guns with Bismarck's 15 in guns. T6 Balancing: 4x2 turret setup 1.) Keeping range still the same (17.7km) or rounding it up to 18km. 2.) Potentially keep reload the same due to shortened range or increase reload time from 26s to 28-30s. 3.) Keep reload the same, but increase the base traverse rate from 36s 180 degree to 38-40s 180 degree time. Bayern version 2: Keep her the same as now, replace current guns with Scharnhorst's 283mm guns. T6 Balancing: 4x3 turret setup 1.) Due to an extra turret over Scharnhorst, increase base reload from 20s to 26-28s. 2.) Increase reload for balance to 24s, increase 180 degree turret traverse from 25s base to 30-36s and shorten max range to 17.7km as Bayern's current max range. 3.) Have a 3x3 turret setup, but keep Scharnhorst's stats excluding the 19.9km max range. A.) Stats would remain the same since Bayern would not feature Scharnhorst's speed, torpedo and secondary suite. B.) In place of the third turret location would be 2 additional 105mm L/65 Dop. L. C/31 dual purpose guns. Of the two revisions I'd love the 283mm refit on Bayern as she'd be giving up the ability to overmatch same tier battleships for being able to engage cruisers more effectively, but could still deal with enemy battleships by aiming for the upper belt/superstructure as we do now with Scharnhorst.
  8. My AA Bayern is salivating now, I can't wait for the encounters ahead where these new found Kaga captains try to strike me or anybody who may be within my AA umbrella. Finally my Bayern will be fed and kept happy.
  9. Mostly a BB main, with the IJN and German BB lines as the ones I primarily "click" with. I'm also great with cruisers, but there's just something about kiting enemy ships shooting HE without much recourse that doesn't feel as fulfilling as being the BB on the other end taking the damage, dealing with it and pushing for the team, etc. So my cruisers of choice would be a three way between Kuma/Konigsberg/Myoko. Kuma as my go to low tier cruiser since having the threat of being citadeled at any moment and kiting as much incoming fire is quite thrilling. Konigsberg would be my mid tier ap damage dealing cruiser. I just love her looks and she's just a joy to play. She has effective ap for those cruisers and BBs who don't bother with angling and sprinkle some HE here and there for collecting DoT damage. Mid tier battleships are extremely comfortable for me so Bayern/Warspite/Fuso/Scharnhorst are my go to ships when I log into WoWs. Bayern is my primary go to T6 BB: punchy guns, fantastic AA when fully built for it, armor that can withstand being bottom tier better than Fuso/Warspite, along with great concealment makes for a very comfortable gameplay experience. Warspite despite the recent buff still remains as the second in line choice behind Bayern. Despite her great guns, I've just been spoiled with Bayern's AA suite which can deal heavy blows to unsuspecting t8 cv's. Scharn doesn't need much explanation, but when I slot my AA Bayern captain in her, outside of her secondaries (when not spec'd with man. sec.), scharn is again a very well rounded ship. With this Hunt for Bismarck campaign, Bismarck takes the cake for being my T8 BB of choice. Amagi is great, but a controlled push with Bismarck is extremely satisfying, nothing like watching my secondaries go off peppering dds or roasting other ships in my way.
  10. There definitely are some ships which do cater towards building towards AA such as Bayern. Her secondaries aren't worth specing into and while it's possible to make her guns behave with ASM1, I prefer to go with AAGM2. There's just something about going out into battle with a battleship that is the smallest overall size besides the early dreadnoughts (< Tier 5) that also packs a punch vs carriers. Everything that can boost AA, I have equipped on Bayern which ends up placing her dps at 343 @ 6.5 km. One reason for going this way is so that when I am moving with friendly bbs I can also use my AA umbrella to clean out squads before dropping without the need of a cruiser escort such as Cleveland. Going back to her small size, it makes her incredibly troll versus dive bombers, plus pair that with her short length and tight radius which ends up making torp drops a pain if any planes even make the drop. I will concede though that T9/10 cv's hangar capacity and number of squads out really can and do just overwhelm who ever they pick as they're food. Anyway here are some screencaps to show that an AA Bayern build is effective at fly swatting tier 5-8 cvs. So this one demonstrated my ability to give air cover for my buddy in his Arizona along with other teammates who were in my AA umbrella. A Lexington thought I was going to be an easy snack mostly ignoring my fellow T8 bbs. I don't know what to say, cvs just really like to challenge my AA. Lower tier cvs, but even they tried to double team me and failed.
  11. Regretable: Thankfully none go on this list Satisfactory: Yubari - Was my CBT preorder package of choice and she's a fun ship, especially so when ASM0 modification was added. Murmansk - For $1 from the Humble Bundle special. I got my investment's worth out of her even though I don't play her anymore. Warspite - My first store purchase back in '15. One of my favorite ships to date and she's still quite strong within the ecosystem right now. The turret traverse buff was a very nice surprise. Scharnhorst - Second store purchase and she's such a comfy ship to play. Paired with my 19pt Bayern captain, the pair together are working full time to farm elite commander xp for my other captains.
  12. It's unfortunate he's leaving, but after that he's just another player and players cycle often in online games. I found his critique of Flamu hilarious, he seems to take his persona personally offending to himself, yet Flamu's complaints of other players isn't wrong. The way he even got offended by Flamu's clan name is even more laughable, especially so when business6 places part of the reason for his leaving on the same complaint of bad players Flamu jokes about. I personally think the ijn dd lines are better now than before overall and yet business pretty much says b/c the change wasn't how I would've wanted, so it's a bad change. The problems leading to business's exit roots in the players and their ideologies more so than the game direction.
  13. I'd place my bet that divisioning with a Kongou threw out what ever limits were in place for cv specific matchmaking. Akin to the way taking a t4 with a t5 throws out the t5 limit of the tier 4 ship making it possible to fail div into a tier 7 match. You can see the same result with your enemy Bogue, he wasn't solo, so their division also ignored the cv tier limit. Since both divs made that "mistake" you just so happen to match versus each other. With how rewards are higher if a lower tier ship damages a higher tier one, that's why you ended up ahead of the Saipan, if only by a little bit.
  14. Everything went smoothly.
  15. Might've been mentioned already and to point out the obvious, but there is a reason why warships today and other stat tracking sites show an overall and recent record of how we play. Why reset stats when if you do care about tracking your own improvement, would see the contrast by simply comparing the two (overall and recent). I feel that would show the best result of improvement by looking at your recent recorded stats.