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  1. best bote for operation hermes

    I found Lyon to be just at home during this operation on PTS. Having her spec for secondaries and AA was especially fun since you wouldn't be able to loiter around in secondary range as long during randoms. The 16 guns allow you to punish those German battleships pretty easily. Managed to nab 81 planes on these two runs.
  2. Vive la France Event

    The Vive Le France collection doesn't end till March 28th, with more French crates being rewards for the new Operation: Hermes and limited time campaign "The Gold of France" on the pts atm. So yeah, the collection can be completed for free without the need for buying crates. Too many read that reddit post talking about the odds of completing the collection when these missions for the crates is labeled as Part 1 leaving room for more events to reward these event crates.
  3. Lyon, super OP

    I see you made the same mistake somebody in the comment section of Notser's Lyon video made, Midnightwolf. When he's talking about, "not using the tier 8", he's referring to the Richelieu. There's context before and after that tidbit you fixated on. He begins with saying CC's got access to a bunch of the French BBs and that his viewers asked for Lyon and Richelieu content, but he couldn't get a decent match to showcase Richelieu with. What he did get was good footage for "The T7" (Lyon) and "The T9" (Alsace) in the process. With regards to the op, I guess Gascogne is OP since Aerroon managed a 221.8k match? See how ridiculous that sounds? It's almost normal and routine for the well skilled cc's and/or lucky instances to have those show case matches for ships that aren't released, outside of premium DDs.
  4. What's your comfort ship.

    Battleship wise my go-to comfort botes are Bayern and Scharnhorst. Both can punch up when bottom tiered quite well and their AA suites make seeing top tier cv's as food and "free" xp. I love light cruisers that reward good play and consistent judgement to play well and not be deleted. Really makes them enjoyable to play when it all comes together. Those CL's are Kuma and Konigsberg.
  5. Saw Lyon in a battle last night. . .

    If you visit gamemodels3d @Dr_Venture you'd see Lyon has a robust armor layout perfect for kiting. Her, Lyon's, is nothing like Dunkerque who is covered in 25mm armor everywhere. The above waterline armor is 180mm, with no other upper belt section consisting of thinner armor, such as the German BBs which have tapering belt thickness as you go up from waterline. Lyon features an above water torpedo belt much like Amagi with even thicker belt armor under it vs the 180mm upper belt. I'm definitely looking forward to playing her. Normandie features the same layout, but has a rear half casemate armor section of 25 mm that most of the other T6 BBs feature. I think your assumption for relatively thin armor may lie at the Rich (T8) and higher French BBs.
  6. Anyone else excited about the French BBs?

    I''ve been hyped for Lyon (T7) for the longest, was also happy for Normandie initially dating since the sneak peak which had models for the Britagne, Normandie and Richelieu. After seeing info so far laying out how little AA Normandie might have for her upgrade hull, I've lost interest with her since tier 6 is stocked with competition in the form of QE, Bayern, Warspite etc. In the mean time Lyon really peaked my interest since her upgrade hull really ups the AA competition for T7 BBs. The thought of 16 guns, reasonable sigma, great armor layout for kiting (referred to gamemodels3d), fantastic AA and an appearance most will shun makes me want her so bad. Going to have a 14 pt captain waiting for her just to sail out of port with a near full AA build. The new info on the special French captain with enhanced EM and AR only further drives my hype for Lyon specifically.
  7. Well this past weekend just had a captain skill reset discount, so if some wanted to respec the chance was given.
  8. King George V

    I've been looking foward to KGV since she initially was shown as a T7 before she was temporarily bumped to T8 during development and I can't be any happier with her performance. I have played more than enough Scharnhorst games to have a habit of aiming mid belt - deck line to yield more effective damage versus battleships and cruisers, something I've translated over to KGV and my other BBs. I've placed my 19 point captain which has been waiting for KGV's arrival which is biased more towards stealth/durability versus investing in AA. I do feel a bit vulnerable to CV's, but that's mostly due to me being spoiled by full AA spec builds in my Bayern and Scharnhorst. Build wise I have PT/EM/AR/Bos/SI/FP/CE, a build that has treated both Warspite and Hood well since the captain skill rework. KGV is a soft ship, but I think that's more a result of new ship syndrome and people will shoot me first before the older T7 BBs. Having FP really helps against the latest trend of non British BBs firing HE along with dealing with cruiser punishment since KGV is clad in 25mm deck armor. Ships such as Belfast/Kutuzov haven't been an issue since I can use my concealment to break off and create distance from their stationary position. Speaking of which her maneuverability is so nice to experience since her rudder is very responsive and she definitely feels more agile versus scharnhorst. I tend to play my BBs in a kiting fashion, similar to cruisers, which alleviates the 25mm bow since if I start engagements on my terms. This leaves the enemy with having to shoot at a ship that is angled away from their shells. The result is incoming fire that lands on my belt or superstructure versus overmatching my bow armor. Engagement wise, I'm at a 90%/10% spilt for HE/AP usage. I will have HE loaded at the start to shoot at DDs who will be contesting early caps, to get early fires on BBs who are supporting their dds and cause early damage control usage. I personally don't have an issue with HE, since I look at it as a teamplay choice vs just sticking to AP with a hardheaded "BBs must shoot AP" mentality. Early on making opposing BBs burn heals and damage control allows my friendly cruisers to then proc full duration fires, also makes friendly DD torpedoes even more dangerous and if a carrier is there, my HE shelling will be taking out sizable chunks of AA out of commission. I very much play KGV shell type wise as a heavy cruiser, use HE most of the time while loading AP for targets that are broadside or becoming broadside. For reference here's my performance in the other T7 BBs: Here's my first game out in KGV with the intention of already playing her like a more heavily equipped Scharnhorst, main armament wise. Just for giggles, here's my latest match result.
  9. Agreed, I'd love to see October Revolution released for sale. I was disappointed when they edited out that she'd be one of the ships released for this month.
  10. WG... Take My Money!!!

    Still waiting for October Revolution to release here on NA. For me she's first for my list of ships that have piqued my interest, with Kii being the second. If they go the route of Oct. Rev. and through the testing cycle decide a lower reload time from 35s to 32s, I'd definitely be interested in Kii.
  11. It would appear to me that acquiring Witherer is a calling card for a loss, especially so in my Roon. Bismarck: Roon:
  12. I really don't see how this would relate to the RN BB's considering they already feature 1/4 HE pen baked into their HE shells. Edit: Now regarding CL choices, just like the initial smoke changes, I doubt this specific choice of -1%/-8% will make it to live. Ships like Donskoi, Duca, Perth are collateral for the main targets for this adjustment such as Belfast/Kutuzov. If anything I'd imagine the -1% to stay for up to 139mm guns, making ships like Akizuki, Atlanta, Krasny (Yes I know she's the butt of everybody's joke) still viable for taking IFHE. The -8% value, i'd imagine will go down to perhaps -6%, if not a staggered reduction for a caliber range in the same way Concealment Expert works per class. Another take would be that IFHE would be a skill made specifically for certain ships such as the ones I listed above, in the same stroke that Torpedo Acceleration is not meant for all DDs, but rather taken only for certain ones like Gearing or CV's.
  13. Wishes for more pew pew eye candy for AA too. Looks great, I might become a little distracted when playing Scharnhorst/Bismarck watching my secondaries go off and what not.
  14. Conqueror Tweaks (Dev Blog)

    Conqueror has more base range compared to GK, making her max dispersion look worse if you're only looking at that "maximum dispersion" stat without considering each ships' max range. When calculated to the same range that GK reaches out to (20.6km), Conqueror comes in at 256m max dispersion versus Gk's 268m max dispersion.
  15. Agreed @SaidNoOneEver There are countless vids of people having 300k+ damage games with existing T10 BBs and I remember when GK was released with Made in German HE that trolling with 406's + reload mod was a thing while laughing about having turtleback armor vs old citadel Monty. Does Conqueror's heal seem op, sure, but one has to remember that the cc's putting out these vids such as ichase, Notser and Flamu are like top 15% players. Naturally a good player who knows how to disengage and position would do well with such a ship. In a couple places in each of their vids, an average player would've died much earlier without much impact on the match towards their team winning. In ichase's vid for the early half of the match at the southern corner he ended up going, he and an average player could've died right there if the enemies he faced even bothered to focus fire on him. At most he had 1-2 ships shooting at him, without much focus. For Flamu's latest "Mega Zao" vid, at the start when he made a straight line for that large island splitting B/C, a lesser skilled player would've died leaving the damage at ~39k for a T10 BB. Later as he moved around C, not many enemies were landing effective fire on him. As he was shooting HE at the Zao, the only other ship really shooting his way was a sniping tirpitz/bismarck that was mostly landing short. I really can see how Conq. could look great, but in the average players' hands they won't have the disengage timing down, be consistently positioning to have an advantage, using heals efficiently, etc to even mirror what these cc's have put out. If players get the same mentality to focus on a spotted Conq. like they do a Yamato, I'd expect said Conq. to evaporate rather quickly since it doesn't have the deck armor Yamato has to resist incoming raw HE damage. If I come across one as more eventually reach Conqueror, I see a target to farm Whitherer, Arsonist and a whole load of hp to pump up end result damage.