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  1. Benjammn79

    Tier VIII-X capt skills?

  2. Benjammn79

    Tier VIII-X capt skills?

    So I've been away from the game for a while. Hopped back on after hearing about BB capt skill update and discovered there are new DD skills as well. I run my US DDs as gunboats (duh). Wondering what skills folks are running that they have found works with a run-n-gun style?
  3. Benjammn79

    The Alaska...

    Seriously? I think that's why I have so much FXP. It's all on the ships that I did the ops with. Has WG done anything good while I've been gone? lol
  4. Benjammn79

    The Alaska...

    Good to know!
  5. Benjammn79

    The Alaska...

    Greetings from Charlotte! Ha - I didn't realize it was in the shop. Has it always been? Yeah? After WG pulled that [edited] with the FXP Mizzou, I quit trying to get FXP ships. Barely got the Musashi before they pulled that.
  6. Benjammn79

    The Alaska...

    I hear ya. I went to the shop to see how much it would cost. 200 freakin dollars. LOL - wth?
  7. Benjammn79

    The Alaska...

    Haven't played in a while (moved, new job, dissertation, etc). Logged in today and happened to look at the convertible XP I had sitting on ships. Comes to 1.2 million. I see the Alaska is available for 1mil free XP. Who wants to buy me the 40k doubloons for it?
  8. This is the problem. There's no way to hold them accountable and it's clear the CEO doesn't even give a dog doo-doo about what players think. The only reason WG is still around is because their competitors (mostly [edited]) haven't put out anything which really compares to WG products. The second someone does, it'll be quite obvious in WG's bottom line (which is all they care about anyway). Which is a shame because as Jingles said, the shipyard itself is freaking awesome. It's just a shame they had to go and [edited] it.
  9. This. So much this. There is some of that. But frankly, while there might be a bit of envy, my emotional reaction (and this is probably more wide spread than envy as a primary motivation) the handful of players who just bought the PR are seen as 'traitors' to the rest of the player base. That depends on your circumstances - for me, yes, it's s rich person ship. $200 is way more money than I can consider spending on pixels. I never have $200 lying around that I can just blow on pixels (as much fun as pixels are) as there are far too many other real life expenses that I already can't afford (like replacing the transmission in a car). Frankly, this assumption is rather insulting. This whole situation, including WG's attempt at an apology (they're only sorry they got caught) is really just a microcosm of general society as a whole. Recently finished the audiobook version Nathaniel Philbrick's Bunker Hill (great read, btw). And man do the various groups of players, CCs, and WG line up with the different groups of people in the period US Revolutionary War. Though I'll leave that to you lot to sort out.
  10. Benjammn79

    "IMPOSSIBLE" to complete Puerto Rico

    They have in this thread:
  11. I misunderstood. Though one could argue by not having all the information means it hasn't been finalized in reality.
  12. Benjammn79

    Free Puerto Rico is mathematically impossible?

    My kind of crazy though...
  13. So WG is expecting us to do an asinine amount of grinding and things still haven't been finalized on the event?