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  1. General_Strom

    Looking for a clan.......

    Greeting! My name is Strom. My game tag is General_Strom. I am seeking a clan that plays Clan Wars. I am below average and need help with gunnery skills. I really have not spent the time needed to get good at this game as having a computer that ran the game well was lacking. I currently play about 5 times a week, enough to get three crates per day. I have two tier 10 ships. The Montana and the Shimakaze. I have both Tier 9 American Cruisers and working towards the tier 10s. I am seeking a casual play clan that is looking for friends to play with, but one that is active in clan wars. I seek a competitive clan but not one that is OCD. I am seeking a clan that trains it's players. (For example I need gunnery help). I have over 28,000 Battles in WoT. I have called hundreds of battles in WoT. I am very good at tactics. I have been an officer in a couple clans in WoT I have an understanding of what it takes to keep a clan running. I have read lots of books on tactics from Sun Tzu to Carl von Clausewitz. I am active in the SCA. A group that recreates medieval life and battles. I attained the rank of Captain General for Caid and spent over 12 years with ranks of Captain to 2nd in command of the Caidan army. I have commanded troops in this organization with 1500 men at my command. Hence my game tag. I am in charge of the oldest/ largest Household in the SCA, with over 30 years experience. I feel that my skills in this game can greatly increase with some help. I love the teamwork aspect of clan wars. I would like some training at calling battles in WoWs as I have not done so at this point. I am not necessarily seeking being an officer. I am kinda looking to have fun. Please post to this topic if you think I might fit your clan. If you have any questions please ask.
  2. General_Strom

    If the Halloween event is suppose to be fun WG failed.

    That is not true I lose in random battles and have fun. They changed the event from events past. I was just stating so to WG that I do not like the changes. I have not seen even one star awarded. It is indeed fun to shoot up ships, but it is nice to achieve the goals every now and then.
  3. General_Strom

    If the Halloween event is suppose to be fun WG failed.

    Oh such positive comments.........I am not playing. My comments were meant for WG not trolls like you. I have enjoyed the game in the past. This year not so. So I care less that you think.
  4. If the Halloween event is suppose to be fun, WG you failed. No credits, No camos, I have not received one star playing it. So what is the purpose of the event. To make the players unhappy?!?!?!?!?! If so you done a great job of it for me. The last time I played this event it was tough but this year is outrageously hard. Lack of rewards make it a NOT going to play it. I remember making lots of credits and lots of Halloween camos in the past. Why so stingy this year?!?!?!?!?!?
  5. General_Strom

    Ships disappearing when well withing visual range.

    ok i was just wondering if thy had changed it. Thanks for the info!
  6. General_Strom

    Changing targets- Something is not right.

    Yeah the sad part is that as a left handed player there are a limited number of keys that are close and not already programmed. I got into a battle with my tier 9 Seattle and one of the radars had no key assigned to it. Tough to play this or ant game as a left handed player.
  7. This is by no means a scientific Test. That would take 1000's of battles with different angles etc. I just kept the parameters the same for both ships. Regardless, having done this with a couple different levers it seems that is the the matrix that WG uses. I think why more tier 8 people complain is the fact that the MM pits them against such odds a lot and there for it seems more noticeable for tier 8 players. The lower level ships get a good mix of tier battles where the 8s do not. I think the evidence shows that there is not much of a difference fighting a tier ship that is 2 tiers above you is no different what your level. And as for poor aiming. The ships were stationary IE. NOT moving. I did not have to re-aim every shot. So NO poor aiming involved. Results with other tier ships showed that it took large amounts of shells to hit a tier 2 higher ship.
  8. That is funny Wow what a screen shot!
  9. I have seen BB ships disappear that are closer to me and the one further stays visible. What is with BBs appearing on the screen then going invisible seconds later to reappear the disappear again? Seem like by the time I target a BB at distance that is moving towards me he is gone then reappears after I move my guns off him. Seems to me if a BB moving towards you should stay lit by the object spotting it, not this flickering in and out that is happening a lot. I realize that some BBs have a shorter sight range then others but most of the things I have seen the BBs were moving towards me and not away, meaning the BB should stay spotted. Right? This seems to happen most commonly at the start of the game. Anyone else noticing this effect?
  10. Anyone notice that trying to automatically change targets seems to be slow or out right not changing targets like it used to? For one example several time I have ships disappear and I move to the next visible target and I am forced to hit X to get a target lock. Other times I am just trying to change the target to one nearby and have to use the X to target. I liked it the way it was. This has caused me to miss opportunities to fire as I am a left handed and have to reach across my keyboard to hit the X. Anyone else notice it being sluggish or will not change even if you have the aim marker on a different ship?
  11. FYI None of these tests had citadel hits.
  12. I believe doing a armor resilience test in training only showed the info I provided.
  13. The time was measured from battle start to ship sunk, with all guns firing at once after each reload.
  14. Yeah I agree and secondaries ranges vary dramatically as well but the is a topic for another day :)
  15. You seem to be right. I did two more tests Gneisenau VS and Iron Duke and a Texas and visa versa. Here is what I got. Iron Duke took 110 shells fired 53 hits with AP shells and time was 6 minutes and 48 seconds. Gneisenau fired 36 shells and 19 penetrations in 3 minutes 21 seconds. Texas fired 80 shells with 42 penetrations in a time of 6 minutes and 20 seconds. Gneisenau fired 48 shells and 27 penetrations in 3 minutes 42 seconds at a New York So it does seem the same ratio for the lower tiers as for the 8 to 10. Nice observation. I would have thought it be much closer, as it seems a larger gap with 8 to 10. Maybe it seems so because your are mostly fighting 8 to 10 then 5 to 7.