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  1. While I don't think any ship should be outright impervious to an air strike from a CV, I DO believe that SOME ships, like USN ships, should reap the benefits of their niche; that being that they excel in AA. With that said, I believe that the USN niche ought to play a role in how CVs consider the risk vs. reward of attacking such a heavily armed AA ship. If they choose to dance around the AA aura of USN ships, then that's great! I think CVs, as much as they decry that we (the rest of the community) should just adapt to the changes, they too should also be required to adapt. If some ships pose too much of a risk to your limited aircraft, then learn to avoid them on the battlefield. It may mean that you now have to spend a little more time getting to a different target, but at least you get to keep your aircraft. If you choose to fly over the no-fly-zones that are USN ships, that should come with some kind of punishment or in-game penalty for that decision. In real war, there are no-fly zones due to surface-to-air threats. Most aircraft that aren't meant for "Wild Weasel" missions typically straight up avoid SAM MEZs (Missile Engagement Zones). Likewise, I believe that CVs need to learn to adapt to a battlefield that may pose more serious threats to their aircraft than some other less defended targets. If they need to avoid a part of the map because a USN ship is holding that area, maybe the CVs can now ask their team to remove that threat in order of them to go about doing damage to other types of ships. But it should be that USN ships create almost a "no-fly" zone for some areas of the map that force CVs to reconsider their aircraft's flight path and thus have to maneuver around the threat bubble in order to hit a more juicy target. What I don't care much for, is that ships that once deterred CVs are now mostly harmless to their aircraft and as such, CVs believe that they have free roam to hit any ship with impunity due to the serious nerf to AA mechanics.
  2. SaidNoOneEver

    The iChase Case

    Does not change the fact that most CVs get a hard** for DDs that get spotted and end up making game play unenjoyable for the DD player and the focus for the next several minutes. God help you if there are 2xCVs in-game and are communicating well with each other to hunt down the DDs in-game. It should be noted that I don't often play DDs and fancy myself more as a cruiser guy.....but seriously I've been on the same end of this as ichase and it isn't fun. Adapt? Sure. Let's inhibit the game play or mechanics of the DD; slow or impede forward progression of our entire team that heavily relies on the DD for spotting ships and contesting caps. It seems as if WG only really wants DD players to play USN DDs or grind to Grozovoi to be effective against CV drivers.
  3. SaidNoOneEver

    The iChase Case

    I love this idea!
  4. SaidNoOneEver

    Destroyer Guide to Countering Carriers

    It should be noted that Pan Asian DDs also have a lot of smokes that last longer than RN DD smokes and also reload fairly quickly. Just saying....
  5. SaidNoOneEver

    Cleveland firing sounds

    Add me to this list. Is this a known bug to WG?
  6. SaidNoOneEver

    CV Rework Feedback

    I'm actually really excited for these changes. They can't come soon enough because ever since watching this video, I've been utterly motivated to play carriers....but as of today, they're still RTS-like. Bummer.
  7. SaidNoOneEver

    But what about fighters?

    The way that consumable looks it seems as though the squadron calls in some "catapult fighters" that deal with the other spotter and catapult fighters. Interesting!
  8. SaidNoOneEver

    But what about fighters?

    Thank you! Have a +1, sir!
  9. SaidNoOneEver

    But what about fighters?

    So with the CVs getting their rework done, I'm curious to know what's going to happen to their fighters? I thought i heard somewhere on the stream that they're going to be a consumable, but for what purpose? I hope this doesn't get merged with the CV Rework thread because I would just like to know about this specific aspect of the CV rework. Sorry in advance but i couldn't find an answer to my question via google search or in the forums; probably because this whole thing is still so new to people and the news of the rework is also very fresh. Anyway, thanks in advance for those who have the answer!
  10. SaidNoOneEver

    Why do you call Yamato "Yammy"?

    Belfast = Payfast Minotaur = Mino Hindenburg = Hindy Henri IV = HIV Conqueror = MegaZao
  11. SaidNoOneEver

    CV Rework Feedback

    I really agree with this. I like the idea that CVs can no longer manage multi-strikes of massive damage against a single target. This has the same kind of balance that all other classes have. I know WG says that balancing is still on the horizon, but to take their initial idea, what they can do is make the 3 torpedoes do A LOT of damage so that CVs are capable of the same dev strike that all other classes are capable of, but there's only 3 torps to avoid which makes avoiding them a bit more manageable, but also punishing against a target that is clueless. I like this too! While WoWs is a game with some semblance of historical accuracy, it is still ultimately an arcade game. As such, I believe maybe there shouldn't be a purpose for escorting a CV unless it's necessary for success such as in CBs when CVs are eventually able to participate.
  12. SaidNoOneEver

    CV Rework Feedback

    10 out of 10, I will be playing CVs after this rework. I really like the feel of it so far. I know there's still a lot of re-balancing that needs to happen, but I am hopeful that this will encourage a lot more players to try CVs. Great job WG! Count me as interested!
  13. SaidNoOneEver

    To all who played as pirates a couple of weeks ago...

    Oh that's news to me! Thank you! I'm glad we at least have an idea of when the flag will be out.
  14. SaidNoOneEver

    How do Dasha captains' voiceover sound?

    Kinda reminds me of this American sailor....
  15. SaidNoOneEver

    To all who played as pirates a couple of weeks ago...

    Cool thanks! I just wanted to confirm that we're still waiting for a pirate flag.