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  1. SaidNoOneEver

    CV Rework Feedback

    I'm actually really excited for these changes. They can't come soon enough because ever since watching this video, I've been utterly motivated to play carriers....but as of today, they're still RTS-like. Bummer.
  2. SaidNoOneEver

    But what about fighters?

    The way that consumable looks it seems as though the squadron calls in some "catapult fighters" that deal with the other spotter and catapult fighters. Interesting!
  3. SaidNoOneEver

    But what about fighters?

    Thank you! Have a +1, sir!
  4. SaidNoOneEver

    But what about fighters?

    So with the CVs getting their rework done, I'm curious to know what's going to happen to their fighters? I thought i heard somewhere on the stream that they're going to be a consumable, but for what purpose? I hope this doesn't get merged with the CV Rework thread because I would just like to know about this specific aspect of the CV rework. Sorry in advance but i couldn't find an answer to my question via google search or in the forums; probably because this whole thing is still so new to people and the news of the rework is also very fresh. Anyway, thanks in advance for those who have the answer!
  5. SaidNoOneEver

    Why do you call Yamato "Yammy"?

    Belfast = Payfast Minotaur = Mino Hindenburg = Hindy Henri IV = HIV Conqueror = MegaZao
  6. SaidNoOneEver

    CV Rework Feedback

    I really agree with this. I like the idea that CVs can no longer manage multi-strikes of massive damage against a single target. This has the same kind of balance that all other classes have. I know WG says that balancing is still on the horizon, but to take their initial idea, what they can do is make the 3 torpedoes do A LOT of damage so that CVs are capable of the same dev strike that all other classes are capable of, but there's only 3 torps to avoid which makes avoiding them a bit more manageable, but also punishing against a target that is clueless. I like this too! While WoWs is a game with some semblance of historical accuracy, it is still ultimately an arcade game. As such, I believe maybe there shouldn't be a purpose for escorting a CV unless it's necessary for success such as in CBs when CVs are eventually able to participate.
  7. SaidNoOneEver

    CV Rework Feedback

    10 out of 10, I will be playing CVs after this rework. I really like the feel of it so far. I know there's still a lot of re-balancing that needs to happen, but I am hopeful that this will encourage a lot more players to try CVs. Great job WG! Count me as interested!
  8. SaidNoOneEver

    To all who played as pirates a couple of weeks ago...

    Oh that's news to me! Thank you! I'm glad we at least have an idea of when the flag will be out.
  9. SaidNoOneEver

    How do Dasha captains' voiceover sound?

    Kinda reminds me of this American sailor....
  10. SaidNoOneEver

    To all who played as pirates a couple of weeks ago...

    Cool thanks! I just wanted to confirm that we're still waiting for a pirate flag.
  11. We're still waiting for our flag right?
  12. SaidNoOneEver

    Pin up video

    So we're going to compare the lack of censorship of pornography to the right to defend yourself with a tool (aka gun)? Apples and oranges.
  13. SaidNoOneEver

    Saving Tier 8 - How do we do it?

    I'm with @NoZoupForYou on this one. Something definitely needs to change. A lot of my T8s are port queens because of how often they see T10s now. It never used to be as frequent and I'm not exactly sure when the MM changed to make T8s so unbearable but perhaps it's time for WG to really look into the T8 MM. I agree with the general consensus that the -1/+1 MM will really help out all the tiers. It used to be that WG stuck by their decisions on the MM by mentioning the lack of server population, but that excuse is obsolete IMO. I think the server populations has been steadily increasing over time and the fact that WG can pump out patches as often as they do really reflects on how successful the company has been with their sales worldwide. Now, this is purely anecdotal evidence on my part. In no way have I actually researched the numbers, but seeing the amount of people online really convinces me that there are actually more players being added over time. Time to do something about T8s, WG. Make T8's Great Again!
  14. SaidNoOneEver

    The Anti-Pirate Coalition

    LOL!!! This is true.
  15. SaidNoOneEver

    Update 0.7.1 - Bug Reporting

    I get disconnected and says "Server downtime. Transferring to a different server" on occasion. This is annoying because there's nothing wrong with the server itself obviously. Also, because of this, I keep missing out on my post-battle reports which is REALLY annoying.