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  1. Big clans cyberbully and are no fun. Small clans make great safe spaces for your feelings.
  2. There is no grand cv rework coming. They think cv are good enough to sell premiums, so this is the final state of the cv class. The best you can possibly hope for is a 2/1/1 lex setup and a ui improvement. "No no no, they're actually testing the waters with premiums and then they're going to rebalance silver ships based on performance of premiums" lol
  3. Balancing USN CVs

    American cv just need some slight loadout changes tbh. The 0/x/x meme needs to end on lower tiers and the x/0/x needs to go. Midway AS has 3/0/2. For reference, hakuryu AS gets 4/2/2. That's abominable. Dispel the myth of usn specialization because it doesn't exist, usn AS & strike is worse than ijn AS & strike. Seeing a strike ranger or lex is like Christmas as ijn because you can keep fighters around the ship and either farm planes or snipe them without any trouble. Just giving all usn loadouts at least 1 fighter & 1 tb squad would go a long way and they'd still be inferior to ijn.
  4. dive bombers are good for baiting df, scouting, and triggering dcp. The third tb squad on Graf can easily trigger dcp giving you full duration floods on follow ups. The Graf will miss out on the scouting and counter cruiser capability if the shokaku but will be able to roast battleships and destroyers. It isn't like enterprise gets to use db for the aforementioned purposes anyways. Graf will be good.
  5. Enterprise is an armchair cv piloted by history buffs and makes good food for the tier 8 Japanese opposition.
  6. Enterprise and German Nerf

    German Battleship players get 1 game out of 100 where their 24km sniping gets them deleted by an enterprise. Now they cry the sweetest tears. 1600 lb midway/Essex ap bombs will be beautiful.
  7. USN CVs AP bombs for tier 5 and up?

    Ap bombs will change nothing. They create even more rng based specialization. Ijn excel because they can do everything
  8. USN cv are a joke. Lowest winrate ships for the whole server are usn carriers. The usn AS meme is particularly disgusting. Japanese ships can, in the worst case scenario, set bombers to auto drop, get the strike in, while out-fighter-micro 'ing an AS usn boat of equal tier. The best air superiority usn ship I ever faced still couldn't stop 2 waves of strikes which makes their entire purpose null. If you ever see an air superiority USN you should feel bad because you have a 56% chance of losing going off class stats. Japanese carriers have the map presence, the damage output, and the dive bombers to spare as dedicated scouts while sacrificing almost nothing in fighters. The only cap to what you can do is your ability to micro 6-8 squads and the absence of torp damage scaling. In summary, killing planes doesn't win games, dealing damage does.
  9. US CV vs Japanese CV

    Lexington loadout are cancer, for both shokaku and Lexington players. 2/2 So you shut down the jap planes but only after half the game and they've gotten 2-3 strikes in. We all know how strike loadout will go. Either way your team would have been better off with you just playing a shokaku. To top it all off, you get to face t10 aa very often