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  1. HEY.    Join our clan.  TAC.  already talked to the guys about you.  We just play for the fun.    You will like these guys. 

    1. SloppyJ0e


      I'll consider it.  I just joined ARP and they're a pretty cool bunch of gents too.  How big is TAC these days?  I only ask because it's not necessarily the size of the clan that hooks me, but the activity of the clan.  I left my original clan because everyone just started playing other games and pretty much left WoWs by the wayside; only playing occasionally, if sometimes rarely even.

    2. CaptGodzillaPig


      TAC is pretty active.  I left BEERS, which I really liked, for mainly the same reason.  I just never saw those guys when I was playing.  I can pretty much play with the same crowd on a regular basis with TAC, which is sort of how I hooked up with them.  I was Div with a guy from them and he finally talked me over.  They run a chat on Discord if you are into that sort of aspect.