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  1. digitaljustice

    IJN Gunboat Line absolutely busted

    No prob, yes Flash™
  2. digitaljustice

    IJN Gunboat Line absolutely busted

  3. digitaljustice

    IJN Gunboat Line absolutely busted

    No, I am saying that the Average Damage per game in the Tier 8 through Tier 10 IJN Gunboat DD's does not support your theory that they are overpowered.
  4. digitaljustice

    IJN Gunboat Line absolutely busted

    Here is the Tier 10 DD's from the past 2 weeks on NA and EU - sorted by Avg. Damager per game on Maplesyrup And below is Tier 9's And Tier 8
  5. digitaljustice

    I might not be a CV player in game, but I do like models of them...

    Fantastic work!
  6. digitaljustice

    Learn something every day...

    Stalinium plating being welded on now to fix the issue comrade @Ares1967
  7. digitaljustice

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    Does this mean we can't hate the Smolensk anymore?
  8. digitaljustice

    Claus is on Twitch!

    YouTuber Claus Kellerman (famous for World of Tanks videos) also plays some World of Warships - check him out on Twitch!
  9. digitaljustice

    Real Players of Genius...

    Insta-Chat Block FTW
  10. digitaljustice

    WG, don't strain yourselves for our sake

    Why not just limit 1 CV per team, per match in ALL RANDOMS? WG has said they don't want CV players to have to wait in queue too long, but they end up nerfing CV's again and again because players complain about how OP they are. (I would rather wait for a CV match for 1-2 minutes than face nerf after nerf). So lets keep on putting 6 CV's in low tier matches until CV's get nerfed again and again and no one bothers playing them?
  11. digitaljustice

    french dd purchasing

    How many times are we going to see this? WG is not a Non-Profit Company, they make Free to Play Games and need to sell things to stay in business and come out with new content, it's how the world works. You don't have to buy anything.
  12. digitaljustice

    french dd purchasing

  13. digitaljustice


    Roll an EU account and do Ranked there as well.
  14. digitaljustice

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

  15. digitaljustice

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Is it April Fool's Day somewhere? Sell and re-grind and entire nations line of tech tree ships to make your Tier 10's competitive after the fact? 6 Times?!?! (if my math is correct)