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  1. digitaljustice


    Roll an EU account and do Ranked there as well.
  2. digitaljustice

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Well in the list of ideas of having fun in World of Warships, selling and re-grinding ship lines up to 6 times does not rate very highly with me. That being said instead of making 3 levels of "Bonus Tiers" on ships Tier 6+ why not do something similar to what World of Tanks (shudder, I know) did, and make Improved Equipment - purchasable with these Special Tokens - ie - Advanced Aiming System Mod 1 -10% Dispersion, +25% torp tube traverse, +8% secondary battery range, -8% secondary dispersion, etc....you get the idea. And you could make it so Teir 6's and 7's can equip 1 of these special modules, Tier 8's and 9' - 2 of them and Tier 10's 3 of them or similar. Slight advantages, but not game-breaking if you do not have them. One CC stated an additional 36,000 Hit Points (including heals) on the Conqueror with all 3 Tier upgrades, this is just silly. Another suggestion, if you want more people playing lower Tiers have "Tier 5 Month" - a free Super Container for every 25 Tier 5 battles, or Coal, Steel, etc... or do it "Tier 5 Week" or whatever. Giving ships these huge competitive advantages and making people grind ship lines over and over again is not good for the game IMO.
  3. digitaljustice

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

  4. digitaljustice

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Is it April Fool's Day somewhere? Sell and re-grind and entire nations line of tech tree ships to make your Tier 10's competitive after the fact? 6 Times?!?! (if my math is correct)
  5. digitaljustice


    my bad
  6. digitaljustice

    CV Damage Emblem Needs Rescaling

    I have been saying this for a while, the top BB Emblem is 108k, while the CV one remains at 130k, from the stats I have seen, CV's post-rework are averaging around the same as BB's now. Hopefully they will adjust this soon, along with Legendary modules.
  7. digitaljustice

    Tier X CV prices

    That is what happened, they put the Clan Ship Discount back in with the last update (when the CV sellback program ended), there was an exploit of people selling their CV's over and over and making a profit if they had the clan discount if I remember.
  8. digitaljustice

    What are the minimum PC specs for WoW ?

  9. digitaljustice

    Anyone get an email promotion to try playing tanks?

    So click "Block Sender" on the email and move on with your life?
  10. digitaljustice

    Regarding the Naval aviation containers

    Containers are on their way to you!!!! April Fools!
  11. digitaljustice

    Regarding the Naval aviation containers

    Was planning on gifting some to my friends that love CV's!
  12. digitaljustice

    Regarding the Naval aviation containers

    When are the Containers going to be available in the Prem Shop?
  13. digitaljustice

    Exeter grind made me crazy....

    Can't play while working, just for an hour on lunch break, and I did!
  14. digitaljustice

    Exeter grind made me crazy....

    Cry me a river bud, I am grinding it on NA and EU! Nice work on the Bon Jovi though!
  15. digitaljustice

    learning how to play the new CV'S

    This video is quite helpful I think.