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  1. Taroutachi

    Let's play a game. Win, or loss?

    Going by the exp of your team i'm gonna guess Loss..
  2. When it boils down to it it's still a cruiser.. so Yamato it will most likely be... That or stay out of high tiers for a few days.
  3. Taroutachi

    Server's up

    So very undecided on this ship... To get it or not to get it... 1M free exp is alot.
  4. Taroutachi

    Lamest Team Kill Ever?

    Yeah the pink status happens a little too easy, My game crashed the other day and i ended up having to play 3 games as pink for "deserting" which i can understand, the worst was the people who were quick to call out the fact that i was pink..... like ow my pride amirite?
  5. Taroutachi

    You have been disconnected from the server

    Just tried again, and got on maybe 30 sec ago.
  6. Taroutachi

    You have been disconnected from the server

    "Technical issues found"
  7. Taroutachi

    Dasha Captain Voices

    So you only bought her for the picture?
  8. Taroutachi

    Warning Lights after Flooding

    At work sorry.
  9. The Red lights that flash on battleships, Well i've only noticed it on the Montana is this on all ships now? I figured it was easier to ask this here rather then get hit by torpedoes all the time Is it on cruisers and destroyers as well? i didn't see anything about it in the patch notes, just the new little alarm and icon on the ship.
  10. Taroutachi

    Is MISSOURI coming back?

    For everyone person that asks they push it back another 750,000 days.
  11. Taroutachi

    Seattle is pos, worst t9 cruiser

    Played maybe two games in it and i was like yeahhhh selling this ill free exp to the DM lol
  12. Taroutachi

    Seattle is pos, worst t9 cruiser

    You obviously haven't played the Buffalo.....
  13. Taroutachi

    Leaked info about new ship for patch 7.12

    This is great people need to keep these shenanigans going!
  14. You double posted this, It just looks like you are filled with rage. Maybe cool down and get level headed before making forum posts.
  15. Taroutachi

    Forgot 4 secondary guns in Roma?

    A few ships have ceremonial guns don't they? Maybe these are those?