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  1. French Collection???

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/french-connection-reference-goes-here/#commander Once you’ve completed the full Collection, Jean-Jacques Honoré will be recruited to your fleet as a Unique Commander for your French vessels! Jean-Jacques Honoré arrives with 10 Skill Points and the following Commander Skill enhancements: Expert Marksman: Turret traverse boost is increased from +2.5° to +3° for guns smaller than 139mm and +0.7° to +1° for guns larger than 139mm Adrenaline Rush: Reload time boost per 1% HP lost is increased from -0.2% to -0.25% (These enhancements only apply if the Commander is trained in those skills) Scared Shipless All Commanders recruited without a vessel come pre-specialized for the Tier I cruiser of their respective nation
  2. Great work, thanks for sharing! +1
  3. Required XP for Moskva

    There is probably some other required element from the Tier 9 in the line before it (Hull or Gun Fire Control System, etc...) that you have to research as well = 275k
  4. Payment errors with prepaid card

    I know I have had problems with Visa gift cards in the USA not working, this last one states "Good in the United States only" on the cards and WG's billing is in Cyprus. I think this causes the problems. You might be able to call the customer service number on the cards you are using, the one I had didn't have a way to speak to a real human. But I don't think a ticket with WG is going to help you, I think you have to speak to the credit/gift card companies. Good luck, hope this helps.
  5. Happy Birthday LittleWhiteMouse...

    Happy Birthday LWM, thanks for all you do!
  6. update GZ Test

    Thanks, fixed it - copy & paste from the WoW website, colors didn't look wonky in the preview!
  7. update GZ Test Update Notes Update is scheduled for release with server downtime starting February 14, 02:00 PT (05:00 ET) until 03:30 PT (06:30 ET). Added an information screen about current events and specials in-game when launching the game, and added a banner to the Container purchase screen, which opens the Premium Shop page dedicated to the Vive la France event Fixed an error causing islands and landscape objects to disappear in battle/Port in some situations Fixed guns elevation angles for battleship Bretagne -- she now has the ability to fire both HE and AP at the distance specified in the ship's characteristics; before this, only the HE shells could be fired at that distance [PRODUCTION TEST ONLY] Test ship Graf Zeppelin was added to the game for testing Two air group setups are available: 1-2-1, groups of 8 fighter planes (16 in total); 2x5 torpedo bombers (27 in total); 9 bomber planes (29 in total) 2-0-3, 2x5 fighter planes (24 in total) and 3x5 bomber planes (48 in total) Players can choose between bombers with armor-piercing and high-explosive bombs, and between torpedo bombers with deep-water and standard torpedoes Increased traverse angles of secondary guns on the deck. It gives the ability to fire a greater number of secondary guns at once. Added the Hydroacoustic Search consumable similar to that of tier VII cruisers (discovering ships at 4.2km and torpedoes at 2.97km) Graf Zeppelin testing open to all players?
  8. Free XP Conversion sale

    Thanks, will do!
  9. Free XP Conversion sale

    Thanks all, maybe WG will have a heart!
  10. Free XP Conversion sale

    Does anyone know if there is a Free XP Conversion sale (35/doubloon instead of 25/per) coming up before they remove the Missouri? I thought I saw something about it a couple weeks ago, but cannot find anything listed on the Events pages. Thanks!
  11. DO NOT BUY French Premium Container!

    How do you get the Graf Zeppelin test mission? BTW, I bought a friend a 5x for $13.50 (for his birthday) and got myself the same pack and we both got the Tier 5/Bretagne mission. $450, wow.
  12. Top Secret Video - ???

    Read something on the forums a few days ago (I think) about some "Localized Weather" or similar effect coming to Ships, I think it has to do with that.
  13. Also OP, starting tomorrow there is going to be French missions starting to get a Tier 6 Destroyer Aigle, as well as crates/missions for Tier 5, 6, 7 & 8 French battleships from the upcoming tech tree. One ship that hasn't been mentioned much (and is still on the Web Page Premium Shop) is the Dunkerque. I picked this up the other day and really like it, 2-front facing 4-gun turrets force you to stay straight on (mostly) which teaches good Battleship skills, and you should be able to use it for the upcoming French missions as it is Tier 6. Good luck!
  14. WG NA has stated (on the forums somewhere I read it) that they are working on a Clan War system for WoW's that will allow players to battle other servers/regions Clans, without transferring our accounts, etc...but this is still a ways off. I think they are doing the best they can to make it work for the most players across North America. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clan Battles Prime Time is from 16:30 - 20:30 PT (19:30 - 23:30 ET) on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, you might be able to do 1 battle on Wed & Thurs night with your clan, and you can make all of them on Sat & Sun night, so more than 50% of them are good, that doesn't seem terrible to me.
  15. My Master Plan

    Where did WG reveal the missions? Thanks!