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  1. Fog_Battleship_KGV

    Update 0.8.10 - Bugs Report

    Unable to login into game. Have run integrity check on files twice. I have reinstalled the game and am still unable to login. Able to login into World of Tanks with no issue. Have Webroot as anti-virus software and have not had any issues with World of Warships till this current patch. Unfortunately, I am not a very happy player due to me not being able to get into my game with Premium time now burning. WoWS_report.wgc
  2. Fog_Battleship_KGV

    Kami's Nation Overview and Ship Highlights!

    @Kami Well for me a "great" ship would be the Tier 6 Warspite. To me it is a well balanced ship between the big three of armor, guns and speed. I personally spec my Warspite as a brawler by giving my Captain basic and advanced firing training and the proper modules to give it a range of 7.3 for the secondary battery. Plus the rubber shift is decent for this ship. I feel that as a Tier 6 premium ship it is a great RN ship to train commanders on. I never get old of the Grand Old Lady. So to everyone else what is you favorite/great premium ship for Tier 6?
  3. Fog_Battleship_KGV

    Kami's Nation Overview and Ship Highlights!

    @Kami Thank you so much for doing this. As a player that has been playing since the beta test, I feel that will help all players find a tech tree that they can feel comfortable with. Might I suggest you do something similar with premiums ships that are available to players so they might get a general idea of the play "style".
  4. Fog_Battleship_KGV

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    I have an idea that I think might be make people on both sides with the CV revamp. I would recommend leaving the new mechanics in place aka controlling 1 squadron at a time but reintroduce planes limits. I think that CVs currently are to strong with the unlimited numbers that they are able to put out during the course of the match. I hope this might help players that are not thrilled with the new CV rework, and not have to affect the AA ratings of every ship in the game. I would like your thoughts @Sub_Octavian @iKami @Pigeon_of_War
  5. Fog_Battleship_KGV

    What is Your Favorite Sports Team?

    1. Boston Red Sox 2. Boston Bruins 3. Arizona Coyotes 4 ASU Sun Devils 5. Arizona Cardnials
  6. Fantastic read. I can't wait to see what you might do for the possible tech line and premiums ships for the Royal Navy. @mofton how would you place the Royal Navy heavies in. Here is my thoughts T5 Hawkins with 7.5in or possible refit with 3 twin 8in turrets. T6 HMS York T7 Kent class CA Premium HMS London T8 Surrey class CA T9 Churchill's super CA 3 twin 8in turrets T10 Churchill's super CA 4 twin 8in turrets or 3 triple 9.2 in turrets.
  7. Fog_Battleship_KGV

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    I can't wait to see what your thoughts are on this ship. Maybe you could so HMS Canada as well. I think Canada might be a better overall fit for the lower tiers.
  8. Fog_Battleship_KGV

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    I could see HMS Agincourt working at tier 4, what I would recommend would be that you need to increase the traverse time of the turrets to 50 or 60 seconds. Make the sigma value less than the highest tier 4 battleship. I would also suggest not giving it the British 1/4 pen value for the HE shells. These are some ways to make this ship competitive without making it too overpowered. Though I think a better lower tier British premium battleship would be HMS Canada at Tier 5 with 10 14in guns.
  9. Fog_Battleship_KGV

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    I would love to see the Battle of Demark Strait leading into the Hunt for the Bismarck. I think that you could have it for both players that play as the Royal Navy and as the Germany Navy. Could make it that Hood survives leads to an alternate path for Sinking the Bismarck. @Pigeon_of_War I would love to hear your feedback on alternate paths for historical battle aka (what ifs) scenarios Battle of Jutland or parts from the Battle of Jutland
  10. Fog_Battleship_KGV

    Tech Tree Tuesday - Favorite Line

  11. Fog_Battleship_KGV

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Battleship Formations

    Favorite thing that I have done with multiple BBs was to create a battle line and all concentrate fire on one target, and repeat as needed. Lots of fun at low to mid tier games.
  12. Fog_Battleship_KGV

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Congratulations to Lert, for getting the flag. I must say it is a pleasure to see everyday players have a fantastic match and get recognized for it. Keep it up Pigeon can't wait to play with you and the others again.