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  1. But it's much easier to encourage selfish behaviour
  2. Some CVs lack situational awareness. Others are just richards.
  3. I finally threw in the towel

    Your sacrifice will be remembered
  4. Taste of Blood question

    Absolutely agree, but for some reason little QoL things slip by.
  5. Taste of Blood question

    You're thinking the campaign missions, which you do need to select to complete. The Combat mission ones are just as you play.
  6. Taste of Blood question

    Just don't hit the mission battle button. You don't have to select the mission to complete the parts of it, it's "passive".
  7. Right Mouse click Glitch?

    Same situation happens to me sometimes too.
  8. This reminds me of why I stopped going to the WoT forums
  9. Why not have the scrubs commandeer unicum ships when they die? Since they need more practice
  10. The real issue with Carriers

    USN CVs got buffed? News to me
  11. 30% off coupon

    When you go to purchase and are choosing payment method there's a little thing for applicable coupons.
  12. From the wording, it looks like you need either 4 BB kills or 8 non-BB kills