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  1. digitaljustice

    Comic Artist George Perez retires.

    My all-time favorite artist, got to see him at Tampa Bay ComiCon a few years ago, but unfortunately didn't make it in time to get a sketch done. Real nice guy and a legend.
  2. digitaljustice

    What's everyone complaining about?!!?!?

    Nice, I am nowhere near as good a player as you but I just had a decent game in the PEF there. Gratz.
  3. digitaljustice

    What's everyone complaining about?!!?!?

    Thanks bud, just trying to have some fun at the PEF's expense!
  4. digitaljustice

    What's everyone complaining about?!!?!?

    Your welcome.
  5. digitaljustice

    What's everyone complaining about?!!?!?

    It's a joke, everyone is so down on this ship. To me it's like a scaled-down, Tier 6 Tirpitz. Sure it could use Hydro, Torps, a Plane, Guns that work, something....but it's pretty quick at least.
  6. World Record PEF Damage!!
  7. There is Co-Op and Operations game modes vs. Bots, more choices than any of the other WG titles.
  8. digitaljustice

    Wait, WHAT? (snowflakes)

  9. digitaljustice

    Season 4 sprint ended early?

  10. digitaljustice

    Youtube, Twitch and video producers

    Isn't this really a reflection on today's society in general?
  11. digitaljustice

    Looking for a Tough Cruiser

    The Moskva is the only "Tanky" cruiser in the tech tree.
  12. digitaljustice

    Talk To Me About The Gremmy

    It's a Tier 6 version of the Tier 7 Leningrad, down at Tier 5. Not quite as fast, a few less hit points. Decent stealth, guns & torps - kind of a preview of the Tier 10 Grozovoi. It's fun, but I find myself going for the Kamikaze at Tier 5 over the Gremmy, which is a whole lot more fun, IMO.
  13. digitaljustice

    CV Rework/Public Test

    Well for me, as I think was stated above - I usually have 2-3 hours a night to play video games. Playing a game where you are working towards something (leveling up, building, collecting), like WoWS - it seems like a waste to spend those hours on something that isn't going to last, some 1-use Signals and maybe 2 days of Premium account after a long grind? No thanks for me personally. Now I understand some people may not work, or have more time per day to play than I do, and thanks for you help testing, but for me - they would need to add something permanent in the real Warships version to compensate for me to do any more testing.
  14. digitaljustice

    CV Rework/Public Test

    Try the Ship Comparision tool here: https://wowsft.com/ It lets you even select Commander skills, flags, equipment, camo, etc.. on up to 3 ships at a time, and seems to be updated pretty often.
  15. digitaljustice

    CV Rework/Public Test

    Even if they gave you 1 Day of Warships Premium Time for every 1 hour (or something similar) spent playing on the PTS, that might sweeten the pot a bit and won't cost WG a dime. But maybe we are all wrong and they have plenty of people playing on the PTS.