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  1. Azur_Bismarck

    The London is now in my port

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  2. Azur_Bismarck

    Pro tip about IJN CAs

    This card must have been bored, Spat out 3 posts in a few minutes. Also you don't even have a tier 8 cruiser how do you know they'll melt Yamato?
  3. Same for mine, It wants our money!!
  4. Keep it up WG, Make your game a job and you won't have anyone left next year to have a PR and Marketing failure! Very Sad that this is the best "apology" you can come up with. I've spent a lot of time/money on your product, but this ends it.
  5. Only bought 8 mega, last year i went nuts but can't bring myself to do it this year. Only noteworthy thing i got out of it was 180 days of prem time.
  6. Azur_Bismarck

    Can't log in to WOWs

    It says on the portal they're having issues. Maybe they should have extended downtime a little longer.... As long as they don't break divisions like they broke platoons in WoT
  7. Azur_Bismarck

    Sansonetti's Tracers ...

    I agree every time i see this, i just think of a hot dog with too much mustard and ketchup!
  8. Azur_Bismarck

    So got me an Atlanta. ..

    Take advantage of islands!
  9. Azur_Bismarck

    Collision avoidance Glitch??

    It usually does reset after patches, go make sure it's turned off in settings and see if this keeps happening.
  10. Azur_Bismarck

    Let's play a game. Win, or loss?

    Going by the exp of your team i'm gonna guess Loss..
  11. When it boils down to it it's still a cruiser.. so Yamato it will most likely be... That or stay out of high tiers for a few days.
  12. Azur_Bismarck

    Server's up

    So very undecided on this ship... To get it or not to get it... 1M free exp is alot.
  13. Azur_Bismarck

    Lamest Team Kill Ever?

    Yeah the pink status happens a little too easy, My game crashed the other day and i ended up having to play 3 games as pink for "deserting" which i can understand, the worst was the people who were quick to call out the fact that i was pink..... like ow my pride amirite?
  14. Azur_Bismarck

    You have been disconnected from the server

    Just tried again, and got on maybe 30 sec ago.