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  1. I like this idea a lot, I definitely think WG should look into this.
  2. I gladly support this idea.
  3. Well Eagle could be the Tier 4 Carrier for the RN CV line once it come out. I think Ark Royal could be either a premium T5 or T6.
  4. True I feel though once the CVs line is set Eagle and Ark Royal would be good premiums. I also could see London, Norfolk and Suffolk in the game. Agincourt to me would be a tier 4 premium. Similar play style the Wyoming with one more turret and heavier secondary battery.
  5. Hi @Pigeon_ of_ War, I had a few possible premium ship ideas that I wanted to run by you. (BB) HMS Agincourt, (BB) Royal Sovereign Class, (CL) HMS Enterprise, (CA) HMS London, (CV) HMS Eagle and HMS Ark Royal I hope to get your feel for some of these ships that could be implemented in the game. Thanks
  6. Thanks for answering. I greatly appreciate it.
  7. Hi Pigeon, I am hoping that you can answer a question regarding the clan battles. Are you (WG) looking at new ways to make it so that players involved in clan battles are locked in so that are not able to change and create a new clan in the midst of the season. I thank you in advance for any answer. Thanks
  8. Hi Pigeon, I have made some suggestions for possible tech lines for the game and with the help from my fellow community members we have made some preliminary lines. I hope that you can take a look at them and see if they are worth passing up to the devs. As always thanks. Any feedback to improve these lines would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hey Pigeon I was wondering if you my post regarding possible RN Heavy Cruisers.
  10. Hi Pigeon, I was hoping that you could possibly read over this post that I came up with and some other fellow members and I can regarding a possible RN CA line. I would greatly appreciate it you would read the final tech line layout and give me any feedback on making it better or if you could pass it along to the Devs to see if this could be implemented in the game at some later date. As always thank you.
  11. Hi Pigeon, I hope was wondering if you could possibly look at these ships and see if they would be good for possible premium spots in game. HMS Dreadnought Possible Tier 3 HMS Canada Tier 5 armed with (10) 14in Guns can see this working at Tier 5 with New York and like ships HMS Agincourt Tier 4 armed with (14) 12in Guns would be a similar play style to Wyoming class with one addition turret. As always any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi Pigeon, I have a few ships that some of us player would like to see. I was wondering if we could potentially see the following cruiser classes: Northampton, Oregeon City, Brooklyn, and the Witchita class. I can see the Witchita being a premium ship. The Brooklyn would be the counterpart of the Mogami class. As always thanks taking the time to look at these.
  13. Hi Pigeon_of _War I had a few possible premium British Battleship that might fit will in the game. *HMS Canada armed with (10) 14in guns a possible tier 4 premium *HMS Agincourt armed with (14) 12in guns a possible tier 4 premium *HMS Dreadnought tier 3 Premium I do have a question for you as well, can we see a spilt in the USN DD line, plus a British Heavy Cruiser line. I am aware that there are not many British CAs but do you think there are enough to go to T8? As always thanks for taking the time to reply.
  14. To Pigeon_of_War, I was hoping that you might be able to answer a question or two for me along with me giving some ideas. Most of us by now are aware that the RN will be coming out soon (TBD) with some of the higher tiers having the 5.25in DP secondary modeled now is it possible for the Devs to make those turrets a player useable primary armament turret as in the Dido class cruiser, if so is it possible to us to see the Dido class as a premium tier 7 cruiser basically the RN version of the USN Atlanta. Question #2 Part 1 Is it possible to see some of the other RN cruisers such as HMS London after is modernization refit as a premium similar to the USS Indianapolis. Part 2 As with some of the other DD branches having a split branch do you see the USN having one as well with such ships as the Porter, Bagley, Gidley classes. I hope you don't mind me giving some ideas for ships now. Is it possible to see some other Commonwealth ships such as HMCS Ontario (Swiftsure class) HMAS Australia (Kent class) HMNZ Achilles (Leander Class) and the ship that everyone seems to want HMCS Hadia (Tribal class). Plus are there enough Heavy cruisers to justify having a RN heavy cruiser line? Thanks
  15. Hi Pigeon, A thought has occured to me. I was wondering is it possible to have a (skin) for ships that have a different layout. Example would be Cleveland class to Fargo and Baltimore to Oregeon City. We would not change the stars it would just be in game model. Do you think something like this would be possible to make the in game appearance a little more intersting. Or is this something you guys have been thinking about. Thanks