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  1. Premium Ship Review #100

    Good one LWM!!1! Gratz on 100 and thanks for all you do!
  2. Premium Advice

    In my order: #1 Molotov - fun if you like to keep shooting from max range and avoiding enemy shots, while setting a lot of enemies on fire. Great guns with great shell speed and accuracy. Get's blasted when shot in the sides. #2 Sims - gets you ready for higher tier US DD play, slow moving but fast reloading torps, long lasting smoke, decent AA and speed, good close-range guns, rainbow arcs from long range. #3 Dunkerque - forces you/teaches you to stay bow on to enemies with both turrets in the front, could use Speed Boost consumable buff like the higher-tier French BB's get, but a fun ship, need to shoot some HE as you get a lot of overpens with AP. #4 Leningrad - I love the Russian DD's (and have both Tier 10's) but the slow turret and blocking of some of the gun angles (with boat parts) on this ship frustrates me, decent torps and great speed. #5 Perth - I do not have, a buddy of mine likes it though, shorter range with travelling smoke. Also, Tier 7's seem to do better for MM than Tier 6's do, at least for me and my friends. 6's always seem to be in Tier 8 matches, while 7's seem to have their fair share of top tier matches. I would also consider if you are going up any of these lines and need a commander trainer as well - good luck.
  3. Why only earn Emblems Tier 8-10?

    AFAIK, you can only get the "Emblems" (not the patches) from Tier 8-10 Random Battles, finishing in the Top 3 on the Winning Team and some for having Average Damage Totals above certain numbers.
  4. Why only earn Emblems Tier 8-10?

    I would imagine it is an incentive for people to play the higher tier ships, an end-game reward of sorts. The patches and backgrounds you can get from lower-tier matches, missions, crates, etc... I believe, but the Emblems are for Tiers 8-10 play. World of Tanks has a different system, where you got 1 barrel stripe/star/mark (depending upon nation of the tank) for being in the top damage percentage in that tank (in the last 100 battles). 1 mark is top 65%, 2 marks top 85% and 3 marks top 95% (if I remember correctly). They are permanent, and once you get them, you can't lose them. Since, unlike most MMO's (where it's a race to reach max level and you never play low or mid tier again), WoWs and WoT need to give players a reason to keep grinding and playing Tier 10's, even though they are not profitable to run (and often times not the most fun).
  5. Is this a new UI item?

  6. A Shout Out to all of my WoWs Friends

    Happy Birthday and thank you for your service! My oldest son turns 18 next Monday, May 21st and heads to Parris Island for his journey into the Marine Corps on June 4th. Your story made me laugh and smile, thanks and hope to see you in-game.
  7. When to take SE, at what tier - also guns vs torps

    I take SE on pretty much all my DD's, Tier 5 and up. For 3 point skills, I would rather have the extra 1700+ HP than the extra charges that Superintendent gives you, (that I can buy with credits in the prem versions anyway). IMO, it's more important to stay alive than have an extra smoke or speed boost, and 1700+ extra HP can mean the difference between dying from a torp hit in a lot of cases. It has saved me a bunch, and i have had some pretty good damage games with only 800-1500 HP left on a DD, where I would be dead without SE.
  8. Fearsome Friday - The Nemesis

  9. YeOlde is correct, I think they announced two buffs coming to Yamamoto, but have not put them in the live game yet.
  10. To WG: SUCKS

  11. Dunkerque

    I already own it so can't check, but the WoWs wiki page says 5200 http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Dunkerque
  12. Publishing my first novel!

    Wow, really cool - congratulations and good luck!
  13. Do you get in trouble for leaving work 10 minutes early?
  14. Russian Cruisers and PvE

    Another thing to mention, make sure you take Priority Target Commander Skill for 1 point. If more than 1 ship has you targetted, make sure you are moving and trying to get out of range/stealthed, etc... Also, I like the steering gears mods on the Russian cruisers more than the Propulsion Modification (even though a lot of the wiki's says take Prop Mod) as I keep moving pretty much at all times, though I will vary my speed, dodging incoming fire is the key to staying alive in this and staying near max range when alone or not being the focus when with BB's or other CL's or DD's. Good luck!